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20 Jahre Fluothane

Author : E. Kirchner
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Anaesthesiologie und Intensivmedizin

Author : Rudolf Frey
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Current Catalog

Author : National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
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First multi-year cumulation covers six years: 1965-70.

Inhalation Anaesthesia Today and Tomorrow

Author : Franz Jesch
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In clinical anaesthesiology the inhalation anaesthetics halothane (fluothane), enflurane and - in recent times - forane got a renaissance in clinical application. The reasons are not only the ad vantages of volatile anaesthetics, but also the fact that the investi gations of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of Lv. narcot ics showed negative aspects. It was the aim of the organizers of the symposium to give a survey of the present state of knowledge on inhalation anaesthetics, which is as up-to-date, critical as well as detailed as possible. Furthermore it was the intention to evaluate the recent advances made in the field of basic research. The first section of the symposium in particular enters into the question of the toxicity of volatile anaesthetics as well as their mechanisms of action. In a second main part the influences on cardiovascular system and on microcirculation are discussed. Apart from the extensive discussion of the advances in knowledge in the field of cardiovascular pathophysiology, the focal point of the contribut ions is made up of those with anaesthesia in coronary heart disease and cardiac insufficieny as well as the contribution on interactions of inhalation anaesthetics with cardiovascular drugs. In the third and fourth section the influences of volatile anaesthetics on cerebral, hepatic, renal and pulmonary function are dealt with as well as questions concerning the clinical application. Particular attention is given to the important problems of indicat ion in patients belonging to the extreme age groups.

Immunobiology of Bone Marrow Transplantation

Author : S. Thierfelder
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Bone marrow transplantation, the goal which integrates hemato logists, immunologists, geneticists, oncologists and specialists of several other fields, has overcome its state of stagnation in recent years. Clinically as well as experimentally new approaches to old problems and new conclusions from recent findings proliferate: bone marrow transplantation in leukemic remission, bone marrow growth in cell culture, bone marrow manipulation with antisera, bone marrow differentiation in histoincompatible hosts, immuno suppression with partial body irradiation to cite just a few. These and other new developments were discussed by experts from 12 countries in and outside the European Community during an international seminar held on March 8-10, 1979 by the "Institut fur Hamatologie, GSF", under the auspices of the European Communities. The editors thank both the contributors to this symposium, who made it a successful meeting and submitted their manuscripts punctually, and the publishers, who have provided a volume of high quality in good time. They are also grateful for the valuable cooperation from numerous colleagues at the Institut fur Hamato logie.

Anaesthesia Innovations in Management

Author : Roland Droh
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R. Droh Ladies and gentlemen. dear friends and colleagues. we welcome you very cordially to our symposium "Innovations in Management and Technic and Pharmacol ogy". We are very glad that you have come to Liidenscheid and we do hope that our programme will fulfil your expectations. We decided to hold this symposium, because it is getting more and more dif ficult to select innovations at international congresses around the world which are important for our clinical work. Now and in the future our intention is to present the actual state of technology. management and pharmacology. We would be very glad to receive your suggestions for further symposia. The industry has the same problems as we have. They do not only have to search for those things which can be realized and which are desirable, but also for those things which can be sold. But the industry must also be stimulated by the inventors and by the users, so we want to bring together the industry, the physicians and the inventors for fruitful discussions. And we hope that in the fu ture the industry will provide us more quickly with those technical and organiz ational aids that we need. We want the indu~try no longer running behind the market but heading the market. At present too many interesting developments are killed by so-called market analysis, in the beliefing that such analysis can always prove what cannot be sold. In anaesthesia many companies are always busy with the same product.

Subject guide to German books in print

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German books in print

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Acta anaesthesiologica belgica

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