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500 Best Comfort Food Recipes

Author : Johanna Burkhard
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Contains five hundred recipes, focusing on comfort foods, and covers all types of dishes from appetizers to desserts, and includes time-saving strategies and preparation techniques.

Air Fryer Cookbook

Author : Rosemary King
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Maybe you already know that air fryer makes the best fried meals ever with no added oil. What you may not know is that your air fryer can roast, grill, bake and even reheat way better than an oven, microwave and grill do. Also, it's hands down the best way to make hot and quick desserts. What you can do even better is get this Air Fryer Cookbook loaded with 500 essential air fryer recipes for every meal of the day, including breakfasts, dinners, and snacks. The air fryer will crisp your veggies, cook your meat perfectly and give a new taste to the reheated meals. Cooking time is shorter with the air fryer, and you will need a minimum cleanup after. These recipes are not only tastier and easier but healthier as well, which makes them diet-friendly. If you're still wondering why should you get an air fryer or this cookbook, listen to this: Explore air fryer recipes that will transform your comfort foods into something healthier and easier to prepare; Shorten your cooking times and make your meals preparation fuss-free; Indulge in dozens of yummy main dishes that rarely require more than 20 minutes to prepare; Find new crave-worthy recipes to add to your must-haves. Get this air fryer cookbook, get some ingredients, and the book will take care of everything else.

500 Paleo Recipes

Author : Dana Carpender
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At last, here is a comprehensive cookbook to the hottest eating plan around! The Paleo diet—known in some circles as the “Caveman Diet”—is an eating plan based on evolutionary biology and backed up by medical research. Unlike other diets which can incorporate fake, processed foods and artificial sweeteners, the Paleo diet is based on what our ancestors ate: lean meats and fish, nuts and seeds, and naturally grown fruits and vegetables. Low-carb queen and bestselling author Dana Carpender shows how to stay the Paleo diet course deliciously with 500 easy-to-prepare recipes for everything Paleo from appetizers, to main dishes, to desserts.

3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Comfort Foods

Author :
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Cooking comfort-food favorites could not be easier! Do the words "slow cooker" conjure up visions of endless boring brown dishes? Let acclaimed chef Robert Hildebrand show you how to take your slow-cooker cuisine to the next level-while focusing on favorite comfort foods you never thought you could make in a slow cooker. And best of all, you can make these delicious recipes with just three ingredients! Bob Hildebrand knows the pros - secrets for coaxing fantastic flavor out of slow-cooked food, and he's ready to share. Try his Fresh Tomato Soup, Chicken Fricassee, Tiny Butter Noodles, Fresh Corn and Tomato Stew, Smothered Chicken, Herbed Pork Roast, Fluffy Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes, Peachy Barbecued Spareribs, Bourbon-Laced Tipsy Beef, Wilted Greens with Bacon Dressing, Sweet Potatoes with Onions and Peppers, Easy Peach Cobbler, Warm Honey Gingerbread, Mulled Cider - even comforting toppings like Peppery Milk Gravy and Farmstand Peach Jam. From appetizers and soups to delicious desserts, you will find 200 fantastic recipes you can make and forget while they cook themselves.

The Little Slow Cooker Cookbook

Author :
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Never worry about what's for dinner again with The Little Slow Cooker Cookbook's 500 delicious fix and forget recipes! Have hundreds of comfort food options at your fingertips with these amazing slow cooker recipes. From savory stews to nourishing soups, you'll always have multiple dinner options! Compiled from multiple slow cooking cookbooks with many expert authors, The Little Slow Cooker Cookbook spans a wide variety of dietary needs. From vegetarian, to gluten-free, to vegan - there's a recipe for everyone! This pocket-sized slow cooking kitchen companion will be a staple in your home for years to come!

Sausage Cookbook Bible

Author : Ellen Brown
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Sausage isn’t just for breakfast! It is a food that can be made with everything from the finest meats to a large assortment of vegetables and grains. It can be flavored to be both savory and sweet. Best of all, it is a food that is generally thought of as a “comfort food” – an ingredient that makes the dish that it’s in flavorful and satisfying. The Sausage Cookbook Bible explores sausage in all its forms and functions, and gives 500 mouth-watering recipes for serving it in everything from basic breakfast to gourmet dessert.

500 Vegan Recipes

Author : Celine Steen
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Flavorful Recipes to Suit Your Every Taste and Craving at Breakfast! Here are our favorite breakfast recipes from the best-selling 500 Vegan Recipes. These recipes give you the array of dishes you’ve been searching for, while still including all your favorite comfort foods and traditional fare. It’s everything you’ve been looking for in a cookbook, and will be a staple reference in your kitchen for years to come. Vegans and non-vegans alike can satisfy their every craving with these recipes, which feature international cuisines, as well as hearty and comforting dishes. Individual recipes are also marked with such distinctions as Soy Free, Gluten Free, Low Fat, and Under 30 Minutes. Recipes in this mini-book include: Macadamia Yogurt Granola Pumpkin Spice Coffee Butternut Drop Biscuits Pull-Apart Cinnamon Sticky Buns Peanut Butter Pancakes Banana Muffin Tops Zucchini Fritters Coffee Toffee Muffins Double Chocolate Muffins Chocolate Orange Marmalade Muffins With 500 Vegan Recipes, eating healthfully has never been easier—or more kind!

Home Cooked Vegan Comfort Food

Author : Celine Steen
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DIV[This book was originally published with the titleHearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites(Fair Winds Press, 2011)]/divDIV Calling All Insatiable Appetites! /divDIVTo anyone who’s ever thought “a meal without meat is a terrible thing to eat,� we’ve got news for you: You’re about to sink your teeth into some of the best food you’ve ever eaten. Food that happens to be vegan but is so full of hearty flavor and taste that even your non-vegan guests—and family members—will be left wondering if they just ate a meatless meal or a Thanksgiving feast./divDIVInside, you’ll be treated to a vast collection of more than 200 “secret weapon� recipes from authors Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman, two plant-based pros who know what it takes to wow the socks off of anyone with straight-up great food. From Banana Split Waffles to Ultimate Patty Melts, they’ll show you (and your meat-loving guests) that eating vegan doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor, but rather enhancing it using the natural flavors found in fruits, vegetables, grains, spices, herbs, and more./divDIVRecipes include:/divDIV- Baked Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes/divDIV- Hearty Breakfast Bowl/divDIV- Chocolate Stout Chili/divDIV- Sweet Potato Po' Boys/divDIV- Five-Cheese Baked Macaroni and Cheese/divDIV- Crispy Burritos con Carne/divDIV- Garlic Truffle Fries/divDIV- Sun Dried Tomato, Garlic, and Basil Flatbread/divDIV- Strawberry Cream Pretzel Pie/divDIV- White Chocolate Almond Bars/divDIV- Peanut Butter Rocky Road Pound Cakes/divDIVWhether you’re looking to impress or indulge—or both!—Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Food is your ultimate source for mean and mouthwatering eats at every meal./div

Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen

Author : Joni Marie Newman
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This innovative vegan cookbook combines the best of both worlds—comfort food + ethnic cuisine. The result is Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen, a delicious, experimental type of cooking popular in California and quickly taking the vegan world by storm. Its focus is not only on fresh, local ingredients, but also the amazing flavors found in different world cuisines. Think Korean pulled “pork” sandwiches, jalapeno mac ’n’ cheese, and Mexican hot chocolate cake. Traditional, with a twist! Author and California native Joni Marie Newman will treat you to more than 100 innovative recipes, all featuring whole foods ingredients that can be found at almost any grocery store or farmer's market—no store-bought faux meats, mayos, cheeses, or the like. Recipes will also feature low fat, soy free, and gluten free options for those with special dietary needs. Push the envelope on taste and take plant-based cooking to a whole new level with Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen.

The Ultimate Soups Stews Book

Author : Better Homes and Gardens
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You'll never run out of delicious soups and stews with this extensive, photo-filled collection of recipes This new addition to the Ultimate series features enough incredible soups and stews to try a new recipe every day of the year! It's all here, from timeless classics like potato chowder to intriguing new flavors like minted watermelon soup. Perfect for any day and any season, these recipes cover every course, from appetizers to desserts (believe it or not!) and every season, from hearty winter comfort foods to light and chilled summer refreshers. Nearly 500 pages in length and packed with full-color photographs and hundreds of inventive recipes, The Ultimate Soups and Stews Book is a great deal at an unbeatable price. Includes 400 recipes covering every meal, every season, and virtually any occasion 250 full-color photos will keep you inspired when it's time to fire up the stewpot Features more than 100 recipes that are perfect for fuss-free preparation in your slow cooker Packed with tips and helpful pointers, including information on ingredients, how to make your own stock, and much more Whether you're full-time soup lover or just love a meal that's simple and easy to prepare, this is the ultimate soup cookbook for you.

Ninja Foodi r Cookbook for Beginners

Author : Emma Rollins
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This cookbook presents carefully hand-picked easy and delicious recipes that you can cook in your Ninja Foodi.

500 15 Minute Low Sodium Recipes

Author : Dick Logue
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Create great, low-sodium meals in a jiffy while still enjoying all the foods and flavors you love with 500 15-Minute Low-Sodium Recipes! In these pages, you'll be treated to dishes so delightful you'd never guess they're low in salt and quick to prepare. Packed with 500 recipes to choose from, you'll find everything from beef, chicken, and vegetables dishes to international takeout-style recipes, desserts, and more. And with 15 minutes or less prep time on every recipe, staying on track is as easy as pie! You'll also find a nutritional breakdown on every recipe, making it easier than ever to track your daily sodium intake. Cutting sodium doesn't mean cutting flavor or variety, or spending hours in the kitchen on complicated recipes. Make staying on course easy—and delicious!—with 500 15-Minute Low-Sodium Recipes.

Canadian Books in Print

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125 Best Biscuit Mix Recipes

Author : George Geary
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A box of biscuit mix is found in more than half of America's kitchens. Look in your kitchen cupboard and chances are you will find a box of biscuit mix. The ultimate pantry staple, biscuit mix is a convenient and delicious shortcut to a host of delicious, baked recipe ideas. 125 Best Biscuit Mix Recipes offers a variety of outstanding recipes from old favorites like pancakes, waffles and biscuits to new recipes that appeal to current tastes. Master baker Geary brings his outstanding talents to recipes that include appetizers, main courses, meal-in-one-dishes like casseroles, and quick breads and cookies. Using either a packaged or homemade mix, anyone can make these delectable recipes: Cheese and Leek Scones Three Cheese Lasagna Loaf Almond Peach Pork Chops Baked Buttermilk Chicken Blueberry Almond Pancakes Pear Almond Nutmeg Waffles Creamy Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies Along with 125 delicious recipes, the book includes useful information on: Substitution charts and proper storage of ingredients Tools and equipment from handtools to baking pans Cooking and baking tips from measuring to troubleshooting These are outstanding recipes; they take a minimum of time and deliver maximum results.

Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook

Author : Weight Watchers
File Size : 45.19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Healthy Cook's Best Kitchen Companion Eating well and losing weight have never been easier - or more delicious! This comprehensive Weight Watchers cookbook is packed with more than 500 fresh and flavorful recipes for every meal and virtually every occasion. With countless cooking tips, helpful how-to's, and sixty color photographs, Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook is the all-in-one kitchen resource you'll turn to again and again for grat iseas and inspiration. Whether you're looking for a quick and easy weeknight dinner or something special to spice up a weekend brunch, you'll find a variety of recipes to choose from on every page. How about tasty Chicken Fajitas, smoky Roasted Broccoli with Cumin-Chipotle Butter, or rich Chocolate Fondue? With choices like these, ranging from classic comfort foods to zesty international dishes, boredom is never on the menu. Throughout, Weight Watchers nutrition and cooking experts offer you simple, flexible ways to achieve your weight loss goals without giving up favorite foods. So get cooking today with Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook - and enjoy! Here's what is inside: More than 500 healthy recipes, including Core Plan recipes and POINTS values for every recipe. Information on Weight Watchers popular Flex Plan A brand-new holiday baking chapter, with recipes from around the world Handy recipe icons (for Core Plan, 20 minutes or less, spicy, and 5 POINTS values or less) Complete nutrition information - including trans fats Valuable tips, how to's, substitutions, and leftover ideas And much more

The Book Review Digest

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America s Best Slow Cooker Recipes

Author : Donna-Marie Pye
File Size : 27.55 MB
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Whether you're new to the world of slow cookers -- or just looking to explore the full potential of your existing slow cooker -- this may be the only cookbook you'll ever need. Book jacket.

The Publishers Weekly

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Lone Star Eats

Author : Terry Thompson-Anderson
File Size : 77.20 MB
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More than 500 recipes from more than 65 different cookbooks, published by some of the state's leading chefs and by community organizations such as junior leagues and church auxiliaries.

Southern Living 1995 Annual Recipes

Author : Leisure Arts
File Size : 45.12 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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One year of recipes from Southern Living magazinie, 1995.