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A look at life through my eyes

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Life Through My Eyes

Author : Steven M. Rippin
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Have you ever been bullied, assaulted, suffered mental health issues because of how small-minded individuals have treated you? If your answer is yes, then this book is for you.

A Look at Life from a Deer Stand Deluxe Edition

Author : Steve Chapman
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The Thrill of the HuntThe Thrill of Living for God The adventure of a lifetime awaits when you join avid outdoorsman Steve Chapman on the hunt for more than just deer. As Steve retells some of his best hunting stories, you'll gain valuable insights on relationships, success, and most important, spiritual growth. With humor and honesty, Steve shares the ups and downs from his numerous treks into deer country. Relive some of your fondest hunting memories and draw closer to God as you read about the wonder and anticipation of a teenage boy's first hunt a generous gesture that turns into a double portion of venison the mixed emotions of a hunter tracking wounded game a father and son who both get their first deer with a bow—on the same day an unexpected encounter with a magnificent whitetail This handsome edition of Steve's bestselling book with a faux-leather binding and a built-in bookmark is the perfect choice for every hunting enthusiast.

My Life Through My Eyes

Author : Jared Bucey
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Ricochet Looking at My Life through Heaven s Eyes Part I

Author :
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Looking at Life Through American Literature

Author : Nellie Mae Lombard
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My Life Through My Eyes

Author : C. A. Jones
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This is a story about a girl who was born In Kalamazoo, Michigan and lived most of her life in the Kalamazoo area. She starts out by telling a little about her parents and where they came from. Then she shares her memories of what she was told about her being an infant. Then she continues to tell about her memories of growing up. She had to care for her sister and brothers at a very young age. There is also many other things she shares. The places she lived, the good times she had, the many travels she went on, falling in love, having children, remarrying, caring for step-children, and then becoming a grandmother. She also shares with the readers the dangerous things she does and the scary things that happened. She had to grow up too soon, experienced unwanted sexual encounters, her first husbands betrayal, and divorce.

Through the Eyes of a Poet

Author : Sjk
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This book is about life, love, hurt, pain, life, and death, all of the many phases that affect us as human beings. Through poetic artistry, Through the Eyes of a Poet speaks from the heart several glimpses of who we are and how to overcome. Over the course of several years, writing poetry and this collection have captured the voice of God through the heart of a woman, a sister, a daughter, a friend. Because of her ability to hear the Spirits voice, she survived and was made even stronger. I want to share with you what helped me. Poetry is what poetry gives.

Your Life Through My Eyes

Author : Mary Pourch
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This book is about my personal experience during the January 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti. On January 10, 2010, I traveled from Rhode Island through Boston Logan Airport and through Miami, Florida, and then Haiti. For two consecutive days, I was assigned to preach in the Church of God at Rue Du Centre, Port-au-Prince. Earlier on January 12, I was invited to speak at the same church in the early morning prayer service at 6:00 a.m. I was accompanied by my friend Bishop Habel Cesar Novas, a United States of America army veteran of Dominican background who travels with me on many occasions. I was asked to return the same day at 10:00 a.m., and that service ended at 12:10 p.m.

Life Through My Eyes

Author : John T. M. Herres
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Gathered here is a collection of 24 poems from the corners of my mind. As you can read in the intro of the book, they have come from less than 10 years of my life, and most have been within the last 6 months or so of this writing. If I were to choose one to say it was my favorite, I would have to go with "Scenery". There are others I like as well, but in my opinion, it expresses a certain emotion. What will your favorite be?

Praying for Your Job

Author : Elmer Towns
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Praying for Your Job-Prosperity, Fulfillment, Happiness is a timely book that provides encouragement, inspiration, and motivation for Christians who: Have lost their job. Need a job. Are facing the possibility of losing their job. Are dissatisfied at work. Question the authority of a "rotten" boss. Have questions about changing jobs. Are looking forward to retirement. In these economically stressful and high-unemployment times, Praying for Your Job brings solutions to the reality of the circumstances directly into the hands of those who are going through them-you. The two authors have a smoothly blended voice that gives readers everything they need to deal with all aspects of employment, unemployment, résumés, interviews, financial guidelines, and the like-all wrapped up with peace-of-mind scriptures supporting every clearly presented principle. An inspirational yet very practical book from which every employed Christian or recently unemployed Christian can glean wisdom.

The World Through My Eyes

Author : Sonia Broadbent
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This book is a collection of poems that reflects the world through my eyes. It is an emotional and creative journey sprinkled with many different life experiences, including childhood, adolescence, friendship, love and love lost that I have encountered p

Poetry For Life Through the teenage years

Author :
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Life Through the Eyes of a Serial Cheat

Author : M. J. McGrath
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Have you ever wondered what he is getting upto behind your back.....why just live in wonder when you can get a glimpse of a real life serial cheat and what he got upto in ever day life when he thought people were not watching.

College Life through the Eyes of Students

Author : Mary Grigsby
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The struggles and achievements of today's college students are throws into stark relief in this fascinating account of how such students make meaning of their lives. Author Mary Grigsby uses the voices of students themselves to discuss how they view, adjust to, and participate in the college student culture of a large midwestern university and to explore what they think of their educational experiences. Topics include a look at a typical day on campus, student subcultures and the lifestyles they engender, whether college life conforms to the images and scenarios of popular culture, and student approaches to making it through college. Going to college has become the major coming-of-age experience for many people in the United States, and Mary Grigsby has provided a compelling, readable, and up-to-date account of this formative period. Book jacket.

Life Love and God Through the Eyes of Lynne Adair

Author : Lynne Adair
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Life, Love and God Through the Eyes of Lynne Adair By: Lynne Adair Lynne Adair had written poetry through most of his life. While a good life, it was not without its hardships. He learned to laugh at his troubles, because crying never made anything better. He then decided, in 2019, to publish his poetry. Some you will understand, others you may not, some you will like, and others you may dislike, but they are all told through Adair’s eyes.

Ponytails to Pearls Life Through The Eyes of My Soul

Author : Tabatha (Shack) Carsus
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My life's work of poems I have written from high school to today.

Visions of Life Through the Eyes of a Black Man

Author : T.G. Ryans
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In his stunning writing debut, 23 year-old T.G.Ryans whom declares himself as "the black man" mentioned in the title, takes readers on an unforgettable journey as he displays page after page of poetry and short stories that enlighten readers on a young black man's oulook on life, love and society that is sure to leave readers amazed and in awe of his remarkable talent. In a new millennium where hip hop and r&b music seem to be the wave of the future, T.G.Ryans writing style fits right in.

Through My Eyes As a Poet

Author : Bill Gulden
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Through My Eyes As A Poet encompasses the real life accounts and experiences as well as people close to the Author Bill Gulden. These accounts span from the author's childhood to this present day. The author brings you face to face with the war in Iraq and what our troops over in that country are faced with. Learn how to improve relationships and make the best out of what is handed to you in this life. "The only one that can change my situation in life is me." Travel back to Biblical times and take the trip with Noah. Big Brother is not just a story; learn what we are doing to make this come about. In Through My Eyes As A Poet learn how New York City is the most exciting place traveled. "They brighten up Central Park like a glistening gem." New Jersey, learn what the Garden State has within "A Stress Test". Through My Eyes As A Poet learn how Christmas has made an impact on the author's life as well as the lives of people in the world. Learn how "Teamwork" works and remember there is no "I" in team!

Life Through My Eyes

Author : Eugenia Crawford
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Life Through My Eyes: A Collection of Poetry is a glimpse into the life of Eugenia Crawford. Writing has been her form of release after overcoming and surviving life’s experiences with disappointment, sorrow, pain, suffering, fear and love one day at a time.