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Bridge Built Halfway

Author : Malcolm MacLeod
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Malcolm MacLeod begins his history of Memorial University College by describing the forces that promoted the creation of Newfoundland's own higher-education institution and the conditions that frustrated its advancement, such as the uneasy development of educational co-operation between religious denominations. MacLeod goes on to analyse different aspects of institutional life to 1950, such as the institution's governance and patterns of staffing, the students' social backgrounds, and the college's curriculum. He also outlines Memorial's links with other aspects of society and provides the historical and social framework for its development, leading us through the optimism of the twenties and the depression of the thirties to the abandonment of self-government and the overwhelming changes that came with and after the war. He concludes by contrasting Memorial's slow and uncertain progress before 1950 with its achievements since, and by placing Memorial in the context of the development of higher education in Canada and the modernization of Newfoundland.

Hardy Boys 45 The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge

Author : Franklin W. Dixon
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Frank and Joe Hardy are determined to bring to justice the vicious criminals who kidnapped their detective father while he was investigation sabotage of a road-building project in the Kentucky wilderness. After Mr. Hardy’s escape, the two young sleuths are spurred into action when he mumbles the word “Felix” and they discover a dossier of a notorious ex-convict was stolen from his files. The trail leads them to New York City but ends abruptly in a cemetery! With the new clue of a spiral symbol the boys head to Kentucky as part of a highway construction crew to track down the kidnappers and saboteurs.

Black Hills White Justice

Author : Edward Lazarus
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Black Hills/White Justice tells of the longest active legal battle in United States history: the century-long effort by the Sioux nations to receive compensation for the seizure of the Black Hills. Edward Lazarus, son of one of the lawyers involved in the case, traces the tangled web of laws, wars, and treaties that led to the wresting of the Black Hills from the Sioux and their subsequent efforts to receive compensation for the loss. His account covers the Sioux nations? success in winning the largest financial award ever offered to an Indian tribe and their decision to turn it down and demand nothing less than the return of the land.

Canadian History Confederation to the present

Author : Martin Brook Taylor
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"In these two volumes, which replace the Reader's Guide to Canadian History, experts provide a select and critical guide to historical writing about pre- and post-Confederation Canada, with an emphasis on the most recent scholarship" -- Cover.

Urban Hikes Washington

Author : Brandon Fralic
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Washington, the Evergreen state, is known for its lush landscapes of forests and mountains. But you don’t have to go all the way into the backcountry to experience what the state has to offer. In Urban Hikes Washington you’ll hit the trail to discover the landmarks and hotspots that shape the state’s cities and towns. From arboretum trails to picturesque waterfront walks, this guide explores 40-50 urban hiking trails throughout the state. Drawing on their extensive travel knowledge of the state, authors Brandon Fralic and Rachel Wood curate a guide to not only family-friendly footpaths, but to the state’s culinary and gastronomic delights. Take in the sites of Expo ‘74 while walking Spokane’s Riverfront Park, marvel at the landscape architecture of Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle, or brewery-hop after a stroll to Downtown Bellingham from Boulevard Park. Each hike includes trail GPS coordinates and waypoints, detailed hike descriptions, maps, and easy-to-find trailhead directions, along with excellent color photos and travel tips. Hit the trail (or the pavement) and explore Washington!

An Illustrated History of the Huntington District U S Army Corps of Engineers 1754 1974

Author : Leland R. Johnson
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Detroit Rocky River Bridge Lakewood Rocky River

Author :
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California Rising

Author : Ethan Rarick
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Set against the historical landscape of the late fifties and sixties, the first biography of legendary governor Edmund G. "Pat" Brown offers insights into the history and politics of that era and those who influenced it, including John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and the Brown family dynasty. Reprint.

Observing the Outports

Author : Jeff A. Webb
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In Observing the Outports, Jeff A. Webb illustrates how interdisciplinary collaborations created the field of "Newfoundland studies."

Lives of Dalhousie University Volume 2

Author : P. Waite
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The lives of professors and students, deans and presidents, their ideas and idiosyncrasies, their triumphs and failures, provide the driving force of Waite's narrative. Avoiding the details of financing, curriculum, and administration that sometimes dominate institutional histories, Waite focuses on the men and women who were the blood of the university and who established its traditions and ethos. Halifax in peace and war is basic to Dalhousie's history, as is its relations with other colleges and universities in Nova Scotia. Waite sets all this out, placing Dalhousie's development within the larger Nova Scotian context.