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Book Review Index 2001 Cumulation

Author : Dana Ferguson
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William Blake

Author : Martin Myrone
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"William Blake is a universal artist--an inspiration to visual artists, musicians, poets, and performers worldwide as well as everyone who aspires to the ideals of personal, spiritual, and creative liberty. His heroic story has inspired an invigorated generations. His personal struggles during a period of political terror and oppression, his technical innovations, and his political commitment all remain deeply relevant today. This book presents a comprehensive overview of Blake's work as a printmaker, poet, and painter, foregrounding his relationship with the art world of his time and telling the stories behind many of his most iconic images."--

Shadi Ghadirian

Author : Shadi Ghadirian
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The first monograph about this cutting-edge Iranian photographer.

National Library Service Cumulative Book Review Index 1905 1974 Authors A Z

Author : National Library Service Corporation
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MicroSim PSpice for Windows DC AC and devices and circuits

Author : Roy W. Goody
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This combination text/software package takes students from a simple DC circuit with its customary current and voltage measurements, through a damped resonant circuit that demand sophisticated and frequency measurements. It is based on MicroSim DesignLab PSpice circuit simulator version 7.0. Multi-level activies, examples and exercises coupled with instruction in advanced techniques such as Monte Carlo and Performance should challenge both experienced and novice students.

The Data Compression Book

Author : Mark Nelson
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The Data Compression Book Second Edition The Data Compression Book is the most authoritative guide to data compression techniques available. This second edition has been updated to include fractal compression techniques and all the latest developments in the compression field. All the code in the previous edition has been updated to run with today's compilers and has been tested on multiple platforms to ensure flawless performance. You'll learn to write C programs for nearly any environment as you explore different compression methods. Nelson and Gailly discuss the theory behind each method and apply the techniques involved to shrink data down to a minimum. Each technique is illustrated with a complete, functional C program that not only demonstrates how data compression works, but it also can be incorporated into your own data compression programs. You'll also get detailed benchmarks demonstrating the speed and compression ability of each technique. The code in this book has been tested on a variety of platforms and compilers including Microsoft Visual C++ 1.5 with MS-DOS 5.0 and 6.22; Borland C++ 4.0 and 4.5 with MS-DOS 5.0 and 6.22; Symantec C++ 6.0 and 7.0 with MS-DOS 5.0 & 6.22; Interactive Unix System 3.2 with the portable C compiler; Solaris 2.4 with the SunSoft compiler; and Linux 1.1 with the Gnu C Compiler. Topics Include: The Shannon-Fano and Huffman coding techniques Adaptive Huffman coding techniques Lossy compression The JPEG compression algorithm Fractal compression techniques Arithmetic coding Dictionary compression methods


Author : Paul Albitz
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A complete guide to setting up and running a TCP/IP network for administrators. Covers Linux, BSD and System V TCP/IP implementations.