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A Girl Walks Into a Wedding

Author : Helena S. Paige
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It's your fantasy. Your rules. The choice is all yours. . . . Your best friend is getting married and she's asked you to be a bridesmaid. You have so many decisions to make. . . . Do you ask the gorgeous but mysterious man you just met to come as your date? Or do you go solo? Once the wedding weekend gets under way, will you ditch your date? Get down and dirty with the hot DJ? Dodge the disreputable best man? Or perhaps the rugged pilot you meet in the bar will open up unexpected erotic opportunities—and who knew the maid of (dis)honor had such a sultry streak? You also have to navigate through the bachelorette party, the bride's wedding jitters, the dress from hell, and more. Perhaps the most tempting option is to flee the entire affair with a tall, dark stranger . . . or maybe an old friend who could surprise you with a sizzling encounter. You make the decisions—a wild ride is guaranteed.

A Girl Walks into a Book

Author : Miranda K. Pennington
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How many times have you heard readers argue about which is better, Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights? The works of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne continue to provoke passionate fandom over a century after their deaths. Brontë enthusiasts, as well as those of us who never made it further than those oft-cited classics, will devour Miranda Pennington's delightful literary memoir. Pennington, today a writer and teacher in New York, was a precocious reader. Her father gave her Jane Eyre at the age of 10, sparking what would become a lifelong devotion and multiple re-readings. She began to delve into the work and lives of the Brontës, finding that the sisters were at times her lifeline, her sounding board, even her closest friends. In this charming, offbeat memoir, Pennington traces the development of the Brontës as women, as sisters, and as writers, as she recounts her own struggles to fit in as a bookish, introverted, bisexual woman. In the Brontës and their characters, Pennington finally finds the heroines she needs, and she becomes obsessed with their wisdom, courage, and fearlessness. Her obsession makes for an entirely absorbing and unique read. A Girl Walks Into a Book is a candid and emotional love affair that braids criticism, biography and literature into a quest that helps us understand the place of literature in our lives; how it affects and inspires us.

Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency Tha na 2 pts

Author :
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Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency

Author : Bombay (India : State)
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Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency Shol pur

Author :
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Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency Shol pur

Author : Bombay (Presidency)
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Wedding Girl

Author : Stacey Ballis
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You’ve Got Mail meets Julie & Julia in the new foodie fiction from the author of Recipe for Disaster. Top pastry chef Sophie Bernstein and her sommelier fiancé were set to have Chicago’s culinary wedding of the year…until the groom eloped with someone else in a very public debacle, leaving Sophie splashed across the tabloids—fifty grand in debt on her dream wedding and one-hundred percent screwed on her dream life. The icing on the cake was when she lost her job and her home… Laying low, Sophie moves in with her grandmother, Bubbles. That way, she can keep Bubbles and her sweater-wearing pug company and nurse her broken heart. But when Sophie gets a part-time job at the old-fashioned neighborhood bakery, she finds herself up to her elbows in dough and reluctantly giving a wedding cake customer advice on everything from gift bags to guest accommodations. Before she knows it, she’s an online wedding planner. It’s not mousse and macarons, but it pays the bills. But with the arrival of unexpected personal and professional twists, Sophie wonders if she’s really moving forward—or starting over from scratch... Includes Recipes


Author : Bombay (India : State)
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Author : Robert C. Kelly
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In one year’s time, two events in the author’s life herald a future of turmoil and tragedy, the aftermath of which he continues to deal with today. At the age of twelve, he had his first drink—a can of beer—in a church parking lot. That summer, he took a job in a bar around the corner from the house he grew up in. He was thirteen. And so began his love affair with alcohol and with bartending. The book traces his descent into alcoholic oblivion as he moved from one bartending job to another. Ironically, he knew he was an alcoholic but failed to understand the meaning of the concept “It’s the first drink that gets you drunk.” As a consequence, it took him twenty-seven years to face the reality of his disease, but then after almost twenty years of sobriety, he once again

Style Your Perfect Wedding

Author : DK
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This gorgeous guide provides more than 50 step-by-step projects to create your perfect day. It's the magical, personalized details that can make your wedding wonderfully special for you and your guests. Whether you're looking for wedding themes, planning a bridal shower, or hoping to hand-craft all the little details for your big day, let this book inspire and guide you every step of the way. Make one-of-a-kind gifts for your bridal party, find unique wedding ideas, learn how to hand-tie a bouquet, and much, much more.

The Woman Who Walked into Doors

Author : Roddy Doyle
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From the Booker Prize-winning author of Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, the heartrending story of a brave and tenacious housewife Look for Roddy Doyle’s new novel, Smile, coming in October of 2017 Paula Spencer is a thirty-nine-year-old working-class woman struggling to reclaim her dignity after marriage to an abusive husband and a worsening drinking problem. Paula recalls her contented childhood, the audacity she learned as a teenager, the exhilaration of her romance with Charlo, and the marriage to him that left her feeling powerless. Capturing both her vulnerability and her strength, Roddy Doyle gives Paula a voice that is real and unforgettable.

Girl Walks Into a Bar

Author : Strawberry Saroyan
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A memoir of the sometimes difficult road from girlhood to womanhood describes the author's coming of age amid the skyscrapers of New York and the haven of a low-rent L.A. bar, capturing the complex life of the twenty-first century.

The Wedding Girl

Author : Madeleine Wickham
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At the age of eighteen, in that first golden Oxford summer, Milly was up for anything. Rupert and his American lover, Allan, were an important part of her new, exciting life, so when Rupert suggested to her that she and Allan should get married to keep Allan in the country, Milly didn't hesitate. Ten years later, Milly is a very different person and engaged to Simon—who is wealthy, serious, and believes her to be perfect. Milly's secret history is locked away so securely she has almost persuaded herself that it doesn't exist—until, only four days before her elaborate wedding. To have and to hold takes on a whole new meaning when one bride's past catches up with her and bring the present crashing down. With her trademark style of keen insight, and razor sharp wit, Madeleine Wickham introduces her fanatical fan-base, plus a host of new readers to a fresh and irresistible heroine in The Wedding Girl.

The Italian s Baby Bargain The Italian s Wedding Ultimatum The Italian s Forced Bride The Mancini Marriage Bargain

Author : Kim Lawrence
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The Italian’s Wedding Ultimatum Kim Lawrence Alessandro Di Livio is dark, brooding and determined to keep Sam Maguire away from his sister’s husband...even if it means seducing her himself. When passion leads to pregnancy, Alessandro will claim Sam as his wife – and their baby as his heir!

Staging Socialist Femininity

Author : Ana Hofman
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Examining the stage performance of female vocal groups as cultural practices which produced a new pattern in the representation of gender in the light of the socialist identity politics, book offers a multifaced picture of the personal experiences of the socialist gender politics in socialist Serbia.

Wedding Willies

Author : Victoria Pade
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HER BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING… Although Kit McIntyre had left more than one unsuspecting groom standing solo at the altar, nothing would stop her from celebrating her best friend's big day. Luckily, there were a few perks she hadn't counted on as maid of honor—such as getting to spend lots of quality time with best man Ad Walker. For a guy who'd sworn off women, trying to ignore the way Kit made Ad's libido stand up and take notice was proving impossible. And regardless of her rumored wedding willies, Ad couldn't help but imagine joining her in one last trip down the aisle…as her husband!

A Wedding in December

Author : Anita Shreve
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An "engrossing" (New York Times Book Review) novel about a reunion of friends and the resurgence of memory--from national bestselling author Anita Shreve At an inn in the Berkshire Mountains, seven former schoolmates gather to celebrate a wedding--a reunion that becomes the occasion of astonishing revelations as the friends collectively recall a long-ago night that indelibly marked each of their lives. Written with the fluent narrative artistry that distinguishes all of Anita Shreve's bestselling novels, A Wedding in December acutely probes the mysteries of the human heart and the endless allure of paths not taken.

Diamonds Are Not Always a Girl S Best Friend

Author : Lema Long
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When Brooklyn native Kennedy Owens moves to Orlando, Florida, her six best friends follow. The seven girls are enjoying their new life down south but are also dealing with a myriad of unpleasant life circumstances. Luckily, they have each other to lean on every step of the way. Unfortunately, there is an old friend back home in New York who isnt so much a friend but someone who wishes she were living the girls lives instead of her own. Despite the fact that she stays behind in Brooklyn, Diamond Robinson begins to cause trouble for the seven friends. Its bad enough that she sets out to win Skys husband, Fuji. But when Diamond hatches a plan to teach Portia what it means to live in the real world, she has taken it one step too far.

Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency Rewa K ntha N rukot Cambay and Surat states

Author :
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Lilith s Cave

Author : Howard Schwartz
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Tales of terror and the supernatural hold an honored position in the Jewish folkloric tradition. Howard Schwartz has superbly translated and retold fifty of the best of these folktales. Gathered from countless sources ranging from the ancient Middle East to twelfth-century Germany and later Eastern European oral tradition, these captivating stories include Jewish variants of the Pandora and Persephone myths.