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Twenty Minute Menus

Author : Marian Burros
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Presents 100 menus featuring dishes that can be prepared in twenty minutes, and offers advice on stocking the pantry, making a shopping list, and getting everything ready at the same time

Betty Crocker s 30 minute Menus

Author : Betty Crocker
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More than seventy menus for meals that can be prepared in thirty minutes or less include complete recipes, tips for streamlining meal preparation, and nutritional information

Wheat Free Recipes Menus

Author : Carol Fenster Ph.D.
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Hundreds of delicious, easy, and nutritious recipes and menus for the home cook—all without wheat or gluten The millions of people who avoid wheat and gluten due to celiac disease, allergies, or intolerance—or simply to improve their health—know how difficult creating balanced, tasty meals can be. Gluten is found not just in bread, pasta, and cereal, but in unexpected items like cream soups, sauces, and condiments. Preparing a simple, homemade meal without gluten-based products can seem daunting. Carol Fenster, Ph.D., has been using her expert knowledge and cooking know-how to keep herself and her gluten-free family happy and healthy for over ten years. In Wheat-Free Recipes and Menus, Fenster shares her years of experience, explaining how to incorporate new ingredients into down-home, easy to prepare meals, free of wheat but full of taste. Employing easy-to-find substitutes for gluten-based ingredients, Dr. Fenster’s meals are rich and flavorful without relying on excess fat and salt. Recipes range from simple snacks to elaborate dinners, and include gluten-free recipes for favorites like breads, pizza, dumplings, and all kinds of baked goods. Avoiding wheat and gluten no longer means resigning to dietary boredom or risking an unhealthy diet. Dr. Fenster's recipes emphasize fresh, wholesome ingredients and clear instructions that make for fail-proof preparation of mouthwatering, gluten-free meals.

3 Low Calorie Meals

Author : Ellen Brown
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It is not your imagination playing tricks on you if you are in sticker shock in the supermarket check-out lane - food prices are skyrocketing. And not only is food more expensive than ever, but we all have less time than ever before. The solution to the problem is $3 Meals in Minutes. This collection of 250-plus recipes has main course entrees that are less than $3 a serving to prepare. That's less than the cost of a decent-size burger at a fast-food drive-through. And all can be prepared in less time than you can have a pizza delivered!

Faster I m Starving 100 Dishes in 25 Minutes or Less

Author : Kevin Mills
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Who says there's no time to cook? In the time it takes to find the phone book and call the local pizza shop, busy parents across the country could be serving up a hot, home-cooked meal for their families. Now, the secrets to being able to cook quick and nutritious meals in the time it takes for a sitcom plot to be revealed are collected here by mother and son team Nancy Mills and Kevin Mills.

Manhattan Menus

Author : John D. Shelhart
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Readers Guide to Periodical Literature

Author : Anna Lorraine Guthrie
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An author subject index to selected general interest periodicals of reference value in libraries.

Vegetable Menus

Author :
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Nine American cooks present 27 complete menus featuring vegetables.

Six Minute Souffle and Other Culinary Delights

Author : Carol Cutler
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Brunch Menus

Author :
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Ten cooks present brunch fare.

30 minute Meals

Author : Susan E. Mitchell
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30 minute Meals from the Academy

Author : Susan E. Mitchell
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Offers advice on quick cooking methods, and gathers recipes for fish, shellfish, poultry, veal, beef, liver, pork, lamb, pasta, soups, and breakfast dishes

365 Quick Easy Inexpensive Dinner Menus

Author : Penny E. Stone
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This comprehensive cookbook tastefully combines ease of preparation and cost-efficiency while offering not just single dish recipes but full meal menus-one for every day of the year! With homespun charm, warm wit and playful trivia, home-cooks are provided with a ready-made plan for entire meals that are fun, economical and easy. 365 Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Dinner Menus is a cookbook for the entire family, and its innovative menus have been approved by kids nationwide.

Fellows Menu Maker

Author : Charles Fellows
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Suggestions for selecting and arranging menus for hotels and restaurants, with object of the changing from day to day to give continuous variety of foods in season. A reminder for the breakfast, luncheon, dinner, and supper cards, together with brief notations of interest to the proprietor, steward, headwaiter and chef. An exposition of catering ideas calculated to popularize public dining halls...a chapter devoted to the most popular soups, fish, boiled meats, roasts and entrees. Also a department for banquet bills of fare and suggestions for dinner party menus...the book supplemented with an exposition of menus and editorial matter relating to menu compilation reprinted from The Hotel Monthly. --

Menus for Entertaining

Author : Juliette Elkon Hamelecourt
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Vogue Book of Menus

Author : Pamela Harlech
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4 Ingredient Recipes for 30 Minute Meals

Author : Barbara C. Jones
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Simplify your life ... prepare meals in 30 minutes or less ... keep family at the table.

Last Dinner On the Titanic Menus and Recipes From the Great Liner

Author : Rick Archbold
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A cookbook designed to recreate the atmosphere of dining on the famous, doomed luxury liner serves up such recipes as lobster thermidor and poached salmon with dilled mousseline sauce and cucumber

American regional menus

Author : Time-Life Books
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Land O Lakes Treasury of Country Heritage Meals Menus

Author : Creative Publishing International Editors
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Compilation of recipes.