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A Little Book about Feelings

Author : Abbie Schiller
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Explains what feelings are and discusses how to recognize and understand them.

The Little Book of Big Feelings

Author : Maureen Marzi Wilson
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From the author of the popular Introvert Doodles and Kind of Coping, Maureen “Marzi” Wilson is tackling all kinds of big feelings with over 175 relatable, supportive, and light-hearted comics in her signature style. We’ve been conditioned to think that the most acceptable response to “How are you?” is, “I’m fine.” But our emotions are much more complicated than that! Sometimes we feel a little annoyed, or elated, or afraid. And you know, that’s okay! In The Little Book of Big Feelings, Maureen “Marzi” Wilson takes us on a journey of self-acceptance and validation. After all, our emotions are only reactions to experiences that we can learn from; there’s no such thing as a “bad” emotion. It’s okay to be scared, it’s alright to feel hopeful, and it’s perfectly fine to feel both at the same time. There is a wide range of human emotions, and it’s time we start embracing each one!

Little Book of Big Emotions

Author : Erika M Hunter
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A simple approach to understanding the five basic emotions as energy that can be released and utilized to live a fuller, happier life. Mad. Sad. Glad. Scared. Ashamed. for many people, these five ordinary and necessary emotions lead to "big" emotional turmoil. As Erika Hunter expertly explains, you can create greater peace and clarity in your life when you learn to identify and accept your true feelings--and release unwanted emotions. EXCERPT: "To lead whole, healthy lives, we experience our feelings, name them, and chose whether to act on them. No one else can do this for us. Our emotional lives are constantly changing, and our emotions are important clues to discovering what we truly value and what we will become."

Feelings in My Suitcase

Author : Kate Doyle
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A sensitive story about carrying our feelings that are sometimes overwhelming. With the right help we can unpack them carefully and even carry them alongside us while we play. This special resource can be used to open powerful conversations to promote emotional growth.

Happy Grumpy Loved

Author : Ruth Austin
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"This adorable book of feelings encourages babies and toddlers to explore the world around them with confidence and joy. The playful illustrations and key words introduce you and your little one to a shared language of empathy, connection, and emotional intelligence. A fun and gentle way to support early communication skills; ideal for sharing at playtime or story time. [€[ Features words like "surprised," "brave," and "loved" to give your child the language to explore emotions. [€[ A board book to encourage babies to explore and connect with the world around them with playfulness, confidence, and emotional intelligence [€[ Perfect for ages 0"€"2 [€[ Gifting occasions: baby shower, new baby, early birthdays"

Little Books about Important Things

Author : Abbie Schiller
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Little Books About Important Things is a beautiful three book set that includes A Little Book About Safety, A Little Book About Friendship, and A Little Book About Feelings. These books tackle the often-difficult topics for children ages 3 to 8 on how to avoid getting lost; how to make friends; and how to express yourself and your feelings. Here are descriptions of each individual book: A Little Book About Safety: Explore personal safety for kids without scaring them! When lovable Hugo Hippo navigates his way through a fun day at the community pool with his family, his safety readiness is put to the test in a variety of familiar situations. Hugo helps kids understand safety topics gently and with humor, such as memorizing a Safe Adult's phone number, covering up private parts when changing, paying attention to your gut "Uh-Oh" feeling, and remembering to "Check First" with a Safe Adult before going anywhere unexpected. A Little Book About Feelings: Colorful handmade characters engage young children as they investigate the origins, variety, and universality of feelings. Kids are encouraged to recognize and express their feelings, which in turn helps them feel better understood and loved. This book gently teaches children the vital emotional literacy skills needed to recognize, name and appropriately express feelings, thereby helping them to develop compassion, empathy, and self-awareness. A Little Book About Friendship: When Lionel the Lion and Louie the Sheep meet at the local playground, these two opposites have a grand time until Lionel unintentionally scares Louie. How will the two new friends work it out? This story offers critical tools to teach conflict resolution at a very young age and presents a kid-friendly take on how to make, keep, and nurture lasting friendships.

Thoughts and Feelings

Author : Rod Pitcher
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How Do I Feel

Author : Dk Pub
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Encourage little ones to explore their feelings with this ideal introduction to key emotions: Anger, Pride, Happiness, and Sadness. It is often difficult for children, and adults, to articulate their emotions and to understand why they act the way they do. This colorful illustrated board book encourages pre-schoolers to understand what is happening in their body when they feel happy or sad, and how strong feelings can shape their actions. Fun characters illustrate each emotion, from a little flame representing Anger to a sparkly star for Pride, and simple text is ideal for reading aloud.

First Emotions How Am I Feeling

Author : DK
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My Little Box of Emotions

Author :
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The characters Happiness, Anger, Sadness and Pride are here to teach your little one how to manage their emotions. Kids come with a full spectrum of emotions, some of which are too big to keep inside. Every child handles their feelings differently. Learning to deal with them is an important part of growing up. This collection of board books teaches kids how to recognize their emotions. This colorful collection of illustrated books covers a range of emotions that small children experience daily. They just might not fully understand their feelings or have the words for them yet. Each book in this series features fun characters that illustrate a specific emotion. Discover the smiling sunshine that represents Happiness and the twinkly star that represents Pride. This set of educational books will help your child understand what different emotions are, and that everyone feels this way sometimes. It also encourages emotional development. In I Feel Sad, the little raincloud shows young children that being sad is okay, and how to stop this feeling from getting too big. In I Feel Angry, the little flame tells kids the best way to deal with this big feeling, and what happens in the body when we get angry. The simple text is ideal for reading aloud and makes reading time fun and educational. This set of adorable picture books will help your child with language development, vocabulary building and talking about their emotions. Let the cute characters help your toddler discover the simple answers to difficult questions about feelings. My Little Guide to Big Emotions This collection of preschool books is the ideal children's gift and makes a great addition to any bookshelf. This bright box set from DK Books includes five board books: - How Do I Feel? - I Feel Happy - I Feel Angry - I Feel Sad - I Feel Proud. These books are also available individually. Look out for Sunshine in I Feel Happy, Raincloud in I Feel Sad, Flame in I Feel Angry and the little Star in I Feel Proud.

Feel a Little

Author : Jenny Palmer
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Feel A Little is a colourful, character-filled book about big feelings for little ones. It features poems by Jenny Palmer, illustrated by Evie Kemp, in their first ever collaboration and they've partnered with Little Love to publish this heartfelt project into a bright, beautiful hardback book. Feel A Little features a rainbow of 14 important emotions, all explored through gorgeous 'read along' rhymes accompanied by cute characters. Feel A Little is perfect for reading to children from a young age, and for children aged 7-11 to read to you. Youth emotional and mental health are huge issues in our communities, with children maturing earlier and facing an isolating modern world with modern challenges. As a community we need to start focussing on understanding and encouraging communication around feelings from an early age - equipping children with the tools they need to best face the ups and downs (and in-betweens) of life. Parents, caregivers and educators need a variety of ways to encourage these conversations and the safe space of engaged reading together is a proven, effective beginning. Feel A Little creates poetic and imaginative word prompts and a visual language for emotions, providing a starting point for discussions that you can come back to again and again.

My Little World How Do You Feel

Author : Roger Priddy
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Roger Priddy's My Little World: How Do you Feel is a first book about emotions for young children. It is designed to introduce children to how they may feel in different situations and to help them recognise what these feelings are. Each spread follows four animal characters as they visit the doctor's, go to the swimming pool, and other scenarios. As well as a simple story to read, this book also allows children to discuss with their parents how they might feel by placing the face cards into a die-cut on every spread. The face cards are contained in a clamshell in the cover, so they can be used again and again as children grow. Part of the My Little World series

A Little SPOT of Feelings

Author : Diane Alber
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My Feelings Activity Book

Author : Abbie Schiller
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Colorful images of handmade felt characters engage young children as they learn about the origins, universality, and variety of feelings. "A Little Book About Feelings" combines beautiful color photos of enchanting, hand-made felt characters with empowering messages based in emotional literacy. Children learn to recognize and express their feelings, which in turn helps them feel better understood. Images and characters in the book are based on the award-winning children's series, "Ruby's Studio."

Little Teddy Bear s Happy Face Sad Face

Author : Lynn Offerman
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Youngsters are invited to place die-cut faces depicting various emotions in the openings in the illustrations to reveal Little Teddy Bear's feelings as he rides his bicycle in the park, plays with his friends, and returns home to bed. On board pages.

The Little Book of Writings

Author : Jos. H. Leidig
File Size : 39.30 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this book you will find many human emotions expressed in a poetical style that will hold your interest; it also includes short stories almost everyone would be familiar with and have empathetic feelings for. "The Little Book of Writings" is written by a man who has from time to time experienced many of the emotions talked about within its pages. Once you begin, you will find yourself wanting to read it to the end.

Little Monster s Book of Feelings

Author : Iveta Ongley
File Size : 55.88 MB
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Join Little Monster in his adventures and his exploration of the challenging world of feelings in this delightful rhyming book.

The Little Book of Anxiety Fixes

Author : L. D. Corne
File Size : 27.8 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Most people at some time in their lives feel overwhelmed by anxiety, worry and stress. Dealing with these sabotaging feelings for years on end can make you feel quite depressed.In less than 15 minutes, this book will give you the techniques to empower you to get rid of those feelings.By introducing little fixes, changing the way you see difficult situations, and being able to reduce those feelings quickly, you will start to control the parts of your brain that influence anxiety: the hippocampus (or seahorse) and the amygdala (almond).


Author : Pat-a-Cake
File Size : 46.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Help curious preschoolers find out more about themselves with these fantastic lift-the-flap board books. Find Out About: Feelings helps curious preschoolers get to grips with their feelings and emotions - a key topic for both them and their parents. Featuring friendly child characters and familiar situations, they will find answers and reassurance when they are feeling happy, sad, frightened, brave and everything in between. With fun flaps to lift and a memory game at the end, this is an excellent book for children and parents to share together. Also available: Find Out About: Animals

The Little Book of Self Esteem

Author : Anita Naik
File Size : 76.20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Presents inspirational phrases and goals for children who are suffering from low self-esteem, advising readers to aim high, be enthusiastic, and beat shyness.