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The dangerous planet

Author : Nick Abadzis
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A collection of 90 readers aimed at students aged 7-17 learning English as an additional language, or those who would like extra support with their reading. Levelled into bands of Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced, these readers are categorised into three strands: fiction, non-fiction and science.

Dangerous Planet El Ni o to landslide

Author : Phillis Engelbert
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This volume, covering "El nino" to "landslide," explores real-life stories as well as facts of natural destruction experienced on Earth.

100 Most Dangerous Things on the Planet

Author : Anna Claybourne
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In this exciting book, children learn how to face and survive the world's most dangerous situations. From natural disasters and wild weather, to getting lost in the wild and fighting off dangerous animals, readers learn the skills needed to combat 100 real life dramas. Each danger is rated in terms of how likely you are to meet it, and how likely you are to survive, from the unlikely event of an asteroid strike or bear attack (minimal chance of survival) to the more likely event and maximum chance of surviving a flood or forest fire. A concluding spread provides at-a-glance safety dos and don'ts and essential first aid advice.

Dangerous Planet Avalanche to earthquake

Author : Rob Nagel
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This volume, covering "avalanche" to "earthquake," explores real-life stories as well as facts of natural destruction experienced on Earth.

Cassini Spacecraft Mission Explore the Planet Saturn

Author :
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Dangerous Planet

Author : Bryn Barnard
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Did a meteorite wipe out the dinosaurs and allow for human evolution? Did an earthquake usher in the rise of Greek civilization? Did a snowstorm help create the New York subway? The answer to all these questions is a resounding yes! Over and over again, natural disasters have influenced the course of human history in ways great and small. From the Great Fire of London to the Great Kanto Quake, Bryn Barnard describes ten key moments when natural disasters have played a significant role in shaping our history. Highlighted with vivid and meticulously researched illustrations, Dangerous Planet demonstrates the mighty force of planet Earth–and the role humanity must play in its survival

Top 20 Most Dangerous Animals On The Planet

Author : Speedy Publishing
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Children love to explore the world around them, including figuring out about various animals that inhabit our planet. A child would enjoy a Top 20 Most Dangerous Animals on the Planet Picture Book because most children are visually stimulated and fascinated by colorful photos of animals. This book would be helpful for children as well as they can learn what to avoid if they were to come across this animal in the wild in the future. Overall, children enjoy picture books and would especially enjoy a book which teaches them about animals and the dangers of the animals pictured in the illustrations.

The Planet

Author : Larry Best
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Celestial Scenery Or The Wonders of the Planetary System Displayed

Author : Thomas Dick
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Two volumes bound in one.

Reports of Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program 1988

Author :
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Broughton s Monthly Planet Reader and Astrological Journal

Author :
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Protecting Our Planet

Author : Ava Drutman
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How to Survive on a Toxic Planet

Author : Steve Nugent
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This Endangered Planet

Author : Richard A. Falk
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Invaders of the Planet Earth

Author : Richard Brightfield
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Readers must decide whether or not to accept the aid of the alien Vorks in combating the Taurons, the oppressive, powerful conquerors of Earth, in a multiple-plot science fiction adventure.

The Planetary Report

Author :
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Our Planet

Author :
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The Alien Planet

Author : Krishna Narayan
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This is the first book to use national representations of slavery to present an international comparative perspective. The essays in this collection explore the complex relationship between slavery and national identity by assessing the role of museums and other forms of commemoration. Contributions span a wide geographical range, covering Europe, North America, West and South Africa, the Indian Ocean and Asia. In using both chronological and geographical comparisons this work makes an innovative contribution to the growing literature on this dynamic area of research.

Mansill s Almanac of Planetary Meteorology and New System of Science

Author :
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A Planet Choking on Waste

Author : Jill Foran
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What is the impact of genetic engineering? Where does hazardous waste go? Why is water our most precious resource? When will we run out of oil? These are important questions students will be asking as we move into the 21st century. Book jacket.