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Oxford First Bilingual Dictionary

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Oxford First Bilingual Dictionary

Author : Edited Dictionary
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The only full-colour, illustrated first bilingual dictionaries in a range of South African languages.

Translation and Bilingual Dictionaries

Author : Chan Sin-wai
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Is the bilingual dictionary really the translator’s best friend? Or is it the case that all translators hate all dictionaries? The truth probably lies half-way. It is difficult to verify anyway, as the literature on the subject(s) is limited, not helped by the fact that Lexicography and Translation have stood apart for decades despite their commonality of purpose. Here is a volume, based on the proceedings of a successful conference at Hong Kong, that may at last provide some answers.

Essential English Estonian Semi bilingual Dictionary for Speakers of Estonian

Author : Ruth Mägi
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A Navajo English Bilingual Dictionary

Author : Alyse Neundorf
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This practical, easy-to-use Navajo dictionary is intended primarily for Navajo children learning to read and write the language in bilingual classrooms. It presents over 1,500 noun and 330 verb entries, all selected because they are words used in and around the school. But the audience for this book has always been larger than just youngsters: it has proven useful for anyone wanting to learn Navajo--adults and children alike. For each of the thirty-six letters in the Navajo alphabet, this dictionary provides first a listing of nouns followed by verbs. For most of the nouns and all of the verbs, an illustration is also included to aid in learning by providing a visual reference. While the dictionary is organized using the Navajo alphabet, the index gives non-native speakers a complete list of all the English translations from Navajo. Originally published in 1983 as part of a Ramah Navajo School Board, Inc., initiative to develop bilingual educational materials in the Navajo language, this book has remained in print and helped an entire generation of students learn Navajo. Its re-publication by the University of New Mexico Press, in cooperation with the Ramah Navajo School Board, Inc., helps fulfill each institution's respective mission of promoting cultural literary.

Manual for Bilingual Dictionaries Textbook

Author : Dow Frederick Robinson
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The Development of the English French French English Bilingual Dictionary

Author : James David Anderson
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Bilingual Dictionary of Dental Terms

Author : Marcos A. Freiberg
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Spanish terms or phrases with concise definitions in English, and vice versa. Contains introductory guide to Spanish pronunciation.


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A History of Italian and English Bilingual Dictionaries

Author : Desmond O'Connor
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Bilingual Dictionaries for Indigenous Languages

Author : Doris A. Bartholomew
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Central Carrier Bilingual Dictionary

Author : Francesca Antoine
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Oxford Picture Dictionary English Spanish Edition Bilingual Dictionary for Spanish speaking teenage and adult students of English

Author : Jayme Adelson-Goldstein
File Size : 47.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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4,000 words and phrases are organized thematically within 163 topics. Includes English to Spanish translations of vocabulary throughout, and an extensive index in Spanish at the back of the book. A fully integrated vocabulary development program in American English, progressing from essential words to the more complex, delivered in short thematic units. Realistic scenarios and modern artwork are easy to relate to and these, together with story pages and practice exercises, have been applauded for their success in promoting critical thinking skills. Content is fully supported by a range of components (in English only) - including Workbooks, Classroom Activities, Audio and website.

Russian English Dictionary of Idioms Revised Edition

Author : Sophia Lubensky
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This is the most innovative, comprehensive, and scholarly bilingual dictionary of Russian idioms available today. It includes close to 14,000 idioms, set expressions, and sayings found in contemporary colloquial Russian and in literature from the nineteenth century to the present. The Russian idioms are provided with many English equivalents to render idioms in various contexts. Illustrative examples are cited to show how the idioms are used in context. Each entry also contains a grammatical description of the idiom, a definition—an innovative feature for a bilingual dictionary—and stylistic and usage information. A most notable part of the work is the alphanumeric index that makes finding the right expression very easy.

Easy Spanish Bilingual Dictionary

Author : Regina Qualls
File Size : 87.37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A concise introduction explains Spanish grammar and pronunciation. Includes more than 3,500 entries with pronunciation guides and parts of speech, plus more than 15 pages of illustrations of home and classroom objects, parts of the body, animals, food, clothing, and other everyday items with Spanish and English labels.


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Spanish Bilingual Dictionary

Author : Gladys C. Lipton
File Size : 58.62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Approximately 2600 entries include the definition, phonetic transcription, use of word in a sentence, translation, and a picture, if feasible.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
File Size : 64.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Word Text Translation

Author : Peter Newmark
File Size : 72.47 MB
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This is a collection of essays from scholars in the field of Translation Studies throughout the world. The book ranges widely in subject matter, reflecting the diverse perspectives of Peter Newmark's interests in both literary and technical translation.