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30 Days to a Simpler Life

Author : Connie Cox
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Presents step-by-step methods for saving time, energy, and money with tips on simplfying cooking, bill paying, tax preparation, traveling, and organizing a home, office, and garage

Simplicity Lessons

Author : Linda Breen Pierce
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Simplicity Lessons is a practical guide for those who long for a slower pace of life with more time for relationships, fulfilling work, and living ones dreams. Working on your own or as part of a simplicity study group, you will explore the major a

Unclutter Your Life

Author : Katherine Gibson
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Are you ready to move into a bright clutter-free future? From noise pollution to financial messes and stressful relationships, clutter affects ALL aspects of our lives--not just our physical spaces. If you¹ve tried feng-shui and other organizing techniques and you still can't find clarity in your life, this down-to-earth guide will show you how to evict the clutter culprits and cultivate peace of mind in your home and soul.

30 Days to Simpler Ways

Author : Elizabeth Ward
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You are looking for a simpler way of living, a more soulful way of being when life gets overwhelming and feels like too much. You have found the right book...this reflection journal provides heartfelt stories, simple insights, soulful quotes and deep reflection questions along with writing space to support you in inviting simpler ways in your own life. Readers are encouraged to reflect on and tryout each topic for 2 days and to come back to these simple practices throughout their life, especially when life seems overwhelming, unmanageable, or unpredictable. Find peace and soulful simplicity once again.

Choosing Simplicity

Author : Linda Breen Pierce
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Format : PDF, ePub
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This ground breaking work goes beyond the books that tell you how to simplify your life. This book reveals what has happened in the lives of real people who have done it. Based on the author's three-year study of over 200 people from 40 states and eight countries, Choosing Simplicity is a delightful and rich blend of real-life profiles and guidelines on simplicity. Interwoven throughout the stories are the author's insights and guidance for those who want to explore simplicity and those who have already embarked on this journey. The book also includes a 16-page Resource Guide with reviews of 42 books on simplicity, information on related web sites, organizations, simplicity study circles, workshops, newsletters and magazines.

Minimalist How To Prepare Control Your Minimalist Budget In 30 Days Or Less Get More Money Out Of Life Now

Author : Scott Green
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The term “minimalism” is originally used in music and arts as a word to describe simple, repetitive, and pared-down patterns and designs. The contemporary and deeper meaning of the term, on the other hand, has developed to describe a way of living based on simplicity and focus, on passion and purpose, and on growth and contribution. This deeper meaning is what you are going to learn in this book as you gradually apply the principles that will be mentioned here not only in your finances, health, and relationships, but in your entire life as well. Good luck!

30 Days to Taming Your Finances

Author : Deborah Smith Pegues
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Deborah Smith Pegues, author of the popular 30 Days to Taming Your Tongue (over 500,000 copies sold), now offers friendly, doable money management strategies in 30 Days to Taming Your Finances. Giving readers the benefit of her many years’ experience as a public accountant and certified behavioral consultant, Deborah sheds light on the emotional and practical side of putting finances in order. The wealth of information readers will gather includes how to forget past financial mistakes and start fresh stop emotional spending and still be content fund future objectives with confidence Each day’s offering will inspire and motivate readers to savor the freedom that comes with organizing, valuing, and sharing their resources wisely.

Y2K for Women

Author : Karen Anderson
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The Cumulative Book Index

Author :
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The Simpler Life

Author : Deborah H. DeFord
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Deford offers thoughtful, inspiring advice on what can be done now and on a daily basis to create a simpler, more satisfying, and meaningful life. 80 color photos and illustrations.


Author :
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For Men Only with a 30 day Guide to Looking Better and Feeling Younger

Author : Jack La Lanne
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Organizing the Good Life

Author : Celia Rocks
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Offers practical advice and anecdotes on ways to simplify one's life, including reducing clutter, getting out of debt, delegating tasks, and spending quality time with family.

How to Simplify Your Life Seven Practical Steps to Letting Go of Your Burdens and Living a Happier Life

Author : Werner Tiki Kustenmacher
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Practical wisdom on work, money, health, and relationships The international bestseller How to Simplify Your Life offers concrete advice on achieving happiness in a time of economic contraction and uncertainty. The book explains, in seven steps, how to get rid of unnecessary stuff and unload the burdens of modern life--and points the way back to what we know is important but have forgotten. By following the path outlined in the book, readers will learn to organize their time (and their desks), change the way they think about money, improve their health and relationships, and find meaning in their lives. The book shows readers how to: Eliminate chaos in the workplace Cut back on activities and slow down Get rid of money hang-ups and get out of debt Balance private life with career life Make room for relationships

Postmasters Advocate

Author :
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Life Stress

Author : Don Osgood
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Create An Amazing Life In Just 30 Days Goal Setting Workbook

Author : Happy Success Journals
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Achieving your dreams has never been simpler! On a daily basis do you think about negative things more often than positive? Do you have goals and dreams but never really know exactly what they are? Would you commit 10 minutes a day if it would change your life for the better? If the answer to these is yes, then this Goal Setting workbook is for you! Join hundreds of elite individuals that think, breath and talk about their goals everyday. The theory is simple. If you write your goals daily. You think about them often. You will inevitably be brought closer to them. Grab this Journal and Take the 3 Month Goal Setting Challenge! You will be surprised by the results!

Simple Loving

Author : Janet Luhrs
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Presents ways to create intimacy and joy in relationships through loving self and others, reducing stress, and finding ways to keep romance alive.

30 Days in the South Pacific

Author : Sean O'Reilly
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Few can resist the lure of pristine beaches, endless coral reefs, and blazing tropical suns. The South Pacific is still largely unspoiled for travelers willing to stray a little off the beaten path. This reference gives readers a bird's-eye view of the many island groups that make up the area.

Manage Your Time the Lazy Way

Author : Toni Ahlgren
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Provides solutions to getting daily tasks done more quickly. The book includes tips on how to set priorities and realistically schedule activities. It covers everything from working more efficiently in the office, such as utilizing e-mail and support staff - to controlling chaos in the home.