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A Class Full of Children

Author : Xenia A. Demes-Zevounou
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Classroom fun! Children have their own adventures in Mrs. Teacher’s classroom. This book is a nice, funny, and creative book for children. It's short, sweet, and to the point. The perfect type of book to read to your child when you're trying to teach them that reading can beneficial, in a variety of ways. Keywords: Funny, Colorful, Rhyme, Short, Cute, Diverse, Age 4-7, School, Classroom, Mischief

How Your Child Learns Best

Author : Judy Willis
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Brain-Based Strategies You Can Use Today to Enhance Your Child's Love of Learning How Your Child Learns Best is a groundbreaking guide for parents that combines the latest brain research with the best classroom practices to reveal scientifically savvy ways to improve your child's success in school. Written by Judy Willis, MD, MEd, a board-certified neurologist who is also a full-time classroom teacher, How Your Child Learns Best shows you not only how to help your child learn schoolwork, but also how to capitalize on the way your child's brain learns best in order to enrich education wherever you are, from the grocery store to the car - a necessity in today's "teach to the test" world. By using everyday household items and enjoyable activities, parents of children ages three to twelve can apply targeted strategies (based on age and learning strength) in key academic areas, including: Reading comprehension Math word problems Test preparation Fractions and decimals Oral reading Reports and projects Science and history Reading motivation Vocabulary Discover how to help your child increase academic focus and success, lower test stress while increasing test scores, increase class participation, foster creativity, and improve attention span, memory, and higher-level thinking. How Your Child Learns Best shows how to maximize your child's brain potential and offers something for every parent who wants the best for his or her child. "At last we parents now have a reference that will help guide us in assisting our children's growth and flowering. This book is what parents have been searching for and need now more than ever." - from the foreword by Goldie Hawn

Other People s Children

Author : Lisa Delpit
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Winner of an American Educational Studies Association Critics’ Choice Award and Choice Magazine’s Outstanding Academic book award, and voted one of Teacher Magazine’s “great books,” Other People’s Children has sold over 150,000 copies since its original hardcover publication. This anniversary paperback edition features a new introduction by Delpit as well as new framing essays by Herbert Kohl and Charles Payne. In a radical analysis of contemporary classrooms, MacArthur Award–winning author Lisa Delpit develops ideas about ways teachers can be better “cultural transmitters” in the classroom, where prejudice, stereotypes, and cultural assumptions breed ineffective education. Delpit suggests that many academic problems attributed to children of color are actually the result of miscommunication, as primarily white teachers and “other people’s children” struggle with the imbalance of power and the dynamics plaguing our system. A new classic among educators, Other People’s Children is a must-read for teachers, administrators, and parents striving to improve the quality of America’s education system.

Supporting Children with Autism in the Primary Classroom

Author : Dawn Connor
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This invaluable resource offers a wealth of strategies enabling you to support children with autism in the mainstream classroom. Cutting through the jargon and recognising the huge variety of ways in which children’s perceptions, feelings and behaviours may be affected by autism, the text is packed with practical advice to help you create a classroom environment which will meet the needs of the individual child. Each chapter in the book addresses some of the most common social, practical and behavioural difficulties that a child with autism may face at school, and details tried and tested approaches for improving their experiences and outcomes in your classroom. Topics discussed include: classroom layout, timetables and rules effective communication supporting learning and setting targets breaks, unstructured times and school trips challenging behaviours Supporting Children with Autism in the Primary Classroom – A Practical Approach is a highly accessible resource which will give primary teachers, teaching assistants, SENCOs, and parents, the confidence and knowledge they need to support young children with autism.

Other People s Children

Author : Lisa D. Delpit
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Predicting a high percentage of minority students in America by the year 2000, a plea for diverse teaching requirements states that many academic problems occur as a result of racial miscommunication and culture clashes.

Children Learning Outside the Classroom

Author : Sue Waite
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This book demonstrates how the outdoor environment is enriching learning opportunities for children and deepening their connections with the natural world.

Let All the Little Children Come to Me

Author : Malesa Breeding
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It is said that everyone has a story to tell, a voice that deserves to be heard. There are many thousands of children with special needs who have long been ignored, rejected and excluded from our schools, our communities, and, sadly, from our Bible classes. We believe that these children are loved deeply and completely by our Lord and that they too are called to come unto Him. This book speaks to the heart and to the head. Teachers and pastors will find inspiration and information, reminding them that God calls us to include all children, no matter the challenge. In addition, the book includes wonderfully practical elements with many ideas that can be easily integrated into any classroom. By combining philosophy and strategies, this book will equip the typical church volunteer teacher to meet the needs of all the children in her classroom.

Fostering Child and Adolescent Mental Health in the Classroom

Author : Raymond J. Waller
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Fostering Child and Adolescent Mental Health in the Classroom provides educators and school personnel with a thorough, readable guide to some of the most common mental health issues they are likely to confront in the classroom. Editor Raymond J. Waller offers pre-service and in-service educators strategic tools to help take the proper steps toward addressing the mental health issues of their students.

Children Today

Author :
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First Year Letters

Author : Julie Danneberg
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The children in Mrs. Sarah Jane Hartwell's class write letters to her.

The End of Molasses Classes

Author : Ron Clark
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The author describes the successes at his innovative academy in Atlanta, Georgia, and shares many of the strategies they use to create a lively and energetic learning environment.

Behavioural Treatments with Children

Author : Roger Morgan
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The Schools Our Children Deserve

Author : Alfie Kohn
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Arguing against the "tougher standards" rhetoric that marks the current education debate, the author of No Contest and Punished by Rewards writes that such tactics squeeze the pleasure out of learning. Reprint.

Meeting the Learning Needs of All Children

Author : Joan Dean
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Shows teachers how to match learning opportunities with a student's learning style and experiences, taking into account individual differences in language, background, ability, culture, and interests.

The Power of Our Words

Author : Paula Denton
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Simple changes in a teacher's language can bring about profound changes in students and classrooms. By paying attention to your words and tone of voice, you will: Increase students' engagement with academicsBuild positive communityMore effectively manage your classroom That is the message of The Power of Our Words, a book that has changed the teaching lives of tens of thousands of educators since it was first published in 2007. In this updated second edition you will find practical information to help you: Lead students in envisioning themselves achieving successUse questions that encourage deep and creative thinkingListen to students in ways that support their growthReinforce students efforts and remind or redirect them when they go off track. Throughout, you will find an increased emphasis on using teacher language to support academic engagement and critical thinking skills as called for in the Common Core State Standards. And an updated, livelier format makes this second edition even easier to read.

Just Kids

Author : Ellen B. Senisi
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Second-grader Cindy is assigned to spend part of each day in the class for students with special needs, where she finds out that even though some kids may learn differently or have different abilities, they are all "just kids."

Understanding Children s Learning

Author : Claire Alfrey
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In Joseph Conrad s tales, representations of women and of "feminine" generic forms like the romance are often present in fugitive ways. Conrad s use of allegorical feminine imagery, fleet or deferred introductions of female characters, and hybrid generic structures that combine features of "masculine" tales of adventure and intrigue and "feminine" dramas of love or domesticity are among the subjects of this literary study. Many of Conrad s critics have argued that Conrad s fictions are aesthetically flawed by the inclusion of women and love plots; thus Thomas Moser has questioned why Conrad did not "cut them out altogether." Yet a thematics of gender suffuses Conrad s narrative strategies. Even in tales that contain no significant female characters or obvious love plots, Conrad introduces elusive feminine presences, in relationships between men, as well as in men s relationships to their ship, the sea, a shore breeze, or even in the gendered embrace of death. This book investigates an identifiably feminine "point of view" which is present in fugitive ways throughout Conrad s canon. Conrad s narrative strategies are articulated through a language of sexual difference that provides the vocabulary and grammar for tales examining European class, racial, and gender paradigms to provide acute and, at times, equivocal investigations of femininity and difference."

The Art of Teaching Art to Children

Author : Nancy Beal
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In this accessibly written guide for classroom and art teachers as well as parents, Beal shows how to release children's marvelous gifts of expression through collage, drawing, painting, clay, printmaking, and construction. 63 photos.

The Parables Illustrated a Series of Addresses to Children

Author : Thomas Bond BISHOP
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32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny

Author : Phillip Done
File Size : 89.18 MB
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A Disney Teacher of the Year Award nominee chronicles a year in his third-grade classroom through a series of linked essays that document such events as a hectic Halloween parade, his discovery of a parent's illiteracy, and the universal lessons he has learned throughout his career. 60,000 first printing.