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Author : Aaron J. Hahn Tapper
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What does it mean to be a Jew in the twenty-first century? Exploring the multifaceted and intensely complicated characteristics of this age-old, ever-changing community, Judaisms examines how Jews are a culture, ethnicity, nation, nationality, race, religion, and more. With each chapter revolving around a single theme (Narratives, Sinais, Zions, Messiahs, Laws, Mysticisms, Cultures, Movements, Genocides, Powers, Borders, and Futures) this introductory textbook interrogates and broadens readers’ understandings of Jewish communities. Written for a new mode of teaching—one that recognizes the core role that identity formation plays in our lives—this book weaves together alternative and marginalized voices to illustrate how Jews have always been in the process of reshaping their customs, practices, and beliefs. Judaisms is the first book to assess and summarize Jewish history from the time of the Hebrew Bible through today using multiple perspectives. Ideal for classroom use, Judaisms provides a synthetic and coherent alternative understanding of Jewish identity for students of all backgrounds; focuses on both the history of and potential futures for physical and ideological survival; includes an array of engaging images, many in color; offers extensive online resources including notes, key terms, a timeline of major texts, and chapter-by-chapter activities for teaching.

Jewish Philosophy for the Twenty First Century

Author : Hava Tirosh-Samuelson
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Jewish Philosophy for the Twenty-First Century showcases living Jewish thinkers who produce innovative ideas taking into consideration theology, hermeneutics, politics, ethics, science and technology, law, gender, and ecology.

Jewish Ethics for the Twenty First Century

Author : Byron L. Sherwin
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The author demonstrates how the wisdom of the past, found in classical texts, can Forcefully address the moral perplexities of the present.

A Judaism for the Twenty First Century

Author : Pete Tobias
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This book seeks to set out the principles of Progressive Judaism and apply those principles to contemporary society and culture, the world of today in which Progressive Judaism and its adherents must find their moral bearings. Reconciling their beliefs with an ever-changing world is not a new experience for Jews. One of this book's underlying assertions is that Judaism has constantly adapted itself to meet the challenges posed to it by the need to survive in evolving societies - had it not done so, this ancient religion would long since have been written out of history.

Liberal Judaism A Judaism for the Twenty First Century

Author : Pete Tobias
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'Liberal Judaism: A Judaism for the Twenty-First Century' explores how Judaism has continually sought to address the fundamental questions that have faced humankind over the millennia: the origins and purpose of human life, the existence of God, the need for rituals and practices to encourage respect for the world and justice for those who dwell in it. In this book, Rabbi Pete Tobias reaffirms the relevance of the vision that has inspired and sustained this dynamic faith for almost four thousand years and describes how that vision can be re-stated and implemented in our age.

God Is in the Crowd

Author : Tal Keinan
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“Enthralling, searching, profound, an extraordinarily powerful work on Jewish identity in the twenty-first century.”—Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks A bold proposal for discovering relevance in Judaism and ensuring its survival, from a pioneering social activist, business leader, and fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force God Is in the Crowd is an original and provocative blueprint for Judaism in the twenty-first century. Presented through the lens of Tal Keinan’s unusual personal story, it a sobering analysis of the threat to Jewish continuity. As the Jewish people has become concentrated in just two hubs—America and Israel—it has lost the subtle code of governance that endowed Judaism with dynamism and relevance in the age of Diaspora. This code, as Keinan explains, is derived from Francis Galton’s “wisdom of crowds,” in which a group’s collective intelligence, memory, and even spirituality can be dramatically different from, and often stronger than, that of any individual member’s. He argues that without this code, this ancient people—and the civilization that it spawned—will soon be extinct. Finally, Keinan puts forward a bold and original plan to rewrite the Jewish code, proposing a new model for Judaism and for community in general. Keinan was born to a secular Jewish family in Florida. His interest in Judaism was ignited by a Christian minister at his New England prep school and led him down the unlikely path to enlistment in the Israel Air Force. Using his own dramatic experiences as a backdrop, and applying lessons from his life as a business leader and social activist, Keinan takes the reader on a riveting adventure, weaving between past, present, and future, and fusing narrative with theory to demonstrate Judaism’s value to humanity and chart its path into the future. Advance praise for God Is in the Crowd “Beautifully written, brilliantly argued, this is a unique contribution to the conversation and a must read for anyone concerned with Jewish continuity.”—Yossi Klein Halevi, author of Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor “God Is in the Crowd blends social science, economics, religion, and national identity to help us see more clearly who we are as individuals, people, and a society.”—Dan Ariely, author of The Upside of Irrationality “American, Israeli, entrepreneur, fighter pilot, and investor: Keinan’s diagnosis of Israel and the Jewish Diaspora is provided through the lens of a rich and gripping life story. Keinan’s contribution is indispensable to the debate about the future of the Jewish people.”—Dan Senor, co-author of Start-up Nation

Why Study Talmud in the Twenty first Century

Author : Paul Socken
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Since religion in general and Judaism in particular are relevant in the twenty-first century, this book serves as an assessment of the Talmud's role in our religious and educational experience. This collection of essays demonstrates that the two-thousand-year-old Talmud remains the indispensable and foundational text for Jewish study. Eminent scholars from Israel and North America relate their encounters with this ancient, complex source in an accessible and personal manner.

Future Tense

Author : Jonathan Sacks
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One of the most admired religious thinkers of our time issues a call for world Jewry to reject the self-fulfilling image of “a people alone in the world, surrounded by enemies” and to reclaim Judaism’s original sense of purpose: as a partner with God and with those of other faiths in the never-ending struggle for freedom and social justice for all. We are in danger, says Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, of forgetting what Judaism’s place is within the global project of humankind. During the last two thousand years, Jews have lived through persecutions that would have spelled the end of most nations, but they did not see anti-Semitism written into the fabric of the universe. They knew they existed for a purpose, and it was not for themselves alone. Rabbi Sacks believes that the Jewish people have lost their way, that they need to recommit themselves to the task of creating a just world in which the divine presence can dwell among us. Without compromising one iota of Jewish faith, Rabbi Sacks declares, Jews must stand alongside their friends—Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, and secular humanist—in defense of freedom against the enemies of freedom, in affirmation of life against those who desecrate life. And they should do this not to win friends or the admiration of others but because it is what a people of God is supposed to do. Rabbi Sacks’s powerful message of tikkun olam—using Judaism as a blueprint for repairing an imperfect world—will resonate with people of all faiths.

The Basic Beliefs of Judaism

Author : Lawrence J. Epstein
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The Basic Beliefs of Judaism gives an updated overview of the belief system on which the Jewish faith is based. Author Lawrence Epstein takes a contemporary point of view, looking at how the basic beliefs of Judaism fit into the lives of modern Jews.

Jews and Europe in the Twenty first Century

Author : Nick J. A. Lambert
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This book explores the interplay between minority and mainstream populations, and religious and civic identities in the West, and is based around more than two hundred hours of interviews with prominent Jewish novelists, playwrights, chief rabbis, philosophers, sociologists, historians, psychiatrists, economists and parliamentarians in the Netherlands, Britain and Italy today.

Jewish Studies and Israel Studies in the Twenty First Century

Author : Carsten Schapkow
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This book discusses the multiple intersections between Jewish studies and Israel studies in the twenty-first century. With contributions from an international array of scholars, the volume offers a stimulating and thought-provoking discussion of the current state of scholarship with an outlook toward future areas of research and cross-pollination.

America s Religions

Author : Peter W. Williams
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A panoramic introduction to religion in America, newly revised and updated

Twenty first Century Yiddishism

Author : Tatjana Soldat-Jaffe
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Drawing on sociolinguistics and cultural studies, this book examines transnational debates about teaching Yiddish over the years. It looks at the ways a contested pedagogical terrain comes to define a minority language's on-going resources of cultural and ideological resilience

Never Mind the Bullocks

Author : Pete Tobias
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'Never Mind the Bullocks' is a book that works on several levels. It centres on a group of twelve year-old children at a Jewish summer camp who are obliged to give up their free time to prepare for their bar- or bat-mitzvah ceremonies. Their teacher, who is also the author, is an English rabbi who offers them an alternative way of looking at the Torah, the first Five Books of Moses, encouraging the students - and all readers - to reconsider the possible authorship of this document and its authors' intentions. Each of the eleven lessons, is preceded by a mysterious encounter in the form of an imaginary dialogue between the author and the prophet Isaiah, whose historical insights and prophetic wisdom help the reader to question and challenge the traditional view of the origins of Judaism's sacred text and to gain an insight into the historical, social and theological background from which the Torah emerged. In the book, the children ask the questions that, perhaps, everyone has wanted to ask about traditional religious texts and their associated practices. The 'bullocks' of the title are a specific reference to the biblical practice of animal sacrifice, but are also a general metaphor for any religious text or practice that appears to mask the prophetic and divine demand for goodness and justice. The approach to these texts and practices is challenging, encouraging readers of any persuasion to look at the basis of their religious tradition and seek ways to apply it to the modern world. 'Never Mind the Bullocks' is a bar-/bat-mitzvah course, a provocative discourse on the origins of religion and religious texts and a light-hearted tale of a group of twelve year-olds learning about their heritage in an unconventional way that provides food for thought for all ages.

Jewish Spirituality

Author : Lewis D. Solomon
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When we think about Judaism, we often focus on mechanical repetition and cookbook-like observances and rules. Yet, according to author Lewis D. Solomon, the ceremonies, rituals, and all the accompanying rules and regulations are the byways of Judaism, not its highways or its essence. For many, the ceremonies and rituals, although designed to open and touch the spiritual dimension of existence, often block their spiritual life and vitality. Jewish Spirituality: Revitalizing Judaism for the Twenty–First Century offers the vision of a personal, intimate experience of a living God as the source of health, joy, love, abundance, and wholeness. It is designed to help us meet and surmount our daily problems as well as the crises we all face in living and, ultimately, in dying. True to its practical orientation, Jewish Spirituality focuses on an approach to living that is liberating, promotes and unfolds our inner human possibilities, and helps us realize our highest self as well as those of others around us.

Dying in the Twenty First Century

Author : Lydia S. Dugdale
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Most of us are generally ill-equipped for dying. Today, we neither see death nor prepare for it. But this has not always been the case. In the early fifteenth century, the Roman Catholic Church published the Ars moriendi texts, which established prayers and practices for an art of dying. In the twenty-first century, physicians rely on procedures and protocols for the efficient management of hospitalized patients. How can we recapture an art of dying that can facilitate our dying well? In this book, physicians, philosophers, and theologians attempt to articulate a bioethical framework for dying well in a secularized, diverse society.

Once Upon a Time in the Twenty First Century

Author : Robin Behn
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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""Once upon a Time in the Twenty-First Century" is an innovative, inspirational, and unique creative writing textbook/handbook that fills many educational needs and gaps. Designed to appeal to a wide range of readers and writers - from teenagers to young adults, from grade nine through college and beyond - this volume of exercises is of inestimable value to students and teachers in the traditional classroom, a growing number of homeschoolers, others who are served by "distance learning," those who are part of a writing club or group, and independent writers and learners of all ages. The book is based on years of hands-on experiences in the teaching of creative writing in public high schools and after-school writing clubs. The book begins with poet Robin Behn's introduction and is followed by three writing sections: Genres and Forms; Sources and Methods; and Style and Subject. In each section, Behn offers a brief introduction to how to get started and specific ways to develop one's writing, and each introduction is then followed by extensive exercises that draw on classic literature and popular culture, ranging from Flannery O'Connor and Tennessee Williams to Elizabeth Bishop and Gertrude Stein, from Thomas Wolf and Pablo Neruda to Salman Rushdie and Arlo Guthrie. As part of Behn's layered approach to learning, she integrates within the exercises apt examples of student writings that have emerged from actual use of the exercises in both the classroom and in writing groups. The book concludes with general advice and direction on how to get published"--

Jewish Life in Twenty First Century Turkey

Author : Marcy Brink-Danan
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Turkey is famed for a history of tolerance toward minorities, and there is a growing nostalgia for the "Ottoman mosaic." In this richly detailed study, Marcy Brink-Danan examines what it means for Jews to live as a tolerated minority in contemporary Istanbul. Often portrayed as the "good minority," Jews in Turkey celebrate their long history in the region, yet they are subject to discrimination and their institutions are regularly threatened and periodically attacked. Brink-Danan explores the contradictions and gaps in the popular ideology of Turkey as a land of tolerance, describing how Turkish Jews manage the tensions between cosmopolitanism and patriotism, difference as Jews and sameness as Turkish citizens, tolerance and violence.

Reinventing Marie Corelli for the Twenty First Century

Author : Brenda Ayres
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Novelist Marie Corelli was extremely popular at the turn of the century, so much so that J. M. Stuart-Young complained about the ‘Corelli Cult’. Corelli broke all sales records during the 30 years of her publishing. Her books have enjoyed a resurgence of interest over the past two decades for various reasons but ostensibly due to their challenge to gender constrictions. Corelli’s perception of gender and her gender demeanor were complicated and mercurial. Speculation that she was transgendered, a deduction drawn from her writing and from her having lived in an intimate relationship with Bertha Vyver for 64 years, makes her a person of interest today. Additionally, her 30 novels, short stories and essays are all in print and they reflect a myriad of themes and experiences as relevant today, if not more so, than during the late Victorian period. So far, other than a special issue of ‘Women’s Writing’ in 2006, no collection of essays on Corelli has been published. ‘Reinventing Marie Corelli for the Twenty-First Century’ is the first to remedy that, prompted by her current popularity, a desire to introduce her to a new generation and to instigate critical inquiry that will offer an appreciation for her themes, style and historical place in the literary canon.

The Bible in the Twenty first Century

Author : Howard Clark Kee
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