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A Dictionary of Entomology

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Incorporating an estimated 43,000 definitions, this major reference work is a comprehensive, fully cross-referenced collection of terms, names and phrases used in entomology. It is the only listing that covers insect anatomy, behaviour, biology, ecology, histology, molecular biology, morphology, pest management, taxonomy and systematics. Common names, scientific binomen and taxonomic classifications are provided as well as order, suborder, superfamily, family and subfamily names and diagnostic features of orders and families. With new and updated terms, particularly in molecular biology, phylogeny and spatial technology, this revised new edition of A Dictionary of Entomology is an essential reference for researchers and students of entomology and related disciplines.

A Dictionary for Arachnology

Author : Tim Williams
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Arachnids are an extremely diverse and fascinating group of animals with over 100,000 known species in around 790 families. With over 6,700 entries, this dictionary for arachnology is the most complete reference work of its kind available today and includes a comprehensive taxonomic coverage of the orders Acarina, Amblypygi, Araneae, Opiliones, Palpigradi, Pseudoscorpiones, Ricinulei, Schizomida, Scorpiones, Solifugae and Uropygi down to the level of family, including many species that are of particular interest. Appendices give a synopsis of the class Arachnida and an alphabetical list of all the families. Arachnology is not studied in isolation, therefore the more common terms from the fields of Anatomy, Animal Behavior, Ecology, Genetics, Taxonomy and Zoogeography, as well as many terms covering sizes, shapes, colors, forms and textures have been included.

Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Author : Gary R. Mullen
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Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Second Edition, has been fully updated and revised to provide the latest information on developments in entomology relating to public health and veterinary importance. Each chapter is structured with the student in mind, organized by the major headings of Taxonomy, Morphology, Life History, Behavior and Ecology, Public Health and Veterinary Importance, and Prevention and Control. This second edition includes separate chapters devoted to each of the taxonomic groups of insects and arachnids of medical or veterinary concern, including spiders, scorpions, mites, and ticks. Internationally recognized editors Mullen and Durden include extensive coverage of both medical and veterinary entomological importance. This book is designed for teaching and research faculty in medical and veterinary schools that provide a course in vector borne diseases and medical entomology; parasitologists, entomologists, and government scientists responsible for oversight and monitoring of insect vector borne diseases; and medical and veterinary school libraries and libraries at institutions with strong programs in entomology. Follows in the tradition of Herm's Medical and Veterinary Entomology The latest information on developments in entomology relating to public health and veterinary importance Two separate indexes for enhanced searchability: Taxonomic and Subject New to this edition: Three new chapters Morphological Adaptations of Parasitic Arthropods Forensic Entomology Molecular Tools in Medical and Veterinary Entomology 1700 word glossary Appendix of Arthropod-Related Viruses of Medical-Veterinary Importance Numerous new full-color images, illustrations and maps throughout

Web of Nature Martin Lister 1639 1712 the First Arachnologist

Author : Anna Marie Roos
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This first full-length biography of Dr. Martin Lister (1639-1712), vice-president of the Royal Society, Royal Physician, and the first arachnologist and conchologist, provides an unprecedented picture of a seventeenth-century virtuoso.

A Dictionary of Entomology

Author : A. W. Leftwich
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A Dictionary of Science

Author : Jonathan Law
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This bestselling dictionary contains more than 9,500 entries on all aspects of chemistry, physics, biology (including human biology), earth sciences, computer science, and astronomy. This fully revised edition includes hundreds of new entries, such as bone morphogenetic protein, Convention on Biological Diversity, genome editing, Ice Cube experiment, multi-core processor, PhyloCode, quarkonium, and World Wide Telescope, bringing it fully up to date in areas such as nanotechnology, quantum physics, molecular biology, genomics, and the science of climate change. Supported by more than 200 diagrams and illustrations the dictionary features recommended web links for many entries, accessed and kept up-to-date via the Dictionary of Science companion website. Other features include short biographies of leading scientists, full page illustrated features on subjects such as the Solar System and Genetically Modified Organisms, and chronologies of specific scientific subjects including plastics, electronics, and cell biology. With concise entries on an extensive list of topics, this dictionary is both an ideal reference work for students and a great introduction for non-scientists.

A Biographical Dictionary of Contributors to the Natural History of the Free State and Lesotho

Author : Rodney Moffett
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This work briefly records the lives and achievements of 502 men and women who contributed, or are still contributing, to the natural history of the Free State and Lesotho, between 1829 and 2013.

Illustrated Dictionary Of Entomology

Author : Paras Nath
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This Illustrated Dictionary of Entomology is published for the benefit of primarily amateur biologist with an interest in insects and for all those who desires to understand the science of entomology. The technical words related to the various disciplines of entomology such as morphology, anatomy, physiology, systematics, ecology, pest management and general entomology have been included in this Dictionary and where ever possible the technical meaning of these words have been clarified with the help of labeled diagram. Efforts have been made to define the entomological terms in a simple manner in order to make them understandable by the students of entomology and all those who are not the experts of entomology rather they encounter such technical words while dealing with the related literature and fail to find their meaning in general English dictionaries. The students of biology and agriculture sciences in the beginning face lot of problems in understanding the subject because of poor knowledge of such technical words. The individual technical word having different applications have been incorporated in a convincible manner. Therefore, this dictionary will serve as a ready reckoner for all those who wish to understand the science of entomology. This dictionary will also be useful to understand and solve the objective type questions by all those who are to appear in some competitive examinations either for admission in universities or to seek job in the field of entomology and plant protection. It is believed that this dictionary will be useful for the teachers, students, scientists, technologists, extension specialists and all those who deal insects in one way or the other.

The Great Dictionary English French

Author : Benjamin Maximilian Eisenhauer
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This dictionary contains around 130,000 English terms with their French translations, making it one of the most comprehensive books of its kind. It offers a wide vocabulary from all areas as well as numerous idioms. The terms are translated from English to French. If you need translations from French to English, then the companion volume The Great Dictionary French - English is recommended.

Chembers 21 Century Dictionary

Author : Allied
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