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Cultivating a Life for God

Author : Neil Cole
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Cultivating a Life for God calls upon us to rethink our busy, fast-paced lives. If there is a stirring in your soul for "something more" in your spiritual journey, take a risk on what God might do in and through your life. Discover the compassion that comes from heaven and can be experienced in a Life Transformation Group (LTG). You may never be the same again "The Life Transformation Group system is a grass roots tool for growth. Through this simple system the most essential elements of vital spiritual ministry are released to common Christians without the need for specialized training. It taps the disciple's internal motivation and provides the support needed to grow in the essentials of a spiritual life. The LTG empowers the common Christian to do the uncommon work of reproductive discipling." (page 63) "In my years of ministry, I have not found any method that produces such powerful results in fulfilling the Great Commission. I personally plan on using this system for the rest of my life to make as many disciples of the kingdom as I can before Christ calls me home " - Neil Cole (page 89) - See more at: http: //

Creating a Life with God

Author : Daniel Wolpert
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Are you longing to take your relationship with God to a new level? This book introduces you to twelve prayer practices that invite you to solitude and silence invite you to use your mind and imagination invite you to use your body and your creativity invite you to connect with nature and community.You'll meet 'travelling companions' from history, such as Ignatius Loyola and Julian of Norwich - individuals and groups whose lives were illuminated by these ways of praying. An appendix offers step-by-step instructions for practicing the Jesus Prayer and the prayer of examen, for walking a labyrinth, praying with your body, and more - whether individually or as a group.

A Life for God in India

Author : Helen S. Dyer
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A Life With God

Author : Gerhard Schaefer
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Gerhard Schaefer's life story has never been fully told. Now, drawing upon unpublished notes, letters, diaries, and cherished family records, A LIFE WITH GOD tells the story of his walk with a God who proves Himself real in the midst of war, suffering and a joy unspeakable. Taken step by step from a boyhood in a Germany destroyed by war, to a life in Switzerland, Gerhard describes the house of his life, built to stand, one brick at a time. His story declares his faith in a God who speaks to the listening ear. Gerhard's book is about climbing mountains, those ones which he never dared to dream of climbing, and through it all, loving God.

A Life for God

Author : Rabbi Greg Hershberg
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"If anyone wants to come after me, let him say ‘No’ to himself, take up his execution-stake daily and keep following me." ­– Yeshua To grasp the depth and height of the great I AM and to live life with the end (eternity) in sight is a believer's most significant accomplishment. Within each of His chosen people, God has placed a desire to know Him, to worship Him, and to live victoriously for Him. He has shown us how to have the right perspective concerning this life and the one to come. And what God starts, He finishes. Come, let Messianic Rabbi Greg Hershberg open the Torah and give you glimpses of the incredible love and character of our God. Let him point you to the Savior through the offerings of Leviticus and the mournful lament of Psalm 22. Let him guide you through the greatest commandment as you learn to say "no" to yourself, pick up your execution-stake, and follow the great I AM.

A Life with God Uncensored

Author : Anne Hinds
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Have you ever wondered if God can work through your life even in the midst of mistakes, infidelity, and feelings of unworthiness? New to the scene author Anne Hinds gives a fascinating account of her quest to unearth value, connection, and spirituality in A Life with God Uncensored. Through her voice and powerful vulnerability, she tells her story of trying to live her life more authentically and of discovering who she truly is. She voices a determination to recognize her God-given image with a distinct vulnerability straight from her heart. Her genuineness concerning her grief in her marriage, in her life, and in losing her son grabs you and offers a realization that you are not alone. In the face of feeling insignificant, being unfaithful, and being human, author Anne Hinds takes you on a compelling journey to discover if she can have A Life with God Uncensored.

A Day in the Life of God Paperback bw 5th Ed

Author :
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Transforming your life with God s Covenants The Moses Covenant

Author : Reva Sloan
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The Prayer of My Life How God Changed Me in Seven Months

Author : Tony Portugal
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What makes this book extremely unique is that the story portion, minus the editing process, was actually written in less than one week. The principles, which are at the end of the story, were written during Tonys journey in his initial seven months with God. In Tonys own words he says: I was not raised in church. I have never known God. Truthfully, I have never actually known myself. My familys love and their concerns for my well-being had always fallen on deaf ears. Simply by establishing my life around counterfeit friends, it forced me to live in the darkest reality of my time. What changed? I went to kill a manand instead Jesus interfered. It is quite unbelievable how believable God really is. The Bible would become the first Book I ever read. Did I understand it at first? No. But the Bible is not based on logical thinking, but illogical people. Lord, I refuse to leave Your presence until You bring out of me what You promised was in me. With that same perspective, the Bible contains a power that enables us to go beyond ourselves. Its mind-blowing how within seven months God can flip your world inside out!

A Life God Rewards Devotional

Author : Bruce Wilkinson
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Those who have read A Life God Rewards have discovered there's an infinitely richer approach to life -- an awareness that the smallest actions of every day have an eternal impact. Bruce Wilkinson has written this personal devotional for those who are eager to reach for God's amazing and generous best for their lives -- starting today! With thirty-one days of inspiring readings, true stories, thought-provoking questions, practical suggestions, classic quotes, and Scriptures, every day becomes a meaningful investment in eternity. From the Hardcover edition.

The Life of God in the Soul of Man Or The Nature and Excellency of the Christian Religion

Author : Henry Scougal
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Life in God s Favour A Seasonable Discourse in Death threatening Times Being the Substance of Several Sermons Upon Psalm xxx 5 By Oliver Heywood

Author : Oliver Heywood
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The Life of God in the Soul of Man Or The Nature and Excellency of the Christian Religion

Author : Gilbert Burnet
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Journeying Life with God celebrating God s Love 5 Tm 2002 Ed

Author :
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My Life with God

Author : Tessie N. Del Rosario
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Each of us experiences the vicissitudes of life in different ways. Some, it could be said, never experience grief while others seem to have lives of grief alone. I wrote this book, the story of my life, not to suggest my life is full of either just strife or just happiness. Like anyone else, I have experienced both joys and sorrows. But I wrote this book so the reader can experience the reality of our great and awesome God speaking to us all in an audible voice and clear in our spirit. No matter what occurred for me, no matter what surprises life brought me, it was always our God, Creator of the Universe, who kept His promises of the things He would do for me and that He will also do for you, the reader of this book. What He did for me He will do for you and you will see things happen one by one before your very eyes all your life if you are accepting Him as I am. Once you see how our God dealt with a person like myself, who is average and very ordinary, a person like me full of imperfections and sins, a person who even by my own standards would not be acceptable or qualified to be His servant, yet still He called me to serve Him, you will understand why I am very indebted and grateful to Him. It is my hope that after your reading this book you will one day feel as indebted and grateful to Him as I am. Our God used a "nobody" like me to heal a crippled woman to walk normally (as you will see). He used me to heal instantly a woman with back problems who had been going to chiropractors for years with no results. He delivered drugs addicts from their bondage of addiction, and fought for someone who was on the brink of Satan's possession, casting out demons from a house that was haunted. I was his vessel that showed how when someone prays believing in God that He will always answer. Our God showed me His wonders, His power for healing, the manifestation of His gifts, and His presence in my life and the lives of others. God treated me as special and highly favored, touching the hearts of men to do me favors. He demonstrated His great love for me by sending His only Son to die in my place to save me from sins and the fires of hell. He showed me how privileged I was and still am to be given an opportunity to accept Jesus into my heart to be my personal Savior and Lord of my life. He gave me the right to become a child of God and He will do the same for you. He gave me a blessed assurance that I will go to heaven to be with my Lord Jesus forever and ever. Here you will learn how to have that very close, intimate and personal relationship with God that I have. You will feel you know His plans and directions for you. You will develop a very strong faith to believe that whatever His will for you, it is acceptable and with the complete resignation that He is in control no matter what the circumstances are you find yourself in. It makes no difference if you are sick or well, dying or lively, because you will understand the need and desire to put yourself in His hands as I have done. You will completely trust in Him because you will believe in His sovereignty.

Life with God

Author : Larry White
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1Life with God is a biblical study of salvation and eternal life. Through this study, Dr. White helps us take a close look at God's Word as he explains many fascinating, theological concepts relating to knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. His practical manner of teaching is fresh and exciting. His deep insights are thought provoking to all who enjoy the Bible (both the well studied and beginners too). You will enjoy your study of Life with God as Larry leads you from one glorious truth to another. Then, you will better enjoy your Life with God as you live each day and prepare for eternity. Some of the intriguing topics discussed are: What does it mean to "believe" as relating to salvation? What is "eternal life" according to God's Word? What causes some to "believe" but their lives are not changed? Why does God condemn unbelievers? Why does God not condemn believers? What happens to a believer who dies with unconfessed sins? What happens to children who die before the age of accountability? What must an unsaved person do to be saved? Why is it imperative for believers to believe in the eternal wrath of God? After almost 30 years of serving as a pastor, Larry saw the need to write a book to help believers know what we believe and why we believe as we do concerning Life with God. Larry is confident those who study this book will have gained a better working knowledge of what the Bible teaches about salvation and how to teach, preach or share one's faith more effectively. Larry has a driving passion for revival and spiritual awakening in America. That desire flows from the deepest passion of his life, which is the glory of God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Life Pleasing to God

Author : Augustine Holmes
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Basil the Great (330-379) is one of the most important figures in christian history and a theologian and spiritual teacher of ecumenical significance. At a time when the sources of their rich spiritual heritage are beingre-appropriated by Christians of many traditions, it is strange that little attention has been given to basilian spirituality. a life Pleasing to God tells the story of Basil's own spiritual development in the theologically turbulent fourth-century. Its core is a study of those passages of the Ascetic on which illustrate his understanding of the foundation of the christian life and lay out the possibilities, and problems, of christian community.

Journey of Love Life with God

Author : Carolina Siores-Akiona
File Size : 78.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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My Walk Through Life as God Orders My Steps

Author : Joyce Joyce Ashton-Douglas
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This book is my first attempt to go solo. It is a collection of spiritual poems, prayers and letters to GOD. Writing has helped me retain my sanity through years of troubles, heartaches and pains. I give all praises to GOD for HIS many blessings! Remember, a portion of the proceeds for this book goes to my church.

God s Prescription for Life

Author : Clementina Owoyemi
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God is a faith being. He believed and He spoke. He spoke this world into existence by His Word. He calls those things that be not as though they were. When He saw darkness, He spoke light! He created us to be like Him. He wants us to have faith like Him, to speak things into existence like He did. The Word of God has in it the seed for every of our needs if we can only take time to plant those seeds.