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A Firefighter s Christmas Gift

Author : Vivian Arend
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This firefighter has the perfect gift for a single mom and her little girl—if they’ll take him. A holiday story from New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend. All Bradley Ford wants this holiday season is a date or three with sweet Hanna Lane. He’s the new fire chief, recently returned to Heart Falls to help his father after an accident. And while he wasn’t expecting to find someone like Hanna so soon, Brad’s certain that Hanna—and her adorable daughter, Crissy—are perfect for him and his plans to settle down. Hanna’s been taking care of herself since she became a single mom at sixteen. The only pure, honest love she trusts is her little girl’s, but for the first time in eight years, her libido flares to life. Something about Brad draws her like a moth to a flame—which is always a bad idea for the moth. When a fire leaves Hanna and Crissy homeless, Brad offers them shelter at his family’s homestead. Crissy insists they’ve moved in with Santa. Hanna’s not sure how she keeps ending up under the mistletoe with Brad. And Brad? He’s hoping for the best Christmas gift of all… Keywords: Canadian Author, cowboy, western, contemporary, small town, holiday romance For readers who enjoy: Jennifer Ryan, Joan Johnston, Kate Pearce, Linda Lael Miller, Lindsay McKenna, Diana Palmer, Maisey Yates, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Lorelei James.

The Firefighter s Heartwish

Author : Daisy Dexter Dobbs
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Gard Malone is still reeling from a tragic accident in Antarctica that took the life of his best friend. The glaciologist and parttime firefighter blames himself for failing to save him. After being cloistered for months with little more than icebergs, glaciers and his own dark thoughts, Gard is home again, surrounded by cheery, chatty friends and family determined to brighten his spirits, when all he wants is to be left alone. At the café, Gard meets an adorable five-year-old, Harold, who’s drawing a picture of Hark, his special angel. The boy stutters, much the same as Gard did at that age. Listening to Harold sing the Christmas carol about him and his angel, the cute occurrence of mistaken song lyrics makes Gard smile. That smile extends when he looks up into the face of an angel, a striking redhead with the same big blue eyes as Harry. Sabrina Hanklen, sister of the café’s owner, is thankful for her new job as a server, and immensely grateful she finally gathered the courage to file for divorce, leave her husband, and move across the country with her little boy, returning to her hometown of Glassfloat Bay. Her husband’s abuse is responsible for Harry being developmentally delayed. Distracted by the good-natured, ruggedly handsome man patiently giving her son the positive attention he craves, Sabrina can’t help wonder what life would be like with a good man in her and Harry’s life. Her idyllic daydreams are disrupted by the surprise arrival of the one person she never wants to see again. This is a story about a Christmas miracle that touches many lives. The Firefighter’s Heartwish is book 3 of the Heartwishes series. This full-length contemporary romance novel is full of warmth and humor—with a very special touch of magic and a healthy dose of fantasy. It’s inspired by the author’s previously published short story, The Harold Angel. While all Heartwishes books are part of a standalone series, you’ll enjoy them more if you read them in order. These are small town romances with happily-ever-afters, and no cliffhangers. (This book contains scenes of child and domestic abuse.)

The Firefighter s Christmas Reunion

Author : Christy Jeffries
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Can a chance reunion spark a Yuletide proposal? Anything can happen in Sugar Falls! Home for the holidays with her adopted son from Ghana, Hannah Gregson runs straight into her former flame—fire chief Isaac Jones. Though the pair are determined to keep their distance, the local matchmakers throw them together at every holiday event, and Hannah’s son worships the brave ex-soldier. If Isaac isn’t careful, he just may go from hero to family man by Christmas!

The Librarian the Firefighters and the Arsonist

Author : Linda Phillips
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She walked up to the door, unlocked it, and began to enter, but froze standing just outside her door. It was getting dark outside, but the darkness inside her house was black as tar and suffocating. She felt a sudden panic of fear, gasping, trying to breathe. She stood there staring into her house (that she loved so much), but felt an evil presence, everything inside her telling her to turn and run. Then she felt like she couldn't catch her breath and thought she was seeing a blanket of black darkness moving around her house. Twila, a young adult librarian, feels she is being haunted by her past, and also, dealing with the possibility of a slow-going romance. Caleb, Twila's brother's best friend since childhood, finds himself involved with a gorgeous woman that no one seems to trust or like. The thought of living in utopia has changed dramatically for the town of Cornerstone, NC. A series of strange, maybe supernatural fires have wreaked havoc on this too-good-to-be-true town, taking the life of their beloved Obadiah. All that is happening creates some serious and silly discussions of families and friends on current events and causes them to evaluate their own Christian characteristics, realizing the majority of Christians have lost those characteristics described in the Bible and have been wrongfully judgmental to their own brothers and sisters in the Lord. Will Cornerstone lose their faith in God or will they seek Him even more? You may have to read the next book to find out.

The Firefighter s Cinderella

Author : Sonya Weiss
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What’s a Cinderella to do when she’s accidentally kicked her Prince Charming in the face and broken his nose? Hold an audition, of course. Harper Bailey is desperate to keep her family’s amusement park business up and running, but her employees keep quitting, and the man playing prince to her Cinderella in the company’s mainstage show is just the latest casualty. When sexy firefighter Rafferty Bradford, the most eligible bachelor in their small town, offers to step in, Harper agrees--reluctantly. After all, she and Rafferty are ex-best friends with a ton of past history. Surely they’ll have zero chemistry onstage. Rafferty has his own reasons for agreeing to play Prince Charming, and none of them are good. If Harper finds out the truth, it’ll just reinforce every rumor she’s believed over the years about Rafferty’s bad rep. But when their chemistry explodes both onstage and off, he’ll have to choose between happily-ever-after for himself...or the Cinderella he’s fallen for.

The Firefighter s Thanksgiving Wish

Author : Anna J. Stewart
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They both know it’s true Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! Working with the new fire chief, Roman Salazar, is a challenge for Frankie Bettencourt. Everyone in Butterfly Harbor agrees she was the one destined for the top job at the station house! So, should she quit? No way! But she will steer clear of Roman from now on…or at least until his kindness, quick smile and can-do attitude win the town—and possibly Frankie—over for good!

The Fireman s Christmas Wish

Author : Nan Reinhardt
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Her heart is wide open, but he’s nailed his shut. Preschool teacher Harley Cole has always viewed life through rose-colored glasses. With a career she loves, friends she enjoys, and a home that is her haven, there’s only one thing missing—finding her soul mate. As the holidays approach, Harley is inspired to help her former high school crush rediscover his holiday joy. It’s just a good deed...until the feelings she thought were gone come rushing back. Fire Chief Becker Lange returns home to River’s Edge with a heavy heart. His divorce has emotionally ravaged him, leaving him more confused than ever about what women want. So to protect himself from another failure, he closes his heart. And then Harley Cole makes him a flirty dare that she can help him overcome the holiday blues. Beck’s not sure he wants to, but Harley’s a hard woman to tell no. Can the magic of Christmas and a sweet stray kitten bring these two lonely souls together?

The Firefighter s New Family

Author : Gail Gaymer Martin
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Love To The Rescue A tornado may have left Ashley Kern injured beneath a fallen tree, but it's her rescuer who plays havoc with her emotions. Firefighter Devon Murphy is everything the single mom could wish for in a husband: handsome, a doting father and ready to join his family to hers. But how can the pretty war widow make a life once more with a man whose career is full of danger? Devon has fought some pretty big battles in his life, but can he help Ashley conquer her fears and show her the safest place of all is in his arms?

Black Firefighters and the FDNY

Author : David Goldberg
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For many African Americans, getting a public sector job has historically been one of the few paths to the financial stability of the middle class, and in New York City, few such jobs were as sought-after as positions in the fire department (FDNY). For over a century, generations of Black New Yorkers have fought to gain access to and equal opportunity within the FDNY. Tracing this struggle for jobs and justice from 1898 to the present, David Goldberg details the ways each generation of firefighters confronted overt and institutionalized racism. An important chapter in the histories of both Black social movements and independent workplace organizing, this book demonstrates how Black firefighters in New York helped to create affirmative action from the "bottom up," while simultaneously revealing how white resistance to these efforts shaped white working-class conservatism and myths of American meritocracy. Full of colorful characters and rousing stories drawn from oral histories, discrimination suits, and the archives of the Vulcan Society (the fraternal society of Black firefighters in New York), this book sheds new light on the impact of Black firefighters in the fight for civil rights.

Rescued by the Firefighter

Author : Gail Gaymer Martin
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A Fresh Start Paula Reynolds is looking for a new job, a new home, a new everything—except for love. Determined not to repeat old mistakes, she's staying away from romance. She never counted on falling for handsome firefighter Clint Donatelli. Clint is used to saving lives, but with the beautiful Paula, he faces a challenge. Getting to know her is a daunting task, especially since he's just as wary of relationships. When he learns a stunning secret from her past, he must choose—to live the way he's always lived, or trust in a new love.