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8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility

Author : Chuen Chuen Yeo
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The world is ever-changing in unpredictable ways. Leaders, therefore, need to constantly re-examine their assumptions of what it means to be a "great" leader as old models of leadership quickly fade into irrelevance. In short, leaders need an agile mindset. But how can leaders become agile? We need to update and disrupt past definitions of leadership. To challenge ourselves and test our relevance often. We need to recognize challenges swiftly and respond decisively, especially when our environment is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. 8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility shows the way by describing how leaders met challenging conundrums with agility and emerged stronger, using the Re4 Coaching Model developed by Chuen Chuen. This book addresses the gap between theory and practice through stories of leaders distilled into eight representational paradoxes that can occur in any culture, contexts, levels of seniority or industries. The Re4 Coaching Model, clearly illustrated in this book, helps leaders see their world with objective clarity, understand what has to be done and why. Through this coaching model, leaders gain the resolve and confidence to overcome challenges with authenticity. Through it, they integrate theoretical learning with practical steps and learn to thrive. Now you too can benefit from the Re4 Coaching Model as this book contains exercises with guiding questions you can use to navigate your paradoxes. It's time to grow and thrive.

Leadership Agility

Author : Ron Meyer
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Leadership is about influencing others to move in a certain direction and there are many ways of achieving this influence. Each of these leadership styles has its inherent qualities and pitfalls, and will be more suited to specific people and different circumstances. The more leaders understand their preferred leadership styles and are able to flexibly switch to the most suitable style given the situation, the more effective they will be. This book maps out ten sets of opposite leadership styles, giving readers the possibility to understand the strengths and weaknesses of both sides, and to identify their own current preference. The ten leadership style dimensions cover the full range of leadership roles, from the leader as coach (interpersonal leadership), to the leader as organizer (organizational leadership), as strategist (strategic leadership), as sense-maker (leadership and mission) and as role model (leadership and self). Readers are invited to draw up their own leadership development plans, which is supported by an interactive App. Readers are also challenged to reflect on how they would approach a number of cases, after which they can go to an interactive web-forum to read how others have responded and engage in a discussion with them. Leadership Agility is a useful tool for practitioners in the corporate world as well as business students and emerging leaders.

Leadership Agility

Author : William B. Joiner
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Leadership Agility is the master competency needed for sustained success in today’s complex, fast-paced business environment. Richly illustrated with stories based on original research and decades of work with clients, this groundbreaking book identifies five levels that leaders move through in developing their agility. Significantly, only 10% have mastered the level of agility needed for consistent effectiveness in our turbulent era of global competition. Written in an engaging, down-to-earth style, this book not only provides a map that guides readers in identifying their current level of agility. It also provides practical advice and concrete examples that show managers and leadership development professionals how they can bring greater agility to the initiatives they take every day.

California Management Review

Author :
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Agility X

Author : Christiane Prange
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World-class experts and seasoned practitioners give deep and holistic insights on agility, preparing executives for leading under uncertainty.

Resetting Management

Author : Stéphane J. G. Girod
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The ability to renew competitive advantage with flexibility is essential for any business in today's turbulent world. How do you go beyond trendy buzzwords and master the principles of business agility? Resetting Management helps leaders understand why business agility matters. Agility releases a new level of energy, innovation and entrepreneurship, enabling organizations to respond to disruption while still delivering business strategies with rigour and efficiency. Using diagnostic tools and practical models, the book describes how to master the essential components and principles of agility and respond to uncertain and fast-changing environments. Featuring case studies from some of the world's leading companies and illustrating how they have successfully and less successfully transformed for greater agility - including Lego, General Electric, LMVH and ING - Stéphane J.G. Girod and Martin Králik provide leaders with the skills to master the transformation journey that is right for their business.

Advances in Global Leadership

Author : Joyce S. Osland
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This volume of Advances in Global Leadership updates researchers and practitioners on the state of the field and research gaps. Part 1 presents new empirical studies; Part II features papers on global leadership development programs offered by universities. Contributors range from well-known voices to new scholars with fresh perspectives.

The Government Leader s Field Guide to Organizational Agility

Author : Sarah C. Miller
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This is the first book to fully adapt the principles of agility for government leaders who want to make their organizations more effective and nimble while better serving their public mission. This practical resource will equip government leaders at all levels with evidence-based, hands-on guidance for transforming their organizations, enabling them to better serve the public and their customers. While many books focus on organizational agility for leaders of for-profit companies, this is the first one tailored to the unique requirements government leaders face. They must find a way to accomplish their mission while navigating constant change. Government leaders at all levels must maneuver their organizations through new, often complex challenges, ranging from new laws that impact their agencies, new technologies, changes in leadership, and unexpected events. By explaining how to manage and organize work differently, this guide will help leaders weather the storm of that constant change so they can help their agencies realize their missions and serve the public interest.

Wisdom Learning

Author : Wendelin Küpers
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In traditional business circles, wisdom is viewed with a certain scepticism, which is in part due to its historical associations with wisdom traditions and spiritual cultures. However, in business today, wisdom is emerging not only as a viable but also a necessary organizational and management practice. In particular, practical wisdom is being updated and retranslated for today’s issues and concerns in organizations. In recent years, leadership and organizational studies have initiated important changes in the way in which business-as-usual is conducted. In response to the increasingly complex and uncertain conditions of our international business environment, a growing community of ‘scholar-practitioners’ are pushing the boundaries of traditional organizational and leadership thinking and acting, making inroads into processes and applications of practical wisdom and ways of wise leading and managing. Given the unprecedented levels of challenges, dynamics and uncertainties that today’s organizations are exposed to, there is a need for a more integrative and sustainable approach to managing. Following the need for a reconsideration and revival of the meaning of wisdom, the editors explore vitalizing possibilities for the learning of wise practices in organizing and leading. This expansive range of domains where wisdom is currently being explored suggests a promising number of perspectives and possibilities for future inquiries and explorations into the nexus of wisdom and organization, leadership/management education and learning that benefits from cross-disciplinary synergies. This book will be of interest to those seeking to understand the growing significance of wisdom in relation to learning and teaching, especially in business and management education.

Paradoxes of Power and Leadership

Author : Miguel Pina e Cunha
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Why do great companies and other organizations fail, sometimes abruptly? Why do admired leaders fall from their organizational pedestals? Why do young and promising managers derail? Why do organizations create and reinforce rules that manifestly damage both them and those that they employ, serve and sustain? Leadership is a much-discussed but ill-defined idea in business and management circles. Analysing and understanding the skills and behaviours exhibited in leadership practice reveal that leaders exhibit paradoxical activities that challenge our understanding of organizations. In this text, the authors identify leadership behaviours that compete towards business equilibrium: selfish versus selfless, distance versus proximity, consistency versus individuality, enforcing professional standards versus flexibility and control versus autonomy. These paradoxical dilemmas require a reflexive and analytical approach to a subject that is tricky to define. The book explores the paradoxes of power and leadership not as a panacea for solving organizational problems but as a lens through which leadership and power are seen as an exercise in dynamic balance. Read this book as an invitation to the paradoxes of power and leadership that frame organizational life today. Be prepared to find surprises – and some counterintuitive arguments. Providing a thought-provoking guide to the traits and skills that will help readers to understand and navigate paradoxical leadership behaviour, this reflexive book will be a useful reading for students and scholars of business, management and psychology globally.

Demystifying Leadership

Author : Vishal Gupta
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Can leadership lessons be learnt from the Mahabharata? Demystifying Leadership positively asserts that we can and probes inquiry in the lives of six characters-Bhishma, Ashvatthama, Karna, Shakuni, Kunti and Krishna. It studies these characters in inescapable situations as they navigate through life by demonstrating values, decision-making ability, integrity and principles. Within the given constraints, some of these characters swim and rise, while others sink in moral turpitude. Extrapolating these successful and not-so-successful character traits to corporate leaders and linking them to scholarship, the authors provide lessons for leaders and managers operating in diverse situations. Borrowing from different disciplines, such as literature, philosophy, politics and psychology, Demystifying Leadership proposes to link essentials of leadership in the form of a Leadership Triangle comprising six levels: positive personality, peace with personal identity, purpose, positive use of power and politics, paradoxical leadership and principled pragmatism. It takes a grounded approach in amalgamating mythology and leadership through scholarship and practice.

Responsible Global Leadership

Author : Mark E. Mendenhall
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The need to ensure principle-driven, legally sound, and ethically acceptable behavior in the global context is not an easy task for leaders. They face the requirement of meeting the needs and expectations of a diverse set of stakeholders. They are increasingly called upon to protect, preserve, and restore the resources of the environment. They are expected to improve human well-being and social equity and recognize and effectively address economic and social issues concerning equality, social justice, and human rights protection. How should leaders in global organizations go about meeting the multiple demands of a complex global stakeholder environment? This book explores the dilemmas, paradoxes, and opportunities that leaders in global organizations of all types confront daily and addresses how managers can and should think about and approach these complex issues in responsible and productive ways. This book will be of interest to students and scholars across business, management and the social sciences more broadly.

The Dialogical Challenge of Leadership Development

Author : Rob Koonce
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In the Foreword to The Dialogical Challenge of Leadership Development, eminent scholar Ken Gergen shrewdly points to dialogue as an optimal tool for organizational communication in the 21st Century. Gergen’s comment serves as a quintessential backdrop of the book you are about to read. Dialogical practice is no longer a distant option for organizational leaders to passively consider. Instead, it has become an indispensable tool for leaders who understand the critical significance of relational influence and sustainability for navigating today’s increasingly complex and wicked organizational and societal challenges. Thanks to the wide-ranging talent and varied perspectives of leading scholars and seasoned practitioners from around the globe who graciously contributed to this volume, The Dialogical Challenge of Leadership Development offers compelling evidence that - whether they arise from Brazilian favelas or the world’s largest corporate boardrooms - the challenges which leaders face on a daily basis can be effectively addressed through dialogical practice.

Corporate Behavior and Sustainability

Author : Güler Aras
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Companies can no longer expect to engage in dubious or unethical corporate behaviour without risking their reputation and damaging, perhaps irrevocably, their market position. Irresponsible corporate behavior not only deprives shareholders of long-term returns but also ultimately imposes a cost on society as a whole. Sustainable business is about ensuring that entities contribute toward positive social, environmental, and economic outcomes. Bad business behaviour is costly for stakeholders, for markets, for society, and the economy alike. To ensure that a company behaves well, the buy-in of the leadership team is crucial. The full commitment of the board of directors, in conjunction with the senior managers of the organization, is required if an organization is to be socially responsible. In this sense, leadership does not reside with an individual (the CEO) within the organization but with all of those at the apex of corporate power and control. Effective change management requires enlightened and capable leadership to instigate and drive the process of embedding a sustainable and socially responsible corporate philosophy and culture that supports good business decision-making. A profound understanding of the requirements of such a leadership process will help corporate managers become highly effective change agents. Governance will be the main driver of this change. For the economy and financial markets to become sustainable and resilient, radical changes in corporate leadership need to take place. Integrated reporting, government regulation, and international standards will all be important factors in bringing about this change. As well as understanding the effects of corporate behavior on financial markets, such an understanding is also now imperative in relation to the social and environmental contexts.

Agile Leadership for Turbulent Times

Author : Sharon Olivier
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This thought-provoking and engaging book is for you, whatever your seniority, in the private or public sector – if you are curious about the role and purpose of leadership in a turbulent world. It will help you become a more agile leader through understanding and integrating your ego, eco and intuitive intelligence. You will gain a deeper understanding of your unique leadership blend through a short diagnostic inventory, bringing insight about your strengths and what may be tripping you up. The book offers tips, ideas and practical suggestions on how to develop your ability to use the three intelligences in order to expand your leadership repertoire. It will help you enable the teams you lead to be more flexible, responsive and autonomous. The authors have drawn on their vast experience from the boardroom to the shop floor, the classroom and research around the world, to write an easy-to-digest yet ground-breaking book that deals with the root causes of today’s twenty-first-century leadership challenges. Its contents are straightforward and widely applicable.

Systemic Flexibility and Business Agility

Author : Sushil
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This book provides a conceptual framework for systemic flexibility and business agility, drawing on a basis of research/case applications in various types of flexibility and agility in business. The selected papers address a variety of issues concerning the theme of systemic flexibility and business agility and are organized into following five parts: (i) Systemic and Strategic Flexibility; (ii) Information and Business Agility; (iii) Flexibility, Innovation and Business Excellence; (iv) Flexibility in Value and Supply Chains; and(v) Financial Flexibility and Mergers & Acquisitions. Flexibility and agility in business are emerging as key dimensions of business excellence that encompass the requirements of both choice and speed. The two concepts, flexibility and agility, have been used in multiple ways and often interchangeably, both in literature and in practice. The growing need for flexibility/agility in business can be seen from reactive as well as proactive perspectives. A business enterprise is expected to possess reactive flexibility/ agility (as adaptability and responsiveness) in order to cope with the changing and uncertain business environment. It may also endeavor to intentionally generate flexibility/agility as a strategic change in a variety of ways, such as leadership change, reengineering, innovation in products and processes, use of information and communication technology, and learning orientation.

Future Ready Leadership Strategies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Author : Chris R. Groscurth
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Provides executive leadership teams with the information, tools, and advice they need to lead their organizations into the "future of work," characterized by transformative, smart, and connected technologies already under way, including artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and automation. • Fully unpacks what 4IR and the rise of new industries will require from leaders • Illuminates the central role played by behavioral economics in the 4IR era, rather than just the macroeconomic implications for society of the convergence of the megatrends under way • Introduces tools for helping leaders to prepare themselves and assess their organization's readiness for managing high-velocity change • Provides a roadmap for rethinking how learning and development are fostered in "always-on" learning organizations of the future • Clarifies the critical role of public-private collaborations in meeting the development needs of the future of work • Introduces discernment as a strategy for managing future-of-work ethical decisions that inevitably accompany the integration of AI in the work force

Management and Leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Author : Stephen Wyatt
File Size : 67.79 MB
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The business world is currently experiencing fundamental disruption, in part driven by the technology enabled Fourth Industrial Revolution. Corporate value is created and lost in breathtakingly short periods, and the rise of 'unicorns' against the demise of once-venerated organizations has shown that how firms compete has changed. Management and Leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution presents a framework for managing and winning in the new accelerated world of business, focusing on the key capabilities organizations now need to achieve competitively superior performance. Building on the 'dynamic capabilities' approach already familiar to strategists and based around his own research, Stephen Wyatt shows how executives can assess the dynamic capacity of their organization - a leading indicator of future performance in comparison to their industry peers. Written in an accessible style with best practice examples from companies and quotes from executives to support each insight, this book includes a self-assessment questionnaire to measure the dynamic capacity of your organization and advice on how to strengthen areas of relative weakness. Management and Leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution offers timely insights on driving innovation and emphasizes the importance of long-term strategy, change management and new models of dynamic leadership.

Work is Love Made Visible

Author : Frances Hesselbein
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Channel happiness and find your purpose with stories from the world’s leading minds Work is Love Made Visible offers the insights of some of the world’s greatest thought leaders as they tackle one of life’s most difficult treasure hunts: finding purpose. The word “purpose” is big. Very big. And heavy. It carries the weight of a lifetime of work and struggle; the weight of legacy, and the mass of days spent not doing something else. It’s something we all grapple with at some point—some of us find our purpose, others spend a lifetime searching. A lucky few grow to realize they’ve been working their purpose all along. Most of us aren’t quite that lucky; often, fulfilling your purpose requires some kind of change—career, lifestyle, habits, family—and what then? Are we selfish for the upheaval, or are we fulfilling destiny? Once we know our purpose, how do we pursue it? This book asked those very questions of people who have followed their purpose and succeeded on a global scale. Their un-distilled answers are here, lending you the wisdom of their experiences, their examples, inspiration, and motivations as they: Tackle the universal struggle with individual purpose and meaning Illustrate how personal thought patterns contribute to real-world action Move challenges into the opportunities of their lives Reveal how they arrived at their life’s purpose, and what they sacrificed to get there We all want a meaningful life. We want to work together for a brighter future, we want to celebrate our differences and commit to good. We want to inspire others, nurture their talents, and help them grow. We want to look back one day on a life well-lived, and leave something behind that matters to the world. Work is Love Made Visible shows you how some of us have succeeded, and offers you insight and guidance so that you can do the same.

Strategic Renewal

Author : Aybars Tuncdogan
File Size : 44.88 MB
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Strategic Renewal is an original research anthology offering insight into a subject area which, although critical for the sustained success of organizations, has received relatively little attention as distinct from the more general phenomenon of strategic change. Firstly, by providing a summary of the literature, this research anthology helps graduate students and new researchers grasp the current state of affairs in the field. Secondly, this research anthology will help update the knowledge base of the existing researchers in the field. By bringing together various studies, the research anthology determines the core concepts of the field and elucidates the key gaps and future research areas. Through contributions building on the knowledge bases of other disciplines, this research anthology develops an interdisciplinary research agenda, giving the reader an in-depth understanding of the mediating, moderating, and antecedent variables concerning strategic renewal. Strategic Renewal aims to provide a state-of-understanding to the subject, as well as a clear picture of the cross-disciplinary landscape that informs the subject. Thus, this research anthology is essential reading for managers, consultants, and other practitioners, as well as students and scholars of business.