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A Guide for Machine Vision in Quality Control

Author : Sheila Anand
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Machine Vision systems combine image processing with industrial automation. One of the primary areas of application of Machine Vision in the Industry is in the area of Quality Control. Machine vision provides fast, economic and reliable inspection that improves quality as well as business productivity. Building machine vision applications is a challenging task as each application is unique, with its own requirements and desired outcome. A Guide to Machine Vision in Quality Control follows a practitioner’s approach to learning machine vision. The book provides guidance on how to build machine vision systems for quality inspections. Practical applications from the Industry have been discussed to provide a good understanding of usage of machine vision for quality control. Real-world case studies have been used to explain the process of building machine vision solutions. The book offers comprehensive coverage of the essential topics, that includes: Introduction to Machine Vision Fundamentals of Digital Images Discussion of various machine vision system components Digital image processing related to quality control Overview of automation The book can be used by students and academics, as well as by industry professionals, to understand the fundamentals of machine vision. Updates to the on-going technological innovations have been provided with a discussion on emerging trends in machine vision and smart factories of the future. Sheila Anand is a PhD graduate and Professor at Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai, India. She has over three decades of experience in teaching, consultancy and research. She has worked in the software industry and has extensive experience in development of software applications and in systems audit of financial, manufacturing and trading organizations. She guides Ph.D. aspirants and many of her research scholars have since been awarded their doctoral degree. She has published many papers in national and international journals and is a reviewer for several journals of repute. L Priya is a PhD graduate working as Associate Professor and Head, Department of Information Technology at Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai, India. She has nearly two decades of teaching experience and good exposure to consultancy and research. She has delivered many invited talks, presented papers and won several paper awards in International Conferences. She has published several papers in International journals and is a reviewer for SCI indexed journals. Her areas of interest include Machine Vision, Wireless Communication and Machine Learning.

Industrial Image Processing

Author : Christian Demant
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This practical introduction focuses on how to design integrated solutions for industrial vision tasks from individual algorithms. The book is now available in a revised second edition that takes into account the current technological developments, including camera technology and color imaging processing. It gives a hands-on guide for setting up automated visual inspection systems using real-world examples and the NeuroCheck® standard software that has proven industrial strength integrated in thousands of applications in real-world production lines. Based on many years of experience in industry, the authors explain all the essential details encountered in the creation of vision system installations. With example material and a demo version of the software found on "" readers can work their way through the described inspection tasks and carry out their own experiments.

Fish Quality Control by Computer Vision

Author : L. F. Pau
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Based on a 1988-89 cooperative project by 15 industrial researchers from Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and the Faeroe Islands, explores how computer vision and image processing can be applied to such aspects of the fishing industry as the quality inspection of fish and fish products for defects; the mea

Understanding and Applying Machine Vision Second Edition Revised and Expanded

Author : Nello Zeuch
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A discussion of applications of machine vision technology in the semiconductor, electronic, automotive, wood, food, pharmaceutical, printing, and container industries. It describes systems that enable projects to move forward swiftly and efficiently, and focuses on the nuances of the engineering and system integration of machine vision technology.

Machine Vision for the Inspection of Natural Products

Author : Mark Graves
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Machine vision technology has revolutionised the process of automated inspection in manufacturing. The specialist techniques required for inspection of natural products, such as food, leather, textiles and stone is still a challenging area of research. Topological variations make image processing algorithm development, system integration and mechanical handling issues much more complex. The practical issues of making machine vision systems operate robustly in often hostile environments together with the latest technological advancements are reviewed in this volume. Features: - Case studies based on real-world problems to demonstrate the practical application of machine vision systems. - In-depth description of system components including image processing, illumination, real-time hardware, mechanical handling, sensing and on-line testing. - Systems-level integration of constituent technologies for bespoke applications across a variety of industries. - A diverse range of example applications that a system may be required to handle from live fish to ceramic tiles. Machine Vision for the Inspection of Natural Products will be a valuable resource for researchers developing innovative machine vision systems in collaboration with food technology, textile and agriculture sectors. It will also appeal to practising engineers and managers in industries where the application of machine vision can enhance product safety and process efficiency.

Applying Machine Vision

Author : Nello Zuech
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Applying Machine Vision presents a step-by-step analysis to determine the needs for vision systems in manufacturing processes and the necessary characteristics and features a system must have to achieve desired use. It provides the reader with insight about the reality of utilizing vision systems against their promise. Sufficient background is given to enable the reader to make intelligent decisions about system requirements. The present state of vision technology is reviewed briefly.

Automating Quality Systems

Author : J.D. Tannock
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Quality is a topical issue in manufacturing. Competitive quality performance still eludes many manufacturers in the traditional industrialized countries. A lack of quality competitiveness is one of the root causes of the relative industrial decline and consequent trade imbalances which plague some Western economies. Many explanations are advanced for poor quality performance. Inadequate levels of investment in advanced technology, together with insufficient education and training of the workforce, are perhaps the most prominent. Some believe these problems are caused by a lack of awareness and commitment from top management, while others point to differences between industrial cultures. The established remedy is known as Total Quality Management (TQM). TQM requires a corporate culture change, driven from the top, and involving every employee in a process of never-ending quality improvement aimed at internal as well as external customers. The techniques deployed to achieve TQM include measures to improve motivation, training in problem-solving and statistical process control (SPC). Quality is, however, only one of the competitive pressures placed It is also upon the manufacturer by the modem global economy. imperative to remain economical and efficient, while increasing the flexibility and responsiveness of the design and manufacturing functions. Here the reduction or elimination of stock is of great importance, particularly as financial interest rates in the less successful manufacturing nations are frequently high. Product life cycles must become ever more compressed in response to the phenomenal design to-manufacture performance of some Pacific rim economies.

Nondestructive Evaluation and Quality Control

Author : ASM International. Handbook Committee
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ASM Handbook, Volume 17 is a complete guide to nondestructive evaluation and statistical analysis. It covers the selection, use, and interpretation of nondestructive methods for evaluating the quality of parts and assemblies. The basic principles of each method along with its corresponding capabilities are outlined in 23 separate articles. In addition to detailed information on commonly used methods such as liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, eddy current and radiographic inspection, state-of-the-art developments in digital image enhancement (including color-enhanced images), ultrasonic inspection, tomography, and real-time radiography are also discussed. Hundreds of practical examples highlight the advantages, limitations, and applications of specific techniques. Contents include: Inspection Equipment and Techniques, Methods of Nondestructive Evaluation, Nondestructive Inspection of Specific Products, Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation, Statistical Methods.

Metals Handbook Nondestructive evaluation and quality control

Author : ASM Handbook Committee
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Selected Papers on Industrial Machine Vision Systems

Author : Paul F. Whelan
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SPIE Milestones are collections of seminal papers from the world literature covering important discoveries and developments in optics and photonics.

A Manager s Guide to Productivity Quality Circles and Industrial Robots

Author : Harry Katzan
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Good,No Highlights,No Markup,all pages are intact, Slight Shelfwear,may have the corners slightly dented, may have slight color changes/slightly damaged spine.

A Z Guide to Computer Graphics

Author : John Lewell
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Intended for first-time computer users, this illustrated mini-encyclopedia of computer graphics terms and concepts includes more than 1,750 entries covering technical products, services, companies, journals, and terminology

Technician s Guide to Industrial Electronics

Author : Robert S. Carrow
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Trouleshooting Equipment? No Trouble! Troubleshooting and repairing the full range of electronic industrial equipment takes only one practical tool: Robert S. Carrow' Technician's Guide to Industrial Electronics. You'll be up to speed instantly with the latest techniques and applications for automated equipment designed to eliminate equipment downtime and boost productivity. You'll find scores of ready-to-use forms and logs for charting machine downtime data, I/O logging, preliminary ISO 9000 auditing, and much more. It's the only reference on the market to deliver the state-of-the art in: power transmission; industrial computers; process controllers and PLC's electric motors; motion control; sensors and feedback devices; machine vision and image processing basics; industrial safety; TQM, statistical process control, and ISO-9000 robotic and system integration; and much more.

Machine Vision

Author : Jack Hollingum
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Production Engineering

Author :
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Total Quality Control and JIT Management in CIM

Author : Paul G. Ranky
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Automotive Manufacturing Production

Author :
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Thomas Register of American Manufacturers and Thomas Register Catalog File

Author :
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Vols. for 1970-71 includes manufacturers' catalogs.

Regional Industrial Buying Guide

Author :
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Bibliographic Guide to Computer Science

Author :
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