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40 Day Journey with Parker J Palmer

Author : Henry F. French
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* Includes passages from Scripture and opportunities to reflect and pray * Ideal for use during Advent or Lent

40 Day Journey with Parker J Palmer

Author : Henry F. French
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* Includes passages from Scripture and opportunities to reflect and pray * Ideal for use during Advent or Lent.

40 Day Journey with Howard Thurman

Author : Donna Schaper
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Howard Thurman was an influential American author, philosopher, theologian, educator, and civil rights leader. Strongly influenced by his grandmother, a former slave, who raised him and a Quaker mystic under whom he studied, Thurman adopted a philosophy of activism rooted in faith, guided by spirit, and maintained in peace. Editor Donna Schaper selects forty inspiring passages from the works of this spiritual advisor to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to accompany readers on their own spiritual journeys. Ideal for traveling through the seasons of Advent and Lent.

40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich

Author : Lisa E. Dahill
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* Includes passages from Scripture and opportunities to reflect and pray * Ideal for use during Advent or Lent

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Day by Day

Author : Peter Scazzero
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Based on his bestselling book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, this 40-day devotional by Peter Scazzero is your guide to more intentional, meaningful, life-changing communion with God. We all struggle to find daily time to be with God for the nourishment of our souls. This groundbreaking devotional is your key to resting fully in the awareness of his presence, increasing your self-knowledge, and growing deeper, closer to God. Each day, Peter Scazzero invites you to the ancient and yet powerful spiritual discipline of the Daily Office, the practice of pausing morning and evening to reflect on God's work in your life. In the midst of the hustle, we have to create interludes to re-center our hearts on the presence of God. For eight weeks, each morning and evening devotional will help you create that much-needed space for silence and reflection. You will be encouraged with thoughtful readings and questions to consider. And after each a closing prayer, you'll return to your day with a renewed sense of purpose and peace. This devotional is drawn from the bestselling book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and can be read as a companion book or enjoyed on its own. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Day by Day will anchor your life on the invitation to love God with all your heart, mind, and strength. In this guided journey, you'll discover the spiritual nourishment, joy, and peace that comes from meeting with God every day. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Day by Day is also available in Spanish, Espiritualidad emocionalmente sana Día a día.

Leading the Congregation

Author : Roger Heuser
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Classic guidance and advice on how to lead God's people, revised and updated for a new generation of leaders. "Heuser and Shawchuck have done an outstanding revision of their classic volume. Leading the Congregation. The pursuits of excellence and spirituality are woven into a beautiful and practical guide for faithful ministry. This volume belongs on the desk of every pastor and in the curriculum of every school of theology. The authors are as courageous in naming the cost, demands, and dangers of ministry as they are faithful in making plain the abundant resources available to enable and enhance effective ministry in our time. Leading the Congregation is a book for everyone seeking a practical guide to excellence and faithfulness in ministry."--- Bishop Rueben P. Job, author of Three Simple Rules: A Wesleyan Way of Living "Leading the Congregation is an excellent resource for those looking for authenticity and wholeness in leadership. Congregations desperately need the type of leader this book defines, that is, a Christ-centered leader whose sacrificial service provides the welcoming of the soul and the weaving of community in a wounded world."--- Dr. Jesse Miranda, President of the Miranda Center and CEO of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) "Leading the Congregation is a captivating analysis of the life issues of a spiritual Christian leader and the congregation she or he serves. I relish the insights of the authors from spiritual formation, psychology, organization, and leadership analysis. It is a real help to the busily involved Christian leader so that one can understand the reality one is immersed in. It is an extremely welcome book."---Elder Oscar Owens Jr., Christian Education Director of West Angeles Church of God in Christ "Young leaders, you will not just love this book; you will get it! Heuser and Shawchuck thoughtfully address perhaps the most challenging aspect of leading in the church today: the `with others' part."---Chip Espinoza, coauthor of Managing the Millennials

Choose Wisely

Author : Gary J. Boelhower
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A model for wise decision making that proposes a process and a set of criteria based on core principles found across the spiritual traditions of the world.

The 40 Day Soul Fast

Author : Cindy Trimm
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Get ready to experience the best 40 days of your life! The 40 Day Soul Fast: Your Journey To Authentic Living is an eight-week study of the life of the soul, the practice of fasting, and the process of living more authentically. It is a transformational expedition that will lead you on an inward journey to greater health, happiness, and success as you learn to live from the inside out—as we are told by Jesus in the book of Matthew: “Ignite the kingdom life within you, a fire within you . . . changing you from the inside out . . . make a clean sweep of your lives” (Matthew 3:11). When all is well with the souls of humanity, all will be well in the world. When you have peace in your soul, you will bring that peace to bear on the world around you—you will become the change you are hoping to see. Churches, organizations, small groups, and families are encouraged to travel together on this 40-day journey to greater mental, emotional, and spiritual health. If everyone who picks up this book takes it upon him or herself to encourage others to participate, we would create an unstoppable movement! You may think that one healed soul cannot heal the world, but it can.Join the Soul Fast Movement by going to There you will find soul-empowering resources and tools to not only transform your life, but the world! The 40 Day Soul Fast promises to bring the best out of you so that you can impact your world for good. Have the courage to follow your heart! Step out and engage with your authentic self—it will be the best 40 days of your life!

Song of the Nightingale

Author : Michael Ford
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Drawing on naturalistic imagery from the poetry of St. John of the Cross, Ford invites readers to join him as he retraces the steps of his own spiritual pilgrimage. (Catholic)

The Teachers of Spiritual Wisdom

Author : Duncan S. Ferguson
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We call attention to the harsh reality that we are living in troubled times. We are especially conscious of climate change and COVID-19. We underline that these challenges impact all people. In light of this reality, we use ten primary questions that all human beings ask, consciously or unconsciously, and then amplify each of the ten primary questions with nine additional sub-questions. We then draw upon one of the great teachers of spiritual wisdom (Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, etc.) with a brief quote and then write a short "wisdom" response to the question. By "wisdom" we mean a body of accumulated reflection about the character and meaning of life. Spiritual wisdom suggests an outlook or attitude that enables us to cope, a deeper way of knowing and learning the art of living in rhythm with the soul. We use the life experience of three authors, coming from different religious and cultural outlooks.