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A is for Arsenic

Author : Kathryn Harkup
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Shortlisted for the BMA Book Awards and Macavity Awards 2016 Fourteen novels. Fourteen poisons. Just because it's fiction doesn't mean it's all made-up ... Agatha Christie revelled in the use of poison to kill off unfortunate victims in her books; indeed, she employed it more than any other murder method, with the poison itself often being a central part of the novel. Her choice of deadly substances was far from random – the characteristics of each often provide vital clues to the discovery of the murderer. With gunshots or stabbings the cause of death is obvious, but this is not the case with poisons. How is it that some compounds prove so deadly, and in such tiny amounts? Christie's extensive chemical knowledge provides the backdrop for A is for Arsenic, in which Kathryn Harkup investigates the poisons used by the murderer in fourteen classic Agatha Christie mysteries. It looks at why certain chemicals kill, how they interact with the body, the cases that may have inspired Christie, and the feasibility of obtaining, administering and detecting these poisons, both at the time the novel was written and today. A is for Arsenic is a celebration of the use of science by the undisputed Queen of Crime.

Arsenic Rice

Author : Andrew A. Meharg
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Rice is the staple food for half of the world’s population. Consumption of rice is the major exposure route globally to the class one, non-threshold carcinogen inorganic arsenic. This book explains the sources of arsenic to paddy soils and the biogeochemical processes and plant physiological attributes of paddy soil-rice ecosystems that lead to high concentrations of arsenic in rice grain. It presents the global pattern of arsenic concentration and speciation in rice, discusses human exposures to inorganic arsenic from rice and the resulting health risks. It also highlights particular populations that have the highest rice consumptions, which include Southern and South East Asians, weaning babies, gluten intolerance sufferers and those consuming rice milk. The book also presents the information of arsenic concentration and speciation in other major crops and outlines approaches for lowering arsenic in rice grain and in the human diet through agronomic management.


Author : Chris Cooper
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Introduces the element of arsenic, discussing its physical and chemical properties, where it is found, and what processes or objects it is used in.


Author : Margarita Stoytcheva
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Arsenic - Analytical and Toxicological Studies is a collection of original works focused on arsenic occurrence and chemistry, methods for arsenic determination and removal and arsenic toxicity and health risks. The most commonly used techniques for arsenic quantification and speciation, such as atomic absorption spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry, and inductively coupled plasma-emission spectrometry, among others, and the various procedures applied for arsenic separation and removal are exhaustively described. The mechanism of arsenic-induced toxicology, involving arsenic interaction with critical thiols in proteins and the health risks associated with exposure to arsenic, is also discussed.

Arsenic Pollution

Author : Peter Ravenscroft
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Arsenic Pollution summarizes the most current research on the distribution and causes of arsenic pollution, its impact on health and agriculture, and solutions by way of water supply, treatment, and water resource management. Provides the first global and interdisciplinary account of arsenic pollution occurrences Integrates geochemistry, hydrology, agriculture, and water supply and treatment for the first time Options are highlighted for developing alternative water sources and methods for arsenic testing and removal Appeals to specialists in one discipline seeking an overview of the work being done in other disciplines


Author : Books, LLC
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 25. Chapters: Arsenic poisoning, Arsenic toxicity, Arsenic contamination of groundwater, GFAJ-1, Arsenic biochemistry, Carancas impact event, Marsh test, Bradford sweets poisoning, Toroku arsenic disease, Sono arsenic filter, Grainger challenge. Excerpt: Arsenic ( ) is a chemical element with the symbol As, atomic number 33 and relative atomic mass 74.92. Arsenic occurs in many minerals, usually in conjunction with sulfur and metals, and also as a pure elemental crystal. It was first documented by Albertus Magnus in 1250. Arsenic is a metalloid. It can exist in various allotropes, although only the grey form has important use in industry. The main use of metallic arsenic is for strengthening alloys of copper and especially lead (for example, in automotive batteries). Arsenic is a common n-type dopant in semiconductor electronic devices, and the optoelectronic compound gallium arsenide is the most common semiconductor in use after doped silicon. A few species of bacteria are able to use arsenic compounds as respiratory metabolites, and are arsenic-tolerant. Arsenic is notoriously poisonous to multicellular life due to the interaction of arsenic ions with protein thiols. Arsenic and its compounds, especially the trioxide, are used in the production of pesticides (treated wood products), herbicides, and insecticides. These applications are declining, however, as many of these compounds are being phased out. Arsenic poisoning from naturally occurring arsenic compounds in drinking water remains a problem in many parts of the world. The three most common allotropes are metallic grey, yellow and black arsenic, with grey being the most common. Grey arsenic ( -As, space group #166 R-3m) adopts a double-layered structure consisting of many interlocked ruffled six-membered rings. Nearest and next-nearest neighbors form a distorted octohedra...

Arsenic is Everywhere Cause for Concern

Author : William Cullen
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Exploring the presence of arsenic in our lives, from its occurrence in food to its use in medicine, this is a fascinating book for general readers.


Author : Kevin Henke
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This book presents an overview of the chemistry, geology, toxicology and environmental impacts of arsenic, presenting information on relatively common arsenic minerals and their key properties. In addition, it includes discussions on the environmental impacts of the release of arsenic from mining and coal combustion. Although the environmental regulations of different nations vary and change over time, prominent International, North American, and European guidelines and regulations on arsenic will be reviewed. Includes information on recent environmental catastrophes (e.g. Bangladesh and China) A thorough discussion of the arsenic cycle, including the cosmological origin of arsenic Includes Appendices providing extensive glossary and measurement conversion tables

Demonstration of Emerging Technologies for Arsenic Removal

Author : Yu-Jung Chang
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This project addresses those technologies deemed most appropriate for small water systems to comply with the Jan '06 USEPA Arsenic Rule Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL). This volume reports on the bench-scale testing of of 4 technologies: ion-exchange processes, sorption kinetics, coupled sorbent-membrane processes and coupled coagulation-ballasted-sedimentation processes. Volume 2 will focus on results of the full-scale demonstration testing.

Analytical methods support document for arsenic in drinking water

Author :
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Field Measurement Methods for Arsenic in Drinking Water

Author : Laurie S. McNeill
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With the lowering of the arsenic levels by the EPA, smaller utilities face a challenge to efficiently and cost-effectively monitor arsenic concentration. This project sought to develop a fast, safe easy-to-use and relatively inexpensive field method for that purpose as existing and newly introduced kits were found lacking in various ways. The new field method developed by this project is based on a standard hydride generation protocol. While field testing did not prove as accurate as laboratory tests it still has some value. Discussed are the arsine gas detector modification potential, methods to provide automated "on-line" monitoring and utilization for arsenic removal.

Poisoning the Mind Arsenic Contamination and Cognitive Achievement of Children

Author : Mohammad Niaz Asadullah
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Adsorbent Treatment Technologies for Arsenic Removal

Author : Gary L. Amy
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Accompanying CD-ROM includes Excel document "Arsenic adsorbent design and costing tool".

Implementation of Arsenic Treatment Systems Process selection

Author : Zaid K. Chowdhury
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Managing Arsenic in the Environment

Author : R. Naidu
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"Arsenic is one of the most toxic and carcinogenic elements in the environment. This book brings together the current knowledge on arsenic contamination worldwide, reviewing the field, highlighting common themes and pointing to key areas needing future research. Contributions discuss methods for accurate identification and quantification of individual arsenic species in a range of environmental and biological matrices and give an overview of the environmental chemistry of arsenic. Next, chapters deal with the dynamics of arsenic in groundwater and aspects of arsenic in soils and plants, including plant uptake studies, effects on crop quality and yield, and the corresponding food chain and human health issues associated with these exposure pathways. These concerns are coupled with the challenge to develop efficient, cost effective risk management and remediation strategies: recent technological advances are described and assessed, including the use of adsorbants, photo-oxidation, bioremediation and electrokinetic remediation.

Arsenic Contamination in the World

Author : Susan Murcott
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Arsenic Contamination in the World: An International Sourcebook provides a global compendium of cited arsenic incidences in drinking-water.

Is Arsenic an Aphrodisiac

Author : William R. Cullen
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The book covers the huge variety of ways in which the ubiquitous element arsenic and its compounds have influenced the lives of people worldwide.

Arsenic For Tea

Author : Robin Stevens
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The second murder-mystery in the bestselling Murder Most Unladylike series! 'A delight . . . The Agatha Christie-style clues are unravelled with sustained tension and the whole thing is a hoot from start to finish' Daily Mail 'A feelgood blend of Malory Towers and Cluedo . . . Stevens has upped her game in this new volume' Telegraph ----- Schoolgirl detectives Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are at Daisy's home, Fallingford, for the holidays. Daisy's glamorous mother is throwing a tea party for Daisy's birthday, and the whole family is invited, from eccentric Aunt Saskia to dashing Uncle Felix. But it soon becomes clear that this party isn't really about Daisy at all. Naturally, Daisy is furious. Then one of their party falls seriously, mysteriously ill - and everything points to poison. With wild storms preventing anyone from leaving, or the police from arriving, Fallingford suddenly feels like a very dangerous place to be. Not a single person present is what they seem - and everyone has a secret or two. And when someone very close to Daisy looks suspicious, the Detective Society must do everything they can to reveal the truth . . . no matter the consequences. 'The second book in Robin Stevens' fabulous Wells and Wong schoolgirl detective series - think St Trinians mixed with Miss Marple. These are thrilling books for tween detectives who adore solving dastardly murders, jolly hockey sticks and iced buns for tea' Guardian

Arsenic in the Azaleas

Author : Dale Mayer
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A new cozy mystery series from USA Today best-selling author Dale Mayer. Follow gardener and amateur sleuth Doreen Montgomery—and her amusing and mostly lovable cat, dog, and parrot—as they catch murderers and solve crimes in lovely Kelowna, British Columbia. Riches to rags. … Controlling to chaos. … But murder … seriously? After her ex-husband leaves her high and dry, former socialite Doreen Montgomery's chance at a new life comes in the form of her grandmother, Nan's, dilapidated old house in picturesque Kelowna … and the added job of caring for the animals Nan couldn’t take into assisted living with her: Thaddeus, the loquacious African gray parrot with a ripe vocabulary, and his buddy, Goliath, a monster-size cat with an equally monstrous attitude. It’s the new start Doreen and her beloved basset hound, Mugs, desperately need. But, just as things start to look up for Doreen, Goliath the cat and Mugs the dog find a human finger in Nan’s overrun garden. And not just a finger. Once the police start digging, the rest of the body turns up and turns out to be connected to an old unsolved crime. With her grandmother as the prime suspect, Doreen soon finds herself stumbling over clues and getting on Corporal Mack Moreau’s last nerve, as she does her best to prove her beloved Nan innocent of murder.

Preservation of Arsenic Species

Author : Gautam Samanta
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"Subject area: High-quality water"--P. [1] of cover.