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A Crossword to Die For

Author : Nero Blanc
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Murder is a family affair when crossword editor Belle Graham’s dad dies under suspicious circumstances Newlyweds Rosco Polycrates and Belle Graham are settling into life with a new puppy in their charming New England townhouse when Belle’s estranged father sets out to visit them. Except renowned anthropologist Theodore A. Graham never makes it off the train. According to the coroner, he died of a heart attack aboard the Amtrak to Newcastle. Now Belle is flying down to Florida to dispose of the effects of a man she barely knew. On Sanibel Island, she makes some bizarre discoveries. And when another body turns up, she vows to uncover the truth behind her father’s secret life—and death. With Rosco aiding and abetting, Belle’s on the trail of a massive conspiracy to conceal a lethal secret. Up, down, and across states, she must stay one grid ahead of a diabolical killer. This ebook includes six crossword puzzles that can be downloaded as PDFs, with answers in the back of the book, plus a bonus recipe. A Crossword to Die For is the 4th book in the Crossword Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

Anatomy of a Crossword

Author : Nero Blanc
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Someone’s trying to write characters out of the script in this suspenseful crossword puzzler featuring PI Rosco Polycrates and crossword editor Belle Graham Belle Graham is mired in New England’s snowy, late-January gloom when Hollywood comes calling. Seduced by visions of relaxing poolside in sunny Los Angeles, she heads to Hollywood to create a puzzle for a TV movie based on a crime she and her husband, Rosco Polycrates, recently cracked. The hook is that the show is interactive—viewers get to solve the crime on air with Belle. The trouble starts when Belle discovers that someone has replaced her crossword with a brand-new set of clues. Then a series of suspicious accidents culminates in murder. In a case in which everyone’s under suspicion—and all are harboring secrets—the backstage backstabbing is heating up to a fever pitch. Now Rosco’s jetting out to La-La Land to help Belle sort out the clues while the truth is still in development and a killer could make this show a done deal. This ebook includes six crossword puzzles that contain clues to solving the mystery and can be downloaded as PDFs, with answers in the back of the book. Anatomy of a Crossword is the 6th book in the Crossword Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

A Pedigree To Die For

Author : Laurien Berenson
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A mom goes undercover to locate a purloined poodle—and a killer—in this series debut with “a solution that packs a surprising amount of surprise” (Kirkus Reviews). The apparent heart attack that killed kennel owner Max Turnbull has left seven pups in mourning, and his wife Peg suspecting foul play. But the only evidence is their missing prize pooch—a pedigreed poodle named Beau. Enter Melanie Travis. With her young son happily ensconced in day camp, the thirty-something teacher and single mother is talked into investigating her uncle’s death—unofficially, of course. Posing as a poodle breeder in search of the perfect stud, Melanie hounds Connecticut’s elite canine competitions, and finds an ally in fellow breeder Sam Driver. But her affection cools when she's put on the scent of Sam’s questionable past…and hot on the trail of a poodle-hating neighbor and one elusive murderer who isn't ready to come to heel. For, as Melanie soon discovers, in a championship dog-eat-dog world, the instinct for survival, and winning, can prove fatal. “Naturally flowing prose, extended suspense, and an infectiously upbeat single mother as protagonist make this a special treat.”—Library Journal “A bonanza for ardent dog fanciers and for others, a likable heroine in a smoothly paced romantic mystery.”—Publishers Weekly

Looks to Die For

Author : Janice Kaplan
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When her prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon husband is falsely accused of murdering an aspiring young actress, celebrity home decorator and mother of three Lacy Fields discovers a latent talent for solving crimes. By the author of The Botox Diaries. Reprint. 60,000 first printing.

Books to Die For

Author : John Connolly
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An anthology featuring the world's greatest mystery authors writing about theworld's greatest mystery novels.

Free to Die for Their Country

Author : Eric L. Muller
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The author recalls the shameful story of Japanese Americans who resisted the draft and were subsequently imprisoned for their disobedience.

The Crossword Connection

Author : Nero Blanc
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PI Rosco Polycrates and crossword editor Belle Graham are about to tie the knot, but a nasty case of multiple murders could give them cold feet A homeless man has been found in an alley, clobbered to death. The crime seems pretty cut and dried—vagrants fighting over turf—until the Newcastle Police Department uncovers a connection to a local shelter in danger of being taken over by greedy developers. Is the dead John Doe a victim of some sinister plot? And what became of the scruffy mutt he had recently adopted? Recruited to find the missing puppy, private investigator Rosco Polycrates has to juggle the search with his upcoming nuptials to Belle Graham. And soon a second murder shatters the serenity of their scenic Massachusetts town. Then Rosco disappears . . . and Belle starts receiving threatening messages concealed in fiendishly clever crossword clues. Will Rosco become the third victim? With time running out, the Queen of Cryptics races to fill in the blanks before her wedding is put on hold—forever. This ebook includes six crossword puzzles that can be downloaded as PDFs, with answers in the back of the book. The Crossword Connection is the 3rd book in the Crossword Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

A Body To Die For

Author : G. A. McKevett
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A plus-sized private detective investigates a diet guru accused of making her husband eat lead in this cozy mystery by the author of Poisoned Tarts. Weight loss diva Clarissa Jardin became a household name after she transformed herself from flabby to fit with an exercise program she designed. Raking in millions of dollars, Clarissa has the whole world in the palm of her hand—that is, until her husband, Bill, is found mysteriously shot to death. Detective Dirk Coulter calls PI Savannah Reid to the crime scene, and it isn't long before Clarissa’s squeaky-clean image starts to unravel. With the whole world watching this celebrity whodunit, Savannah must crack the case fast—before another victim gets their just desserts . . . Praise for A Body to Die For: “Lively. . . . McKevett . . .delivers another amusing tart-tongued cozy that goes down like a yummy guilt-free dessert.” —Publishers Weekly “As usual, her tongue is the muscle that gets the most exercise as lively Savannah sets one and all straight.” —Kirkus Reviews

Mystery Women Volume Three Revised

Author : Colleen Barnett
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Like other fictional characters, female sleuths may live in the past or the future. They may represent current times with some level of reality or shape their settings to suit an agenda. There are audiences for both realism and escapism in the mystery novel. It is interesting, however, to compare the fictional world of the mystery sleuth with the world in which readers live. Of course, mystery readers do not share one simplistic world. They live in urban, suburban, and rural areas, as do the female heroines in the books they read. They may choose a book because it has a familiar background or because it takes them to places they long to visit. Readers may be rich or poor; young or old; conservative or liberal. So are the heroines. What incredible choices there are today in mystery series! This three-volume encyclopedia of women characters in the mystery novel is like a gigantic menu. Like a menu, the descriptions of the items that are provided are subjective. Volume 3 of Mystery Women as currently updated adds an additional 42 sleuths to the 500 plus who were covered in the initial Volume 3. These are more recently discovered sleuths who were introduced during the period from January 1, 1990 to December 31, 1999. This more than doubles the number of sleuths introduced in the 1980s (298 of whom were covered in Volume 2) and easily exceeded the 347 series (and some outstanding individuals) described in Volume 1, which covered a 130-year period from 1860-1979. It also includes updates on those individuals covered in the first edition; changes in status, short reviews of books published since the first edition through December 31, 2008.

Resisting Arrest

Author : Robert A. Rushing
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A volume in the Cultural Studies Series edited by Samir Dayal An innovative and entertaining look at genre, popular culture, enjoyment, and psychoanalysis. Detective fiction, a category that, broadly defined, runs the gamut from Oedipus Rex to "The Purloined Letter," continues to draw a range of fans and scholars, and to play a pivotal role in popular entertainment, contemporary literature, and psychoanalytic theory. But how do we derive pleasure from reading about or watching a detective’s exploits? Is our enjoyment in the vicarious experience of genius? Or in witnessing the commission of a crime, an equally vicarious experience of violence? Resisting Arrest looks at the detective genre in its many different cultural manifestations, from popular fiction (Christie) to high literature (Eco), from art films (Antonioni) to popular television series (Monk). In each case, Rushing finds that detective stories have less to do with fulfilling our hidden desires, as psychoanalytic explanations have traditionally asserted, than with purposively thwarting them. He argues that the genre is in fact constituted principally by the promises on which it fails to deliver, including the vicarious experience of both genius (readers expecting to play Sherlock Holmes are almost always cast as Watson) and antisocial violence, so that our pleasure is based on what Slavoj Zizek has called "the endless circulation around the always-missed object." Organized around the key ideas that structure the detective genre ("Desire," "Repetition," "Violence"), Resisting Arrest offers a thoroughly new interpretation that will appeal to scholars interested in questions about genre and cinema studies, popular culture, and psychoanalysis.