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A Dog Named Boo

Author : Lisa J. Edwards
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Shares the touching story of the author and her dog Boo, the runt of an abandoned litter, who became an unlikely hero when he changed countless lives—including hers—through his work as a therapy dog. Reprint.

Going Blind Isn t Easy

Author : Jim Sinkula
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Jim Sinkula was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1961. You will find a poem in Chapter Six entitled “Memory Lane” which is the name of the street Jim grew up on, no kidding! It was a small, three bedroom, one-bathroom home shared with his parents and four siblings, three sisters and a brother. Most importantly, there was a great sense of community, and nearly every child had two or three other kids within their age group. Front doors were not locked in those days. In 1969, the family moved to Sunnyvale, California, the heart of Silicon Valley. In those days, the valley was still filled with Apricot and Cherry orchards. Both the public and the private grammar schools were merely a block away. Once again, there were lots of kids, BBQ’s and pool parties. Even on rainy days, the temperature was (usually) warm enough to play outside. In 1975, after Jim’s parents were divorced, his mom moved the family a few miles away to Santa Clara, California, where Jim graduated high school. Jim attended college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He graduated in 1984 with a degree in Finance. In 1988, Jim moved to the San Diego county area, and currently resides in Carlsbad, California. Jim is pictured here with his mom, Lois, at a recent book signing.

Frankie Valentine and a Dog Named Boo

Author : Keith Rose
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I ve Heard Those Songs Before

Author : Elston Brooks
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A week-by-week listing of the ten most popular American songs from 1930 to the present


Author : Wes Boyd
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An Aerial Adventure! The only thing that kept Mark going in Vietnam was his plan to spend some time wandering the country by air, like barnstormers did 50 years before. In the last days before leaving, he acquires a partner -- a tall, morose girl named Jackie. They spend months on their coast to coast aerial oddessy, falling in love along the way while having adventures that will turn into memories for a lifetime.

Love Next Door Mills Boon Love Inspired

Author : Anna Schmidt
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The last thing Detective Pete Fleming wanted was time with children.

A Dog Named Boo

Author : Lisa J. Edwards
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The International Bestseller "The 'feel good' book of the season... Boo's story reminds all of us that life is full of possibilities and that hope often arrives wagging a tail." --Best Friends magazine The dunce of obedience class with poor eyesight and a clumsy gait, Boo was the least likely of heroes. Yet with his unflappable spirit and boundless love, Boo has changed countless lives through his work as a therapy dog: inspiring a six-year-old boy to speak for the first time in his life, coaxing movement from a paralyzed girl and stirring life in a ninety-four-year-old nun with Alzheimer's disease. But perhaps Boo's greatest miracle is the way he transformed Lisa Edwards's life, giving her the best gift of all: faith in herself. This is the inspiring true story of how one woman and one dog rescued each other, a moving tribute to hope, resilience and the transformative power of unconditional love.

A Dog named Boo

Author : Willy Rencin
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AnmerkungDie Minifantasiegeschichte hatte nach einer Probe-Veröffentlichung neben freundlicher Zustimmung auch Kritik wegen der starken Vermenschlichung von Boo hervorgerufen. Rein fachlich gesehen, waren sie wohl berechtigt, aber die guten Leutchen begriffen nicht, dass es sich um eine Minigeschichte aus dem Märchenland Fantasia handelte. Ich weiß, dass Tiere im realen Leben höchstwahrscheinlich anders fühlen und denken, man muss es mir nicht sagen.

Tele House Inc Presents 100 Greatest Hits of the 60 s and the 70 s

Author :
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This is the Ultimate Fake Book

Author : Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
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Over 1200 songs with words and music for intruments and singing.