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100 Things to Draw With a Circle

Author : Sarah Walsh
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"For Coloring Book Graduates!" What comes to mind when you think of a circle? Depending on its size, it could be a planet, a manhole cover, an orange, a leopard's spot. What if there are lots of circles on a page? Depending on how they're placed, they might suggest a galaxy of stars or a bunch of grapes, a flea circus, or a polkadotted dress. It all depends on who is doing the looking. A follow-up to100 Things to Doodle With a Triangle, this is the second in a series of draw-in books based on geometric shapes. 100 Things to Draw With a Circle is a doodling book that loosens the imagination, and inspires creative thought. Circles and other basic geometric shapes are at the core of art, they're the structures where form and drawing begin. In this book, illustrator Sarah Walsh provides you with circles that appear as prompts on every page: one or many, large and small, colorful or not, peeking from the bottom or tumbling from the top -- you fill in the rest. If one triangle suggests a game of checkers and another a snowman, one a drop of rain in a puddle, or another a patch of dandelions, a circle is meaningless until you decide what it wants to be. The simplest of shapes brings you back to the basics and lets you create anything you can see in your imagination. Abstract or realistic, minimal or over-the-top, there are no wrong choices in this book -- and you don't have to be a master at drawing. Pick up your pencil, see what the shapes suggest and where your imagination leads you.

100 Things to Recycle and Make

Author : Fiona Hayes
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Keep crafty children of all ages entertained and inspired for hours with Fiona Hayes’ 100 Things to Recycle and Make. Everyday materials are transformed into all kinds of stunning and practical projects, from toy animals and vehicles to dressing-up props, decorations, games, and even fun storage solutions. Bringing together the best projects from the popular Crafty Makes series, each section is dedicated to a different base object: cardboard boxes; paper plates; cardboard tubes; materials from nature; and egg cartons. With twenty projects per section to choose from, and 100 projects overall, this book will appeal to a wide range of ages and interests. Simple cardboard tubes become a set of pirate skittles, a friendly octopus, and an entire castle. Plain cardboard boxes are turned into a pirate ship, a money box, and a robot; twigs, leaves and other outdoors materials become picture frames, masks, and a dinosaur. Paper plates make a great bug or flower hat, a dotty frog, and a cute panda, while egg cartons are turned into a fire engine, a pencil holder, and a Christmas tree. Children will be entertained for hours with this invaluable collection of crafty makes, and even the whole family can be involved in recycling everyday objects and turning them into exciting projects. Create entire animal kingdoms and alien worlds, or simply a new favourite toy or mascot. With such a huge range of exciting projects to make from the simplest of objects, 100 Things to Recycle and Make is the ultimate craft inspiration for creative children.

100 Things Every Artist Should Know

Author : Artists of Walter Foster
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Provides information, tips, and techniques for art topics including drawing, calligraphy, pastel, and watercolor.

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Author : Steve Chandler
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Playful Painting People

Author : Sarah Walsh
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Playful Painting: People is a quirky take on portrait instruction—sharpen your skills with 16 step-by-step projects, among them a mixed-media Frida Kahlo, an '80s girl, an ad man, a Victorian couple, and Edgar Allen Poe. Creating portraits is fun and easy with Playful Painting: People. This colorful guide will have you creating beautiful portraits of women and men, as well as nature motifs and animals. Whether you’re an aspiring, beginning, or more advanced artist, you'll be working with affordable, approachable tools, such as colored pencil, gouache, watercolor, pen and ink, and pencil, to create your own portraits. Every portrait is customizable, allowing you to add your own personal embellishments. Pick up a variety of tips and techniques that will show you how to paint whimsical patterns, accessories, and famous faces. There's even a section devoted to learning how to paint a self-portrait. Playful Painting: People isn’t just a collection of skills to learn; it’s a fun, fresh take on an age-old art form.

100 Essential Things You Didn t Know You Didn t Know

Author : John D. Barrow
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'If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.' John von Neumann Mathematics can tell you things about the world that can't be learned in any other way. This hugely informative and wonderfully entertaining Brain Shot answers a few essential questions about existence. It unravels the knotty, clarifies the conundrums and sheds light into dark corners. From winning the lottery, financial investment with Time Travelers and the weirdest football match ever to Sherlock Holmes, Elections, game theory, drunks, packing for your holiday and the madness of crowds; from chaos to infinity and everything in between, Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know has all the answers! BRAIN SHOTS: The byte-sized guide to all the things you didn't know you didn't know...

100 Things Red Wings Fans Should Know Do Before They Die

Author : Kevin Allen
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More than just an overview of highlights of a young Steve Yzerman or a remembrance of the team’s epic battles with the Colorado Avalanche in the 1990s, this complete guide to the Detroit Red Wings is a collection of every essential piece of Red Wings knowledge and trivia, as well as must-do activities, and ranks them all, providing an entertaining and easy-to-follow checklist. From knowing why throwing an octopus onto the ice is a good thing, naming every player who has seen his number retired, or knowing the best place to grab a bite in Detroit before the game, 100 Things Red Wings Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die is the ultimate resource for true fans of the Detroit Red Wings.

100 Essential Things You Didn t Know You Didn t Know About Maths and the Arts

Author : John D. Barrow
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Format : PDF, Docs
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What can maths tell us about art and design? Professor John D. Barrow has all the answers. In 100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About Maths and the Arts, he shows us that mathematics and the arts are not so far removed from each other. He takes us on a 100-step tour, guiding us through art forms as various as sculpture, literature, architecture and dance, and reveals what maths can tell us about the mysteries of the worlds of art and design. We find out why diamonds sparkle, how many words Shakespeare knew and why the shower is the best place to sing. We discover why an egg is egg-shaped, why Charles Dickens crusaded against maths and how a soprano can shatter a wine glass without touching it... Enlivening the everyday with a new way of looking at the world, this book will enrich your understanding of the maths and art that surround us in our day-to-day lives.

100 Things You Don t Need a Man For

Author : Alison Jenkins
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100s of Fun Things to Make and Do

Author : Parragon, Incorporated
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How to Draw with a Ballpoint Pen

Author : Gecko Keck
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If you have a ballpoint pen (and, really, who doesn't?) you're ready to delve into the world of How to Draw with a Ballpoint Pen. Draw your day, design something fabulous, create a clever sketchbook, practice cartooning - the options are endless. This beginner's guide helps artists and aspiring artists of all levels learn art techinques using only a ballpoint pen and your imagination. You'll soon be mastering shading, perspective, patchwork, spirals, ornaments, animals, portraits, logos, pictograms, fantasy, abstraction, and much more. Step-by-step pictures, instructions, and inspiration will show you all that you can accomplish with this versatile drawing tool. You can even draw on various materials and objects, but the book includes 16 blank pages to instantly get you started.

Sex Role Attitudes and Cultural Change

Author : I. Gross
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The initial impetus for this volume was the occasion of the World Congress for Mental Health held in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1977. The theme of that congress was priorities in mental health. The keynote speaker Mrs. Rosalynn Carter, wife of the then President of the United States, focused attention on the necessity for an international perspective in understanding priorities for mental health. Without exception subsequent speakers echoed the sentiments Mrs. Carter expressed, that the first priority for mental health was that of children. For many participants the concern for children was translated not only into techniques for treatment but more importantly into broadening the approaches to prevention. One theme emerged which has begun to be addressed around the world - that of the cultural and developmental implications of sex role stereotyping for mental health. This topic proved to be the touchstone for many issues related both directly and indirectly to mental health. Among the most prominent concerns expressed were those for the effects on careers, the learning environment and relations between the sexes which stem from stereotyped attitudes concerning appropriate sex role behavior. The consensus of the par tiCipants was to urge the directorate of the congress to continue this topic at the next World Congress. This was a particularly appropriate content for the next World Congress, since 1979 was the International Year of the Child.

100 SAT Math Tips and how to Master Them Now

Author : Charles Gulotta
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USSR 100 Questions and Answers

Author :
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100 Ways to Enhance Self concept in the Classroom

Author : Jack Canfield
File Size : 86.57 MB
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Grade level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, k, p, e, i, s, t.

How to License Your Million Dollar Idea

Author : Harvey Reese
File Size : 35.90 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The classic guide to cashing in on your million-dollar idea Whether you've invented a great new product, or you have an ideafor an app, an online business, or a reality show, How toLicense Your Million Dollar Idea delivers the information youneed to snag a great licensing deal. Now in its third edition, thisbook has become the go-to source for budding inventors andentrepreneurs who have great ideas and want to cash in on themwithout putting themselves in financial risk. Licensing is the wayto make that happen and this book explains exactly how it'sdone. You'll get tested advice on how to protect your ideas and find alicensee for new products, apps, TV game shows, websites, software,and more. You'll also learn how to develop your creative thinkingskills and objectively evaluate your ideas. Explains how to protect your new idea with or without patentsand copyrights Directs you in finding the perfect person at the right companyand on how to prepare a presentation that gets you to a "yes" Reviews sample licensing contracts to help you understand whatyour creativity and achievement entitles you to You'll also read accounts from profitable inventors on their owngoof-ups and brilliant moves along their paths to success.

The Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences In which the Whole Circle of Human Learning is Explained and the Difficulties Attending the Acquisition of Every Art Whether Liberal Or Mechanical are Removed in the Most Easy and Familiar Manner

Author : Temple Henry Croker
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How to Program Your IBM PC

Author : Carl Shipman
File Size : 79.14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Offers guidance on writing programs for the IBM Personal Computer in the Basic language to produce a variety of graphics

100 Best Ideas for Primary Language Arts

Author : Carole MacKenthun
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Format : PDF, Docs
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That s Silly TM

Author : Highlights for Children
File Size : 30.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Beach antics, pet shop sillies, zany zoos, and more! Enjoy every That's Silly! puzzle countless times. Just wipe off the pages to share with a friend, or flip to the front and start all over again! Everyone loves Highlights Write-On Wipe-Off series featuring favorite puzzles designed to be enjoyed over and over again. That's Silly!(tm) is based on a popular Highlights High Five feature and offers more than 100 silly things to look at and circle. Specially created companion activities include trace-and-write, imagine-and-draw, word searches, decorate the picture, and more. The reusable tray on the cover makes a convenient, permanent home for the marker.