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21st Century Hollywood

Author : Wheeler Winston Dixon
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They are shot on high-definition digital cameras—with computer-generated effects added in postproduction—and transmitted to theaters, websites, and video-on-demand networks worldwide. They are viewed on laptop, iPod, and cell phone screens. They are movies in the 21st century—the product of digital technologies that have revolutionized media production, content distribution, and the experience of moviegoing itself. 21st-Century Hollywood introduces readers to these global transformations and describes the decisive roles that Hollywood is playing in determining the digital future for world cinema. It offers clear, concise explanations of a major paradigm shift that continues to reshape our relationship to the moving image. Filled with numerous detailed examples, the book will both educate and entertain film students and movie fans alike.

Absent Rebels Criticism and Network Power in 21st Century Dystopian Fiction

Author : Annika Gonnermann
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Absent Rebels: Criticism and Network Power in 21st Century Dystopian Fiction focuses on the relationship between literary dystopia, network power and neoliberalism, explaining why rebellion against a dystopian system is absent in so many contemporary dystopian novels. Also, this book helps readers understand modern power mechanisms and shows ways how to overcome them in our own daily lives.

Capitalism Crime and Media in the 21st Century

Author : Neil Ewen
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This edited collection from leading scholars in the fields of media, communications, cultural studies and a number of aligned areas looks to the intersection of capitalism, crime and the media. The text is founded on the principles of cultural criminology – that how we determine and understand crime lies in the social world and that the determination of crime and its mediation in popular culture have a political basis. The book consists of eleven chapters and is divided into three sections. Section one considers the intersection of crime and capitalism in a range of contemporary cultural texts. Section two examines how various power systems influence the operation of the media in its role of reporting crime and holding the powerful to account. Section three considers how texts in a variety of formats are used to conduct politics, communicate politics and enact political decision making.

Race and Contention in Twenty First Century U S Media

Author : Jason A. Smith
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This volume explores and clarifies the complex intersection of race and media in the contemporary United States. Due to the changing dynamics of how racial politics are played out in the contemporary US (as seen with debates of the "post-racial" society), as well as the changing dynamics of the media itself ("new vs. old" media debates), an interrogation of the role of the media and its various institutions within this area of social inquiry is necessary. Contributors contend that race in the United States is dynamic, connected to social, economic, and political structures which are continually altering themselves. The book seeks to highlight the contested space that the media provides for changing dimensions of race, examining the ways that various representations can both hinder or promote positive racial views, considering media in relation to other institutions, and moving beyond thinking of media as a passive and singular institution.

21st Century Retro Mad Men and 1960s America in Film and Television

Author : Debarchana Baruah
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Numerous contemporary televisual productions revisit the past but direct their energies towards history's non-events and anti-heroic subjectivities. Debarchana Baruah offers a vocabulary to discuss these, using Mad Men as a primary case study and supplementing the analysis with other examples from the US and around the world. She takes a fundamentally interdisciplinary approach to studying film and television, drawing from history, memory, and nostalgia discourses, and layering them with theories of intertextuality, paratexts, and actor-networks. The book's compositions style invites discussions from scholars of various fields, as well as those who are simply fans of history or of Mad Men.

Internet Afterlife Virtual Salvation in the 21st Century

Author : Kevin O'Neill
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Can you imagine swapping your body for a virtual version? This technology-based look at the afterlife chronicles America's fascination with death and reveals how digital immortality may become a reality. • Reveals the period in American history that established cultural views about the afterlife • Discusses how technology aids in achieving and designing perspectives on heaven and immortality • Reviews technologies surrounding digital mortality, including Dmitry Itskov's 2045 Initiative and Martine Rothblatt's Terasem Foundation • Illustrates how the Internet helps those who have lost loved ones to grieve and cope in new ways • Links perceptions about death and the hereafter to typical American attitudes, including optimism, confidence, self-reliance, and innovation • Examines the use of virtual memorials, online obituaries, Facebook pages of deceased users, and avatars

Rethinking Gender in Popular Culture in the 21st Century

Author : Astrid M. Fellner
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This book explores popular culture representations of gender, offering a rich and accessible discussion of masculinities and femininities in 21st-century popular media. It brings together contributors from various European countries to investigate the workings of gender in contemporary pop culture products in a brave, original, and rigorous way. This volume is both an academic proposal and an exercise of commitment to a serious analysis of some of the media that influence us most in our everyday lives. Representation matters, and the position we take as viewers or consumers during reception matters even more.

Intangible Capital Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st Century Organization

Author : Mary Adams
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A practical guide to leveraging hidden knowledge intangibles to fuel growth and innovation and add value to your business. • Includes an exercise at the end of each chapter that enables readers to connect the chapter to their own businesses • Presents a resource section in each chapter for additional print and online sources • An accompanying website with sections for all key corporate titles (CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, etc.) shows how the book relates to their work and serves as a forum for ideas among readers • A full index covering both industrial- and knowledge-era tools to make it easier for readers to make a connection with their current work approaches

November Daily Comprehension 21st Century

Author : Anica Stemper
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A LESSON-A-DAY FOR EVERY DAY IN NOVEMBER! ENGAGING READING COMPREHENSION LESSONS FOR EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH! For years you've loved our Daily Comprehension Series... Now we've created a whole new series emphasizing captivating events that have happened in the 21st Century! Featuring celebrities, inventors, sports, scientific discoveries, dramatic events and more… this series is sure to give you an unending supply of relevant and intriguing daily reading lessons. Each high-Interest passage is followed by a full page of skill-specific comprehension activities designed to sharpen essential reading skills. This lesson-a-day series is sure to become a classroom favorite! Ideal for bell work, enrichment, remediation and review. INCLUDES STANDARDS-BASED READING & WRITING ACTIVITIES: Stories feature recent events from the 21st century and are followed by skill-specific comprehension activities to sharpen essential reading skills. Questions are clearly labeled with the standard/skill that it meets. LOCATE AN ANSWER DRAW CONCLUSIONS CAUSE & EFFECT FACT OR OPINION FIND FACTS MAKE INFERENCES SEQUENCE EVENTS FIND THE MAIN IDEA COMPARE & CONTRAST USE CONTEXT CLUES TO FIND MEANING All captivating events happened in the last 20 years! This is a growing series that will eventually include the entire school year. Reading Level: Gr 3 - 4 Interest Level: Gr 5 - 12 MORE DETAILS: This 21st Century Daily Comprehension resource is an updated version of our popular Daily Comprehension series. A high-interest, nonfiction story has been chosen for each day of the month. The stories are a combination of historical, scientific, record-breaking, sports, and pop culture events that happened on that particular day. All of the stories are about events that occurred during the 21st Century. Care was taken to choose topics that appeal to a wide-range of interests. Students will learn some serious and some fun facts while improving their reading skills. A page of skill-based questions follows each story. Comprehension skills include: facts, locating the answer, cause and effect, fact or opinion, sequence, main idea, conclusion, inference, context, and comparison.

The 21st Century Great Awakening

Author :
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