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101 Flying Secrets

Author : Rakesh Dhannarapu
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Ever wondered about certain aspects at the airport? Perplexed at the mysterious practices in an aircraft? Have you thought about knowing the how and why but were put-off by the enormity and complexity of the subject? Well, here’s 101 Flying Secrets that enlightens you with trivia and exciting things that you never knew about flying and aviation, particularly about the day-to-day flight operations that you experience as a passenger. This book attempts to answer questions on complex and humongous topics with simple, demystified, bite-sized nugget explanations that will engross and enlighten you. Along with the vivid imagery used in the book, the QR codes offer a visual treat and help one peek into the fascinating world of aviation. Within this book, you’ll discover answers to questions like: If aircraft are so safe, why wear seatbelts? Why are aircraft painted white? How fast can an aircraft be evacuated? Do aircraft dump fuel mid-air? What is airport curfew? What is the fate of retired aircraft? … and more. If you have always wondered at the marvels of aviation, pondered on what goes into making a journey pleasant and safe, 101 Flying Secrets is for you.

Flight Simulator 5 Strategies and Secrets

Author : Joseph R. Levy
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The complete guide to Flight Simulator--covering everything from airplane basics to designing your own plane and trick flying. Everything you need to get the most fun from the package. Appropriate as an introduction for beginners, the book also contains tips and tricks for the veteran flyer.

101 Secrets of Highly Effective Speakers

Author : Caryl Rae Krannich
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Organized according to each step in the preparation process and augmented with examples to clarify the points made, this book pulls together major principles and techniques used by today's effective speakers.

The Hardy Boys Mysteries 1927 1979

Author : Mark Connelly
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"This book follows the development of the Hardy Boys series through 1979. Includes the writing of Stratemeyer and McFarlane; the Cold War and the disco age; race, class, gender; family values; law and order; and action rather than violence. Appendices provide a bibliography of Hardy Boys books, opening lines from 20 novels, and selected "Hardyisms.""--Provided by publisher.


Author : Shih Shun Liu
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The Fascinating Secrets of Oceans Islands

Author :
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Classified Secret

Author : Jan Churchill
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Author :
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Flying the Hump

Author : Otha Cleo Spencer
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Noted historian Theodore White called it "the most dangerous, terrifying, barbarous aerial transport run in the world...the skyway to Hell." This is the story of the air war over the Himalaya Mountains, in World War II, when Japan and China were locked in a death struggle. China was completely cut off from the world, and the transport planes of the Allies flew day and night missions for three and one half years over the Himalayas to keep China supplied with the needs of war. This was called the Hump. Gen. Claire Chennault's Flying Tigers crossed the Hump to outgun the Japanese Zeros in some of the most spectacular air battles of World War II. More than one thousand airmen and six hundred transport planes were lost, flying air routes that were so dangerous they were called the "aluminum trail." The B-29 Superfortress flew four-day missions across the Hump to bomb the Japanese mainland. The Hump was the epic of World War II in the air. This is a historical description of the development of air power in China, explaining the need for the Himalayan airlift and recording the important dates and events of the war over the Hump against Japan. Otha C. Spencer was a Hump pilot and recounts his own experiences and those of the men who flew the planes through the world's worst weather over the world's highest mountains. Dozens of photographs, most taken by Hump airmen, show the glory and tragedy of this great air war. This book will be an important addition to the libraries of the general reader as well as the military historian.

The Age of Flying Saucers

Author : Paris Flammonde
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Secret Conversations 1941 1944 translated by Norman Cameron and R H Stevens With an Introductory Essay on The Mind of Adolf Hitler

Author : Adolf Hitler
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Mysteries in the Eye of the Beholder

Author : Thomas Eddie Bullard
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Kemps Film TV Video Yearbook

Author :
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101 Secrets for a Great Retirement

Author : Shuford Smith
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More than 5,000 people retire every day--yet there have been no retirement books that are both informative and motivational until now. 101 Secrets for a Great Retirement encourages and inspires retirees to simplify their lives and pursue their dreams. The authors cover all the essential topics, including health, social life, relationships, financial matters, legal issues, and more.

German Secret Flight Test Centres to 1945

Author : Heinrich Beauvais
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Describes the history of government flight-test centers in Germany, from the 1920s to the end of World War II.

Fit From Within 101 Simple Secrets to Change Your Body and Your Life Starting Today and Lasting Forever

Author : Victoria Moran
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"This is the book that everyone plagued with extra pounds has been waiting for."--Richard Carlson, author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff "Fit from Within will provide you with everything you need to know to start living fully and stop dieting. What a relief!" --Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom "Fit from Within is a down-to-earth, nononsense guide to nutrition, weight management, and health. Forget the hype and use what works, with Victoria Moran as your guide."--Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine, and Healing Words With more than 50 percent of Americans overweight, it's clear that the secret to ending the struggle with food, weight, and body image isn't in the latest diet or fad. Through personal experience, Victoria Moran has found that maintaining weight loss is more about honesty and courage than counting carbs. With Fit from Within, she presents a body-mind-spirit approach to losing weight, showing how to find self-acceptance and break the blame cycle that surrounds "forbidden foods." With compassion and humor, Moran will help readers stop watching their weight--and start living their lives.

The Secret Guide to Computers 2003

Author : Russ Walter
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The Secret Guide to Computers 2001

Author : Russ Walter
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The Secret of the Stratemeyer Syndicate

Author : Carol Billman
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Traces the development of series fiction, looks at five of the most popular mystery series, and explains how Edward Stratemeyer created his successful publishing syndicate

Diabetes 101

Author : Betty Page Brackenridge
File Size : 24.62 MB
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The information contained in this book can help you become more invovled and informed regarding your diabetes management.