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A History of Management Thought

Author : Morgen Witzel
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Of all the sciences and social sciences, management is the one that most deliberately turns its back on the past. Yet management as we know it today did not spring into life fully formed. Management has more than just a present; it also has a past, and a future, and all three are inextricably linked. This book charts the evolution of management as an intellectual discipline, from ancient times to the present day. Contemporary management challenges, including sustainability, technology and data, and legitimacy are analysed through an historical lens and with the benefit of new case studies. The author helps readers understand how the evolution of management ideas has interacted with changes in society. By framing management's history as one of challenge and response, this new edition is the perfect accompaniment for students and scholars seeking meaningful study in the business school and beyond. Essential reading as a core textbook in management history, the book is also valuable supplementary reading across the humanities and social sciences.

A History of Management Thought

Author : Morgen Witzel
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Since human beings first thought about the nature of work, we have thought about management. As management has grown as an academic discipline, management theories have come and gone and management thinking has ebbed and flowed. This introductory textbook helps history of management thought students to fully understand how the discipline has changed over time and how management thinkers and theories from years gone by remain relevant today. Starting with the earliest concepts of management, and examining management thought from throughout the world, the textbook helps students to understand the international range of contributions to the discipline. An innovative micro-historical feature throughout the book uses "reflections" to tie a management theme from another age to cutting edge management situations happening right now. Students taking classes in the history of management thought will find this text to be the perfect accompaniment to their studies whilst all students of business and management wishing to understand the historical roots of their chosen subject wil revel in the rich pickings on offer here.

History of Management Thought

Author : Vadim I. Marshev
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This book describes the millennia-long process of the genesis, formation, struggle, and change of views on the management of social organizations in various countries around the world; in other words, it characterizes the worldwide evolution of the History of Management Thought (HMT) - ideas, concepts, theories, paradigms, and scientific schools - from Antiquity to the present. The book is the outcome of extensive research, based on the analysis, generalization, and systematization of foreign and domestic published literature, as well as on the gathering and analysis of unique archival materials. For the first time in the historical and managerial literature, the book puts forward original definitions of three historical and managerial sciences - the History of Management, the History of Management Thought, and the Historiography of Historical and Managerial Research. It addresses the main challenges in pursuing Historical and Scientific Research (HSR), the main “subject” levels of HSR and specific methodological problems concerning HMT, as well as epistemological methods for identifying key factors in and causes of the advent and evolution of HMT. This book presents both the origins of management thought dating back to the 5th millennium BC and the latest management concepts of the early 21st century. In particular, it traces the origins and sources of management thought, reflected in the works of thinkers and statesmen of the Ancient World (Egypt, Western Asia, China, India, Greece, and Rome), the era of feudalism, and the Middle Ages (Byzantium, Western Europe, and England), the era of inception capitalism (Western Europe and the USA), as well as the new and recent history of management thought of the 20th and 21st centuries. In addition, for the first time in History of Management literature, it presents the history of Russian management thought from the 9th century to modern concepts and scientific schools.

Management Thought

Author : Jayanta K Nanda
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Business Information Sources

Author : Lorna M. Daniells
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The Evolution of Management Thought

Author : Daniel A. Wren
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The eighth edition of The Evolution of Management Thought provides readers witha deep understanding of the origin and development of management ideas. Spanning an expansive time period, from the pre-industrial era to the modern age of globalization, this landmark volume examines the backgrounds, original work, and influences of major figures and their contributions to advances in management theory and practice. This fully-revised edition has been painstakingly reviewed and thoroughly updated to reflect areas of contemporary management such as job design, motivation, leadership, organization theory, technological change, and increased worker diversity. In this classic text, authors Daniel Wren and Arthur Bedeian examine the management challenges and perspectives of the Industrial Revolution, discuss the emergence of the management process and systematic management, trace the rise of scientific management, and much more. Organized around a chronological framework, the text places a comprehensive range of management theories in their historical context to clearly illustrate their evolution over time. The book’s four parts, each designed to be a self-contained unit of study, contain extensive cross-references to allow readers to connect earlier to later developments to the volume’s central unifying theme.

The Evolution of Management Theory

Author : William Roth
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This is a fascinating investigation of the history of management theory in terms of four interdependent, history-shaping forces: (1) socioeconomic thinking; (2) technological development; (3) organizational size; and (4) marketplace pressures. The book shows not only how management has become as much of an art as a science, but also where it is heading.

The Routledge Companion to Management and Organizational History

Author : Patricia Genoe McLaren
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The field of management and organizational history has reached a level of maturity that means an overview is long overdue. Written by a team of globally renowned scholars, this comprehensive companion analyses management and organizational history, reflecting on the most influential periods and highlighting gaps for future research. From the impact of the Cold War to Global Warming, it examines the field from a wide array of perspectives from humanities to the social sciences. Covering the entire spectrum of the field, this volume provides an essential resource for researchers of business and management.

History in Management and Organization Studies

Author : Behlül Üsdiken
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There has, in recent times, been an increasing interest in history, broadly defined, among management scholars. But what specifically a historical approach or perspective can contribute to research on organizational fields, organizations, strategy etc. and how exactly such historical research should be carried out remain questions that have been answered only partially, if at all. Building on the authors’ prior and ongoing work, History in Management and Organization Studies: From Margins to Mainstream is unique in presenting a comprehensive and integrated view of how history has informed management research with a focus on organization theory and strategy. More specifically, the volume provides an overview of how the relationship been history and management scholarship has evolved from the 19th century until today, focusing mainly on the post-World War II period; and systematically surveys the kind of research programs within organization theory and strategy that have used historical data and/or history as a theoretical construct, while also identifying the remaining "blind spots". As a whole, it offers a kind of roadmap for management scholars and historians to situate their research and, hopefully, find new roads for others to travel. The book is intended for anybody conducting or planning to conduct historical research within management and organization studies, and aims, in particular, at becoming a standard feature of research methods courses in business schools and departments of management.

Management and the Arts

Author : William J. Byrnes
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The fifth edition of Management and the Arts discusses the theory and practical applications from all arts management perspectives including planning, marketing, finance, economics, organization, staffing, and group dynamics. Revised to reflect the latest thinking and trends in managing organizations and people, this fifth edition features class-tested questions in each chapter, which help students to integrate the material and develop ideas about how the situations and problems could have been handled. Statistics and real-world examples illustrate all aspects of arts managements, from budgeting and fundraising, to e-marketing and social networking, to working effectively with boards and staff members. Case studies focus on the challenges facing managers and organizations every day, and "In the News" quotes provide real-world examples of principles and theories. Students in Arts Management university courses along with arts managers in a theatre, museum, dance company, and opera will gain useful insights into strategic planning, organization, and integrated management theories with this book.