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3D Printing in Medicine

Author : Deepak M Kalaskar
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3D Printing in Medicine examines the emerging market of 3D-printed biomaterials and its clinical applications. With a particular focus on both commercial and premarket tools, the book looks at their applications within medicine and the future outlook for the field. The book begins with a discussion of the fundamentals of 3D printing, including topics such as materials, and hardware. Chapters go on to cover applications within medicine such as computational analysis of 3D printed constructs, personalized 3D printing and 3D cell and organ printing. The concluding chapters in the book review the applications of 3D printing in diagnostics, drug development, 3D-printed disease models and 3D printers for surgical practice. With a strong focus on the translation of 3D printing technology to a clinical setting, this book is a valuable resource for scientists and engineers working in biomaterial, biomedical, and nanotechnology based industries and academia. Provides a comprehensive and authoritative overview of all the medical applications of 3D printing biomaterials and technologies Focuses on the emerging market of 3D printed biomaterials in clinical applications Reviews both commercial and under development materials, tools, their applications, and future evolution

3D Printing and Biofabrication

Author :
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3D Printing Technology in Nanomedicine

Author : Nabeel Ahmad
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3D Printing Technology in Nanomedicine provides an integrated and introductory look into the rapidly evolving field of nanobiotechnology. It demystifies the processes of commercialization and discusses legal and regulatory considerations. With a focus on nanoscale processes and biomedical applications, users will find this to be a comprehensive resource on how 3D printing can be utilized in a range of areas, including the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of human diseases. Examines the emerging market of 3D-printed biomaterials and their clinical applications, with a particular focus on both commercial and premarket tools Examines the promising market of 3D-printed nanoparticles, nanomaterial, biomaterials, composite nanomaterial and their clinical applications in the cardiovascular and chemotherapy realms Develops the concept of integrating different technologies along the hierarchical structure of biological systems

3D and 4D Printing in Biomedical Applications

Author : Mohammed Maniruzzaman
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Ein professioneller Leitfaden zu 3D- und 4D-Drucktechniken in der Biomedizin und Pharmazie. 3D and 4D Printing in Biomedical Applications führt fundiert in 3D- und 4D-Drucktechniken in der Biomedizin und Pharmazie ein. Dieses Fachbuch enthält Beiträge von internationalen Wissenschaftlern und Industrieexperten und bietet einen Überblick über das Thema, aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse und Innovationen zu Anwendungen in der Pharmazie und Biomedizin. Untersucht werden Prozessoptimierung, Innovationsprozesse, Engineering- und Plattformtechnologien. Darüber hinaus informiert das Werk über Entwicklungen in der Biomedizin, u. a. über Formgedächtnispolymere, Biofabrikation in 4D und Knochen aus dem Drucker. Eine Fülle von Themen werden behandelt und näher beleuchtet: Potenzial des 3D-Drucks für die Wirkstoffverabreichung, neue Fertigungsprozess, Bio-Scaffolding, neueste Trends und Herausforderungen für 3D- und 4D-Bioprinting in der Biofabrikation. Dieses wertvolle Referenzwerk - ist ein umfassender Leitfaden zu 3D- und 4D-Drucktechniken in der Biomedizin und Pharmazie. - informiert u. a. über die erste 3D-Druckplattform mit FDA-Zulassung für ein pharmazeutisches Erzeugnis. - enthält Reviews der derzeit verfügbaren pharmazeutischen Erzeugnisse, die per 3D-Druck hergestellt wurden. - präsentiert die jüngsten Fortschritte bei neuartigen Materialien für den 3D- und 4D-Druck und biomedizinische Anwendungen.

3D Bioprinting for Reconstructive Surgery

Author : Daniel Thomas
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3D Bioprinting for Reconstructive Surgery: Techniques and Applications examines the combined use of materials, procedures and tools necessary for creating structural tissue constructs for reconstructive purposes. Offering a broad analysis of the field, the first set of chapters review the range of biomaterials which can be used to create 3D-printed tissue constructs. Part Two looks at the techniques needed to prepare biomaterials and biological materials for 3D printing, while the final set of chapters examines application-specific examples of tissues formed from 3D printed biomaterials. 3D printing of biomaterials for tissue engineering applications is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to offer unique, patient-specific parts—on demand—at a relatively low cost. This book is a valuable resource for biomaterials scientists, biomedical engineers, practitioners and students wishing to broaden their knowledge in the allied field. Discusses new possibilities in tissue engineering with 3D printing Presents a comprehensive coverage of the materials, techniques and tools needed for producing bioprinted tissues Reviews emerging technologies in addition to commercial techniques

Applications of 3D printing in Biomedical Engineering

Author : Neeta Raj Sharma
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This book focuses on applications of three-dimensional (3D) printing in healthcare. It first describes a range of biomaterials, including their physicochemical and biological properties. It then reviews the current state of the art in bioprinting techniques and the potential application of bioprinting, computer-aided additive manufacturing of cells, tissues, and scaffolds to create organs in regenerative medicine. Further, it discusses the orthopedic applications of 3D printing in the design and fabrication of dental implants, and the use of 3D bioprinting in oral and maxillofacial surgery and in tissue and organ engineering. Lastly, the book examines the 3D printing technologies that are used for the fabrication of the drug delivery system. It also explores the current challenges and the future of 3D bioprinting in medical sciences, as well as the market demand.

Biofabrication and 3D Tissue Modeling

Author : Dong-Woo Cho
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3D tissue modelling is an emerging field used for the investigation of disease mechanisms and drug development. The two key drivers of this upsurge in research lie in its potential to offer a way to reduce animal testing with respect to biotoxicity analysis, preferably on physiology recapitulated human tissues and, additionally, it provides an alternative approach to regenerative medicine. Integrating physics, chemistry, materials science, and stem cell and biomedical engineering, this book provides a complete foundation to this exciting, and interdisciplinary field. Beginning with the basic principles of 3D tissue modelling, the reader will find expert reviews on key fabrication technologies and processes, including microfluidics, microfabrication technology such as 3D bioprinting, and programming approaches to emulating human tissue complexity. The next stage introduces the reader to a range of materials used for 3D tissue modelling, from synthetic to natural materials, as well as the emerging field of tissue derived decellularized extracellular matrix (dECM). A whole host of critical applications are covered, with several chapters dedicated to hard and soft tissues, as well as focused reviews on the respiratory and central nervous system. Finally, the development of in vitro tissue models to screen drugs and study progression and etiologies of diseases, with particular attention paid to cancer, can be found.

3D Bioprinting

Author : Ibrahim Tarik Ozbolat
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3D Bioprinting: Fundamentals, Principles and Applications provides the latest information on the fundamentals, principles, physics, and applications of 3D bioprinting. It contains descriptions of the various bioprinting processes and technologies used in additive biomanufacturing of tissue constructs, tissues, and organs using living cells. The increasing availability and decreasing costs of 3D printing technologies are driving its use to meet medical needs, and this book provides an overview of these technologies and their integration. Each chapter discusses current limitations on the relevant technology, giving future perspectives. Professor Ozbolat has pulled together expertise from the fields of bioprinting, tissue engineering, tissue fabrication, and 3D printing in his inclusive table of contents. Topics covered include raw materials, processes, machine technology, products, applications, and limitations. The information in this book will help bioengineers, tissue and manufacturing engineers, and medical doctors understand the features of each bioprinting process, as well as bioink and bioprinter types. In addition, the book presents tactics that can be used to select the appropriate process for a given application, such as tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, transplantation, clinics, or pharmaceutics. Describes all aspects of the bioprinting process, from bioink processing through design for bioprinting, bioprinting techniques, bioprinter technologies, organ printing, applications, and future trends Provides a detailed description of each bioprinting technique with an in-depth understanding of its process modeling, underlying physics and characteristics, suitable bioink and cell types printed, and major accomplishments achieved thus far Explains organ printing technology in detail with a step-by-step roadmap for the 3D bioprinting of organs from isolating stem cells to the post-transplantation of organs Presents tactics that can be used to select the appropriate process for a given application, such as tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, transplantation, clinics, or pharmaceutics

Cell Assembly with 3D Bioprinting

Author : Yong He
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This book covers comprehensive information of 3D bioprinting from methods to design of bioink, to biofabrication approaches and their applications.

3D Printing Applications in Cardiovascular Medicine

Author : James K Min
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3D Printing Applications in Cardiovascular Medicine addresses the rapidly growing field of additive fabrication within the medical field, in particular, focusing on cardiovascular medicine. To date, 3D printing of hearts and vascular systems has been largely reserved to anatomic reconstruction with no additional functionalities. However, 3D printing allows for functional, physiologic and bio-engineering of products to enhance diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. This book contains the state-of-the-art technologies and studies that demonstrate the utility of 3D printing for these purposes. Addresses the novel technology and cardiac and vascular application of 3D printing Features case studies and tips for applying 3D technology into clinical practice Includes an accompanying website that provides 3D examples from cardiovascular clinicians, imagers, computer science and engineering experts