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A Choreographer s Process

Author : Karen McKinlay Kurnaedy
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In the field of the choreographic arts, there appears to be no one set process of creation. Choreographers appear to agree that the creative process is a mystery and achieved differently by individual choreographers. This study attempts to determine whether the four elements of the creative writing process (discovering a subject, sensing an audience, searching for specifics and creating a design) as defined by Murray (1968, 1990) and redefined by Mamchur (2004) are present and recognizable in the choreographic process in order to suggest that choreography could also be taught in a similar and structured way enabling choreographic students to create expressive work in much the same way that writing students do.

Performing Process

Author : Emma Meehan
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Choreographic process is increasingly examined, shared and discussed in a variety of academic, artistic and performative contexts. More than ever before, post-show discussions, artistic blogs, books, archives, seminars and sharings provide opportunities for choreographers to explain their individual methodologies. Performing Process: Sharing Dance and Choreographic Practice provides a unique theoretical examination of this current trend in dance scholarship. The chapters in this collection examine the methods, politics and philosophy of sharing choreographic process, aiming to investigate the theoretical repercussions and the implications on forms of knowledge, the appreciation of dance, education and artistic practices.


Author : Sandra Cerny Minton
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Solve common problems in choreography, design and shape movements into a dance, and organize a concert. Each chapter offers movement exploration exercises, review and reflection questions, and application challenges to help you understand the choreographic process from concept to stage performances. --back cover.

A Choreographer s Handbook

Author : Jonathan Burrows
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On choreography: "Choreography is a negotiation with the patterns your body is thinking" On rules: "Try breaking the rules on a need to break the rules basis" A Choreographer’s Handbook invites the reader to investigate how and why to make a dance performance. In an inspiring and unusually empowering sequence of stories, ideas and paradoxes, internationally renowned dancer, choreographer and teacher Jonathan Burrows explains how it’s possible to navigate a course through this complex process. It is a stunning reflection on a personal practice and professional journey, and draws upon five years’ of workshop discussions, led by Burrows. Burrows’ open and honest prose gives the reader access to a range of exercises, meditations, principles and ideas on choreography that allow artists and dance-makers to find their own aesthetic process. It is a book for anyone interested in making performance, at whatever level and in whichever style.

Dance Composition Basics

Author : Pamela Anderson Sofras
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If the saying “To be the best, you must learn from the best” holds true, then this book is gold for all aspiring dancers. Dance Composition Basics, Second Edition, doesn’t just feature the works and brilliance of dance and choreographic legends Alonzo King and Dwight Rhoden—it is completely based on the choreographic operations and forms in three of their original works: Chants and Dreamer by King and Verge by Rhoden. All compositional exercises in the book are based on those three works, and the book itself is expertly crafted by Pamela Anderson Sofras, who has 34 years of experience teaching dance at the university level. Dance Composition Basics, designed for beginning dance composition courses, introduces dancers to choreography through a series of problem-solving activities. The activities are starting points for novice dancers to embark on their own attempts at choreography. Useful Tools The book offers several useful tools for instructors: 27 lesson plans that draw from and highlight selected portions of original compositions by King and Rhoden 33 reproducible assessment and self-evaluation forms An instructor guide that includes a sample course syllabus plus written exams for each chapter PowerPoint presentations to guide students through each lesson A web resource featuring online videos that are closely tied to the lesson plans and provide a richer learning experience for students; students can access this resource inside or outside of class Highly Valuable Video Resource The videos give students access to Alonzo King and Dwight Rhoden, highly successful and respected choreographers, who share their processes and techniques. Many video clips show the choreographers working on the same movement concepts featured in the corresponding lesson. Students will see the choreographers in action with professional dancers as they develop the movement material for each dance. Because students get to see the choreographers and dancers struggling with the same creative concepts they have been assigned, these clips add tremendous value to Dance Composition. Book and Web Resource Organization The text is split into five chapters, each of which features several lessons based on that chapter’s choreographic concept. Each lesson contains the following: An introductory statement and a vocabulary list A warm-up to prepare the body and focus the mind Structured improvisations that help dancers understand the movement concepts of the lesson Problem-solving activities that allow dancers to apply the concepts presented in the improvisations Discussion questions to engage dancers and promote understanding Assessment rubrics to guide evaluation of each dancer’s learning At the end of the book, a glossary provides definitions for the vocabulary terms introduced in the chapters. The main menu of the web resource corresponds with the five chapters in the book. To guide students’ use of the videos, icons have been placed throughout the book, referring readers to additional information in the web resource. Reviewing the videos will provide further insight into the choreographic assignment. The web resource also contains all the discussion questions, assessments, and evaluations found in the book. Instructors can distribute these to students electronically or print them out. Instructors can also adapt the forms to meet their specific needs. The Learning Process Dance Composition takes students through a systematic learning process: reading about a concept, discussing the concept, seeing the concept played out on video with professional choreographers and dancers, and exploring the concept through their own movement ideas. Through this process, which includes structured improvisations, students discover a movement vocabulary and original dance phrases. They then more fully develop their movement ideas, with specific movement assignments, and are given feedback by their peers and the instructor. Invaluable Resource Dance Composition Basics, Second Edition, is an invaluable resource for dancers of all styles, from ballet to modern jazz, as it introduces them to some of the compositional structures used by professional choreographers. Through the carefully designed lessons in the book and the expert examples on the video clips, students can use this resource to take their first confident and exhilarating steps into the craft of choreography.

Contemporary Choreography

Author : Jo Butterworth
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Fully revised and updated, this second edition of Contemporary Choreography presents a range of articles covering choreographic enquiry, investigation into the creative process, and innovative challenges to traditional understandings of dance making. Contributions from a global range of practitioners and researchers address a spectrum of concerns in the field, organized into seven broad domains: Conceptual and philosophical concerns Processes of making Dance dramaturgy: structures, relationships, contexts Choreographic environments Cultural and intercultural contexts Challenging aesthetics Choreographic relationships with technology. Including 23 new chapters and 10 updated ones, Contemporary Choreography captures the essence and progress of choreography in the twenty-first century, supporting and encouraging rigorous thinking and research for future generations of dance practitioners and scholars.

Musical Theatre Choreography

Author : Robert Berkson
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A guide for dancers, choreographers and directors, this book examines all phases of the choreographic process, such as structuring the dance, creating floor plans, staging, director, costumes and styles. Shows by Rodgers and Hammerstein, Leonard Bernstein and Gilbert and Sullivan are featured.

International Handbook of Research in Arts Education

Author : Liora Bresler
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Providing a distillation of knowledge in the various disciplines of arts education (dance, drama, music, literature and poetry and visual arts), this essential handbook synthesizes existing research literature, reflects on the past, and contributes to shaping the future of the respective and integrated disciplines of arts education. While research can at times seem distant from practice, the Handbook aims to maintain connection with the live practice of art and of education, capturing the vibrancy and best thinking in the field of theory and practice. The Handbook is organized into 13 sections, each focusing on a major area or issue in arts education research.

An Exploration of the Choreographic Process

Author : Valerie DiSciullo Midgett
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Author : Kate Flatt
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Choreography is the highly creative process of interpreting and coordinating movement, music and space in performance. By tracing different facets of development and exploring the essential artistic and practical skills of the choreographer, this book offers unique insights for apprentice dance makers. With key concepts and ideas expressed through an accessible writing style, the creative tasks and frameworks offered will develop new curiosity, understanding, skill and confidence. The chapters cover the key areas of engagement including what is a choreographer; getting started; improvisation and ideas; context, stage geometry and atmosphere; movement as dance in time and space; solo, duet, trio and group choreography and finally, structure and the 'choreographic eye'. This is an ideal companion for dancers and dance students wanting to express their ideas through choreography and develop their skills to effectively articulate them in performance. It is superbly illustrated with 143 practical colour and black & white photographs and diagrams. Kate Flatt has over forty years' experience as a choreographer, mentor and teacher.


Author : Jonathan Burrows
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Internationally renowned dancer, choreographer and teacher Jonathan Burrows explains how to navigate a course through the complex process of creating dance. He provides choreographers with an active manifesto and shares his wealth of experience of choreographic practice to allow each artist and dance-maker to find his or her own aesthetic process.

The Synthesis of a Choreographic Method in Dance

Author : Ramelle Frost Adams
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A Primer for Choreographers

Author : Lois Ellfeldt
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Simple guidelines for the business of making up dances! Choreographers do not make dances out of words. They compose them in the vocabulary of movement. Ellfeldt has long demonstrated her command of that vocabulary in her own dance compositions. Now, in A Primer for Choreographers, she has undertaken the difficult task of explaining its alphabet to beginning students. Beginning with a brief definition of dance, this book supplies young dancers not with an easy explanation of the process of choreography, but with some tools for finding their own processes. It is a primer, a beginners book, which identifies the alphabet and the rules of grammar and spelling of dance. It is not a how-to book, for no one is sure how to succeed as a choreographerexcept by really trying.

Knowing in Motion

Author : Rebecca Bastian Norwood
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A more profound understanding of the epistemological significance of 'rightness' in the context of choreographic processes provides a pathway to further inquiry about the complexities of the choreographer's epistemological challenges. The study of 'rightness' has implications for dance educators, performers, and aestheticians.

Dance and Light

Author : Kevin Dreyer
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Dance and Light examines the interconnected relationship between movement and design, the fluid partnership that exists between the two disciplines, and the approaches that designers can take to enhance dance performances through lighting design. The book demystifies lighting for the dancer and helps designers understand how the dancer/choreographer thinks about their art form, providing insight into the choreographer’s process and exploring how designers can make the most of their resources. The author shares anecdotes and ideas from an almost 50-year career as a lighting designer, along with practical examples and insights from colleagues, and stresses the importance of clear communication between designers, choreographers, and dancers. Attention is also given to the choreographer who wants to learn what light can do to help enhance their work on stage. Written in short, stand-alone chapters that allow readers to quickly navigate to areas of interest, Dance and Light is a valuable resource for lighting design classes wishing to add a section on dance lighting, as well as for choreography classes who want to better equip young artists for a significant collaborative partnership.

Bodies Moving and Moved

Author : Jaana Parviainen
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Dance Words

Author : Valerie Monthland Preston-Dunlop
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In her unique collection of the verbal language of dance practitioners and researchers Valerie Preston-Dunlop presents a comprehensive view of people in dance: what they do, their movement, their sound, and the space in which they work - from the standpoint of the performers, choreographers, audiences, administrators, and teachers. The words and phrases of their technical and vernacular languages (which are used to communicate what is essentially a non-verbal activity) have been collected in rehearsal, classes and workshops by interviews, and from published sources. In this first collection of its kind Valerie Preston-Dunlop extends her selection of verbal language to include the various social and theatrical domains of dance.

Choreography Narrative

Author : Susan Leigh Foster
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The site for this historical inquiry is Paris, home to the most popular and lavish dance productions of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The ballet is analyzed in terms of the training procedures for dancers, the aesthetic goals and responsibilities of choreographers, the institutional frameworks that promote productions, and the expectations and pleasures of dance viewers.

Dance in Canada

Author :
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Author : Joseph Gonzales (Choreographer)
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