The Mission

The Mission

Written by: Kaye Hicks

  • Publisher: CreateSpace
  • Publish Date: 2014-08-09
  • ISBN-10: 1503360598
  • ebook-the-mission.pdf

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Book Summary

The forest floor was covered with the same lush green colors as always. But, underneath the low leaves of the Quasa, a brilliant purple flower declared the arrival of summer on Rytan V. The planet held several secrets like that. You missed them if you didn't take the time to look. It was how Mary felt about herself that summer as she turned fifteen. Rytan V was an undeveloped planet. There were no precious metals or gemstones, no fuels in any quantity. It supported no industry of its own and was too remote to be a bedroom community of some industrialized planet. All it had was people--primitive people, living and dying as they had for centuries, without knowing the Gospel of God's Grace. This was why the Rowaine family had come to Rytan V in the past year. They brought medicine and hope for the Waatuba Indians but, so far, they had no contact with the elusive natives. For Mary's older brother, Larry, it was a difficult age to be isolated in a missionary camp on a foreign field. His arguments with his father had lost him the privilege of traveling along to the nearest Outpost for supplies. Dr. James Rowaine had gone alone. It was a two week trek, at the least, possibly a month, depending on the supply status. James had been gone two weeks already. His wife Karen and the children had heard nothing yet. And now there was a stranger approaching camp. Mitchell had landed his ship for repairs just over the hill from their compound. This galactic highwayman, armed with weapons, would prove to be a crude and destructive interruption to their peaceful mission, challenging their Christian faith, their purpose, and even their lives. Still, Karen Rowaine couldn't help wondering if God had sent Mitchell there for them or if they were there for Mitchell. In six days, every person's life would be changed.

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