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A Life in Aikido

Author : Kisshomaru Ueshiba
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The history of Japan's martial traditions is replete with many outstanding individuals, but few have attained the legendary status of Morihei Ueshiba. Throughout his extraordinary life, Ueshiba mastered an array of martial arts and techniques, including jujutsu and kendo, and endlessly devoted himself to the philosophies of Japan's martial schools. He also had a deep knowledge of the practice of Shinto. Refining these traditions into a wholly new system, he founded Aikido--the way of harmony. Aikido goes far beyond simple methods of attack or self-defense, seeking to dispel aggression by creating a sense of oneness, thus ultimately promoting peace. Through its unique aspect of both preserving the heritage of the classical fighting arts and applying them within the context of contemporary society, Aikido has quickly become one of the most respected martial arts in the world. In this engaging and compelling biography, the Founder's son Kissomaru Ueshiba (the second Aikido Doshu) details the life of this remarkable man, from his early years as a youth in the turbulent Meiji era to his death in 1969. Incorporating many first-hand accounts and anecdotes as well as historical documents, the author weaves a fascinating narrative of the Founder's life, and with great fondness tells of his own memories of the man who would come to be known as O Sensei--great master. Ueshiba reveals much about the character and temperament of his father, painting a picture of a man of formidable commitment and spirituality, in both his practice of Aikido and his message of peace. Indeed, his dedication to his art was so strong that through his techniques he was able to attain kami-waza; an ability that transcends the human and reaches the divine. This book will appeal to any reader with an interest in the life of Morihei Ueshiba and a desire to discover the real person behind the legend.

Aikido in Everyday Life

Author : Terry Dobson
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Conflict is an unavoidable aspect of living. The principles of aikido are uniquely suited to everyday conflict resolution because it is a martial art based on avoiding attack. Its nondefensive, prosocial stance offers new options for dealing with conflict and can help break habits such as bullying and intimidation.

The Life Giving Sword

Author : Liese Klein
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The Life-Giving Sword: Kazuo Chiba's Life in Aikido spans modern Japanese history and ranges across the world to tell the story of a man with a mission - to understand and transmit the modern martial art of Aikido. It's a story full of struggle and heartbreak that will leave the reader with a new appreciation of an immigrant's achievements and the transformative power of a unique physical and spiritual practice.

Aikido in Daily Life

Author : Kōichi Tōhei
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The Spirit of Aikido

Author : Kisshomaru Ueshiba
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Kisshomaru Ueshiba (1921-1999), is regarded as a man who embodied the spirit of aikido, as inherited from his father, Morihei Ueshiba, akido's founder. The Spirit of Aikido is his masterpiece, and regarded as a seminal work on the discipline, and on martial arts in general. In this classic discourse, Ueshiba concisly explains the essence of aikido's philosophy and techniques. Long available in paperback, The Spirit of Aikido will now be published in a hardcover edition, with new photos and a preface by Moriteru Ueshiba, the third and present Aikido Doshu (headmaster) and the author's son. Aikido--a modern Japanese martial art unique in its synthesis of classic forms with a well-defined spiritual base--offers a key to the art of living naturally and unselfishly in a complicated world. This book explains it in reference to the founder's philosophy of mind--and action. In addition, the history of aikido's prewar development as a noncompetitive new martial art is described in the context of its international role.

Aikido for Life

Author : Gaku Homma
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Discusses the philosophy behind aikido, demonstrates beginning lessons, and shows how to apply its principles to one's life

The Art of Aikido

Author : 植芝吉祥丸
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Aikido is now practised in 86 countries. The Aikido ideal of 'polishing one's mind and body to foster a spirit of harmony' has struck a common chord among the peoples of the world. This book was written by Kisshomaru Ueshiba, the son of the founder of Aikido. Born into the household of a martial arts genius, Kisshomaru naturally absorbed many teachings from his father, Morihei, as he was growing up. Morihei himself explained Aikido in archaic, esoteric language, and limited his instruction to only a select few, but in order to accomplish the mission of introducing Aikido to

Aikido and the New Warrior

Author : Morihei Ueshiba
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Aikido and the New Warrior includes essays which illuminate Aikido concepts as they apply to many different walks of life: sports, nature, anger, martial arts training, death, and aging to name a few. Please note that this book does not include information on martial arts techniques.

Aikido for Self Discovery

Author : Stan Wrobel
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How to use Aikido as a tool for intuitive living and spiritual enlightenment.

Aikido Ground Fighting

Author : Walther G. Von Krenner
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Aikido Ground Fighting presents effective ground techniques that remain true to aikido founder Morehei Ueshiba's teachings while addressing a potential weakness in the system: while aikido is renowned for its submission and compliance techniques as well as grappling from a standing position, it is not known for its effectiveness when it comes to ground fighting. Aikido Ground Fighting is a unique look at the roots of aikido techniques (in particular, the kneeling practices of suwari-waza) and how they might be applied to defense on the ground. Written by a direct student of Morihei Ueshiba in collaboration with other aikido teachers, this book remains steadfastly true to the founder's teachings while presenting innovative and effective techniques. Containing never-before-published pictures of Ueshiba as well as step-by-step photographs clearly demonstrating techniques, Aikido Ground Fighting is designed for aikido students looking to become more well-rounded martial artists as well as practitioners of all martial arts seeking effective self-defense techniques. From the Trade Paperback edition.


Author : Winfried Wagner
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In this volume, nine renowned experts delineate their theoretical or methodological approach of Aikidô in potentiating constructive handling of social conflicts. The authors depict the contribution of the Japanese self-defensive art Aikidô to the theory and practice of conflict transformation. The concept of Elicitive Conflict Transformation (Lederach, Dietrich) necessarily calls for a revised understanding of applied peace work and a new personal profile of the conflict worker. This is the point where Aikidô and conflict/peace work meet.

Bokken Sword in Aikido

Author : Bartosz Ciechanowicz
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Giving this book to the readers I deeply believe that I will contribute to the greater popularisation of aikido in the world. I have divided the book "Bokken. Sword in Aikido. Kihon Aikiken. Volume I" into two thematic blocks. The first of them has a historical background. In it I refer to the history of Japan and, above all, to the most important social and military conditions that shaped for centuries the art of sword. In this part I describe the Japanese warrior and the katana sword. I also present here important facts from the life of master Morihei Ueshiba and the profiles of his students. That's how I wanted to refresh the increasingly weakening memory of the people who participated in the creation the aikido art. I have devoted a few dozen pages to this because I think it is an extremely important element of the tradition of the art, giving meaning to the identity of people practising aikido. I have devoted the second thematic block to the technical grounds of aikiken. From this part, the reader will learn what is necessary for mastering the skills of wielding a bokken. It is obvious that the book in no way will replace the practice and knowledge derived from the teacher. However, I hope that not the book alone, but my experiences - collected for over twenty years – described in it will systematise the knowledge about aikiken and encourage you to start training with a sword. See you on the mat… Author of the book, Bartosz Ciechanowicz

Aikido as Transformative and Embodied Pedagogy

Author : Michael A. Gordon
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Drawing on the author’s lifelong practice in the non-competitive and defensive Japanese art of Aikido, this book examines education as self-cultivation, from a Japanese philosophy (e.g. Buddhist) perspective. Contemplative practices, such as secular mindfulness meditation, are being increasingly integrated into pedagogical settings to enhance social and emotional learning and well-being and to address stress-induced overwhelm due to increased pressures on the education system and its constituents. The chapters in this book explore the various ways, through the lens of this non-violent relational art of Aikido, that pedagogy is always something being practiced (on the level of psychological, somatic and emotional registers) and thus holding potential for transformation into being more relational, ecological-minded, and reflecting more ‘embodied attunement.’ Positioning education as a practice, one of self-discovery, the author argues that one can approach personal development as engaging in a spiritual process of integrating mind and body towards full presence of being and existence.

Dance With Heaven Earth

Author : Anna Sanner
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The texts in this book are inspired by the teachings of Katsuyuki Shimamoto, 8th dan, who has been a Zen priest and aikido teacher for 50 years. the title is taken from a poem that frequently graces his calligraphies: Harmonize with others Harmonize with Heaven and Earth Dance with others Dance with Heaven and Earth Humble and congenial, Katsuyuki Shimamoto is a perpetrator of aikido as a martial art of peace that seeks to create harmony. Influenced strongly by Zen, he emphasizes good posture, calm breathing, universal acceptance, simplicity, and minimalist aesthetics. These short pieces of wisdom taken from aikido and Zen help us understand that living with others is what allows us to live at all. That the right form - including posture, field of vision, and breathing - can change not only our outlook but the outcome, too. That we can neutralize any attack once we learn to accept it. That true victory is to win against our weaknesses, and fighting only serves as a stepping stone towards harmony. That with the right approach, the very life we struggle with can turn into the greatest treasure. Photographer and designer Morteza Ariana has not only given the book a beautiful look but also contributed significantly to conveying its message by adding a visual component to its expression. His breathtaking original photographs resonate with Katsuyuki Shimamoto's sense for Zen aesthetics and clarity of communication. Every text is juxtaposed with one of these images, adding another dimension to its meaning, and often alluding to the contradictory nature of Zen teachings intended to help practitioners overcome the boundaries of reason. Get ready for a book that takes you straight to the heart of the matter. Dance with Heaven & Earth!

Best Aikido

Author : Kisshomaru Ueshiba
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Presents an introduction to the fundamentals of aikido, covering training, techniques, and principles of the martial art.


Author : Gozo Shioda
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In this first full autobiographical work, the legendary aikido grandmaster Gozo Shioda tells of his exciting life. Born in Tokyo in 1915, Shioda excelled as a student of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido. He went on to win first place in the All Japan Martial Arts Exhibition in 1954; and later, founded the Yoshinkan school of aikido, considered a "hard" style for its rigorous training techniques and emphasis on correct form. In 1988, Shioda was awarded the title of Aikido Master by the International Martial Arts Federation. Over the course of his distinguisehd career, he also served as the chief instructor for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, the Air Self-defense Force, the Japanese National Railways, and a number of leading Japanese universities. In Aikido: My Spiritual Journey, Shioda relates moving, personal anecdotes about Ueshiba and imparts what he learned from his mentor. He offers a concise overview of the key elements of aikido, including breath power, focused power, and the power of the center line. About 20 rare photos of the author, chronicling his life in aikido, are also included. Yasuhisa Shioda, the author's son and himself a prominent figure in the aikido world, has contributed the Afterword to this volume.

Journey to the Heart of Aikido

Author : Linda Holiday
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Journey to the Heart of Aikido presents the teachings of Motomichi Anno Sensei, one of the few remaining direct students of Morihei Ueshiba, the legendary founder of Aikido. After a lifetime of practice and teaching in Japan, the United States, and Europe, Anno Sensei conveys through his teachings Aikido's essential spirit of love, harmony, gratitude, and purification with simple authenticity and eloquence. Author and translator Linda Holiday--herself a senior instructor of Aikido--brings to life the intimacy of this communication through translated discourses on the deep practice of Aikido and candid dialogues between Anno sensei and Western students. Journey to the Heart of Aikido includes Linda Holiday's vivid account of her adventure as a young woman studying Aikido in the mystical region of Kumano, Japan, in the 1970s, and a poignant telling of Anno sensei's life and his first-hand experience of training with Aikido's founder. An essential resource for the global Aikido community, Journey to the Heart of Aikido also offers spiritual teachings relevant to all contemporary seekers, touching a wide range of themes such as the meaning of martial arts, the integration of body and spirit, the truth of interconnectedness, and the practice of peace, offering all readers insight into the profound spiritual questions at the heart of life. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Way of Aikido

Author : George Leonard
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“This book is a warmhearted handshake, a graceful and practical invitation to enter and blend with the ahhh of the world. It is as natural and wise an introduction to the spirit of the martial arts as you can find on paper.”—Jack Kornfield, bestselling author of A Path with Heart In his bestselling Mastery, renowned spiritual and martial arts teacher George Leonard taught hundreds of thousands of people how to use Zen philosophy to reach mastery in any field. Now, he brings together his extraordinary knowledge and experience into a book that translates the principles of aikido directly into our everyday lives. Aikido is more philosophy and meditation than a technique or a series of purely physical maneuvers. Leonard shares the secrets of this remarkable Eastern philosophy, which is the basis for the most radical and demanding of all martial arts. Through mind-body exercises inspired by aikido yet designed for non-practitioners, he demonstrates the fundamental understanding behind aikido and shows how it can be applied to help set us on the path to composure, self-sufficiency, and spiritual centeredness. Combining illuminating personal anecdotes with practical advice, this award-winning author describes the ways in which aikido can help turn life’s unanticipated blows into gifts and transform discord into harmony, anxiety and pain into vital energy. Exhilarating, enlightening, and filled with unique wisdom, The Way of Aikido is an inspiring lesson in balance, confidence, and power. “The Way of Aikido does no less than open the door to the universe and invite you through to become one with it, to become balanced, powerful, energetic, alert, and present.”—Susan Trott, author of The Holy Man and Crane Spreads Wings


Author : Morihei Ueshiba
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Morihei Ueshiba wrote this treatise on the martial arts for his advanced students in 1938, outlining the spirit and aims of aikido. The book includes rare photographs. Morihei Ueshiba is rightly known as one of the world's greatest martial artists for his creation of aikido, the synthesis of his superb technique and his profound spiritual insight into the nature of the universe. Aikido is much more than just another fighting style, it is a holistic approach to life that Morihei described as a divine path inspired by the gods that leads to truth, goodness, and beauty.' Sadly, Morihei'

Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training

Author : C. M. Shifflett
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With over 100 illustrations and 300 pages of detailed techniques and exercises, this has proved itself as the definitive guide to this peaceful martial art.