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A Journal of the Journey

Author : John A. Black
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One of you, from every married couple, may face a life-changing diagnosis and perhaps end-of-life decisions for your mate. If so, your journey is just beginning. Certainly, one person from every married couple will grieve and mourn the loss of their mate. If you are the surviving spouse, you are on a journey of grief. That one person from every married couple who survives and is left alone is now a widow or widower. Your journey will become unbelievably emotional, confusing, and lonesome. As that widow or widower grieves and mourns the loss of their mate, the decision must be made to move on with life or not. The choice is yours. Do you let Jesus walk you through this miserable valley, or do you choose to stay and live in this miserable valley alone? If you are the new widow or widower starting this miserable journey of grief, my heart hurts for you. If you are the child or other loved one of that one individual from every marriage who has become the surviving widow or widower, my heart hurts for you. As you follow the journey of this widower, you will get a firsthand account of the miserable journey your loved one is entering. I desire that the journaling of my experience, as the surviving spouse, will prepare you for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual setbacks you and your loved ones will face.

They Call Me Ishmael

Author : John D. Kuhns
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Set in the South Pacific and based on true events, this is a novel about war, gold, interracial friendship, and the emergence of a new nation. Growing up in Bougainville, an island archipelago in the South Pacific, Ishmael always wanted to be a soldier. The Crisis—a brutal civil war with Papua New Guinea ignited by the gargantuan Panguna Mine—gives him his chance. As the guerrilla leader of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army, Ishmael secures a peace agreement that provides his islands with a measure of autonomy and the future right to conduct an independence referendum. If the people vote affirmatively, Bougainville could become the newest nation on earth. In the aftermath of the Crisis, Bougainville’s corrupt and inept government causes a vacuum. From its perch across the Pacific, China salivates. They covet Bougainville, both for its Panguna Mine and its strategic location, and are prepared to do whatever it takes to grab it. When Ishmael and Bougainville’s chiefs ask Jack Davis, a pin-striped American investor, to help rebuild their economy, he is intrigued. Although primitive, Bougainville holds billions in gold and copper, and its people seem lovely. Jack’s life has been comfortable, but things are changing. His family members have moved on with their lives, and his country doesn’t seem to value people like him anymore. Maybe Bougainville would be different. That two men—one black and one white—from totally different walks of life could meet on a remote island and decide they stand for the same things is a testament to Bougainville and its people, and shapes a story that anyone who believes in the innate goodness of humanity should read. The fact that it all really happened is truly inspirational.

She Comes First

Author : Ian Kerner
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As women everywhere will attest, men are "ill-cliterate." Most guys know more about what's under the hood of a car than under the hood of a clitoris. But in the world of She Comes First, the mystery of female satisfaction is solved and the tongue is proven mightier than the sword. According to sex therapist (and evangelist of the female orgasm) Ian Kerner, oral sex isn't just foreplay, it's coreplay: simply the best way to lead a woman through the entire process of arousal time and time again. Can you say "viva la vulva"? Fun and informative, She Comes First is a virtual encyclopedia of female pleasure, detailing dozens of tried-and-true techniques for consistently satisfying a woman and ensuring that sexual fulfillment is mutual.

Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX RN Examination

Author : Linda Anne Silvestri
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"A comprehensive review of all nursing content areas specifically related to the new 2019 test plan for the NCLEX-RN examination"--Page xiv.