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A Critical Action Research Reader

Author : Patricia H. Hinchey
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Since its inception, action research has been the subject of confusion and controversy. Can something be research if it doesn’t «prove» anything? Can something be action research if it’s a project run by an expert who does not consider participants co-researchers? Questions multiply when the general term is limited to critical action research. What makes critical action research different from action research generally? Can the action research project of a classroom teacher intended to raise standardized test scores properly be considered critical? Is there a role for advocacy in any enterprise calling itself research? If critical action research is distinct from traditional empirical research, then what formats make sense for sharing results? This highly diverse collection of previously unpublished and published works offers a sampling of opinions on key theoretical and methodological questions, complemented by a wide range of critical action research reports illustrating what various theories look like in practice. The book provides a sketch of the topography of critical action research terrain and illuminates some diverse paths through it.

The Action Research Reader

Author : Deakin University (Victoria)
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The Action Research Planner

Author : Stephen Kemmis
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A fully-updated and reworked version of the classic book by Stephen Kemmis and Robin McTaggart, now joined by Rhonda Nixon, The Action Research Planner is a detailed guide to developing and conducting a critical participatory action research project. The authors outline new views on ‘participation’ (based on Jürgen Habermas’s notion of a ‘public sphere’), ‘practice’ (as shaped by practice architectures), and ‘research’ (as research within practice traditions). They provide five extended examples of critical participatory action research studies. The book includes a range of resources for people planning a critical participatory research initiative, providing guidance on how to establish an action research group and identify a shared concern, research ethics, principles of procedure for action researchers, protocols for collaborative work, keeping a journal, gathering evidence, reporting, and choosing academic partners. Unlike earlier editions, The Action Research Planner focuses specifically on critical participatory action research, which occupies a particular (critical) niche in the action research 'family'. The Action Research Planner is an essential guide to planning and undertaking this type of research.

Action Research Primer

Author : Patricia H. Hinchey
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Despite the fact that publishers and policy-makers have had increasing influence over classrooms, it is the teacher who must make decisions on a minute-by-minute basis about what will help specific students learn. Similarly, local administrators must make key decisions at the school and district level that will best serve particular communities of teachers, students, and parents. Action research offers educators and other stakeholders a systematic way to research and reflect on specific students, classrooms, schools, and communities in order to solve local problems and improve local conditions. This book offers an overview of various definitions and perspectives on action research without prescribing any single approach. Instead, key questions are explored: Who conducts action research? Why? How? Possible answers sketch the many types of possible projects, ranging from an individual teacher trying to improve the experience of a particular student to a group of educators and community members striving to improve local socioeconomic conditions. The Action Research Primer presents an accessible but comprehensive introduction to the field, providing a basic compass and map for the interested practitioner. Chapters include a brief historical overview, an introduction to competing research paradigms, discussion of key issues that inform project design, a serviceable guide to process, and an extensive list of resources pointing to more detail on the many categories, communities, and publication outlets of action research.

The Action Research Reader

Author : Robin McTaggart
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Becoming Critical

Author : Wilfred Carr
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First published in 1986. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Action Research in South African Education

Author : TM Makoelle
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In an increasingly complex and challenging profession, the need for teachers, administrators and school systems to become involved in professional development activities is ever present. Action Research in South African Education: A Critical Praxis is a culmination of varying reflective accounts Professor Makoelle made as a teacher, an academic and a devoted action researcher. The book delves into his beliefs, attitudes and conceptions about the evolving discourse of Action Research in education and how it could be operationalised in varying educative contexts. The conversation fosters openness toward new ideas and learning new innovations, as well as giving teachers ownership of effective practices. It ultimately provides teachers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and focus to engage in meaningful inquiry about their professional practice.

Introduction to Critical Reflection and Action for Teacher Researchers

Author : Bernie Sullivan
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Introduction to Critical Reflection and Action for Teacher Researchers provides crucial direction for educators looking to improve their teaching and maximise learning. While many students can grasp the basic elements of researching their practice and can write about practitioner research, some need guidance and assistance to reflect meaningfully on their teaching practice so as to articulate their educational values. This book provides this guidance. By exploring how to engage in an authentic, practical and personalised framework, the book encourages critical reflection and action on educational practice. Moving through the process of reflecting on practice, engaging in critical thinking and planning and taking action, it helps the reader to subsequently generate educational theory from their own personal learning. Examples from the authors’ experiences illustrate the issues raised in each section, with ‘Pause and Reflect’ activities, guidelines for conducting a research project and annotated further reading available for every chapter. Introduction to Critical Reflection and Action for Teacher Researchers is based on the idea that reflection is in itself a deliberate action and something we must live - it is key to understanding our practice and is a core component of action research. This book is a valuable guide for teachers, trainee teachers and researchers interested in reflecting on and enhancing their teaching practice.

The Action Research Dissertation

Author : Kathryn Herr
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The first edition of The Action Research Dissertation: A Guide for Students and Faculty was a first-of-its-kind reference, distilling the authors’ decades of action research experience into a handy guide for graduate students. The Second Edition continues to provide an accessible roadmap that honors the complexity of action research, while providing an overview of how action research is defined, its traditions and history, and the rationale for using it. Authors Kathryn Herr and Gary L. Anderson demonstrate that action research is not only appropriate for a dissertation, but also is a deeply rewarding experience for both the researcher and participants. This practical book demonstrates how action research dissertations are different from more traditional dissertations and prepares students and their committees for the unique dilemmas they may face, such as validity, positionality, design, write-up, ethics, and dissertation defense.

Journal of Curriculum and Supervision

Author :
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Curriculum Action Research

Author : James McKernan
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A handbook of research techniques for teachers, this book documents the historical development and changing nature of action research in the curriculum and aims to encourage teacher development through curriculum inquiry. It describes 57 action research tools, ten of which are new.

You and Your Action Research Project

Author : Jean McNiff
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This book gives practical guidance on doing an action research project as part of an award-bearing course. Each section is supported by case study evidence drawn from the work of the authors' colleagues and students.

Professional Development Through Action Research in Educational Settings

Author : Christine O'Hanlon
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Describes ways of using action research to improve teaching and learning

Practical Action Research

Author : Richard A. Schmuck
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Reflecting the editor’s extensive experience, recent developments, and insights from experts, this updated collection helps educators engage in action research to improve educational outcomes.

Action Research

Author : Patrick J. M. Costello
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The central purpose of this book is to enable practitioners to undertake and to offer an account of an action research project. The volume is divided into seven sections, the first six of which are headed by commonly asked questions. Having examined the nature of action research, Costello focuses on developing an appropriate project, data collection and analysis, and producing a research report. The final selection offers suggestions for further reading.

Inquiry Practice Consequence

Author : Richard Dean Nunneley
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Handbook of Action Research

Author : Peter Reason
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`A remarkable reframing of action research that engages the spirit as well as the mind, in inquiry that matters, shared among inquirers who matter. "Validity" as we once knew it will never be the same after these improvements. Wonderfully provocative!' - Karl Weick, University of Michigan `This is truly a significant work. Not only has action research reached maturity, but in the context of the postmodern constructionist debates its scope has been dramatically expanded, its conceptual underpinnings deepened, and its forms of practice enormously enriched. The present confluence of humanism and pragmatism has inspired lively conversations between us; the work has the potential to transform the very idea of socia

Educational Action Research

Author : Susan E. Noffke
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Action research is "about taking everyday things in the life of education and unpacking them for their historical and ideological baggage" (5). It recognizes tenets of education with a focus on the interplay between student outcomes, intuitive teaching, and the continuing collaborative development of educational pedagogy.

Emancipatory Education and Action Research

Author : Human Sciences Research Council
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Since the early eighties a number of people in the Western Cape, first at the University of Cape Town and later at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), have been working in the field of emancipatory education in general, and more specifically in emancipatory action research. There has, however, not always been the opportunity to reflect collectively on one's work and thoughts regarding liberatory teaching and learning in schools and classrooms - or in any other situations and institutions for that matter.

Studying Your Own School

Author : Gary L. Anderson
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The authors describe the theory and methods for conducting "action-oriented," qualitative practitioner research as they guide educators through the research process.