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Season of Secrets A Christmas to Die For

Author : Marta Perry
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Danger lurks during the holidays in these two fan-favorite, suspenseful tales from bestselling author Marta Perry Season of Secrets Years ago, Dinah Westlake witnessed the murder of her cousin, but lost all memories of that night. Now, her cousin's husband, Marc Devlin, is back in town for a true Southern Christmas. But when recollections of that night start to resurface, Dinah will have to uncover whether Marc is a murderer or the man she loves. A Christmas to Die For Tyler Dunn comes to Rachel Hampton's family inn seeking justice for a decades-old crime. Rachel wants to trust the attractive architect, but he's too secretive—until a shocking link to her past is uncovered. Suddenly Christmas in Amish country is full of danger as Rachel finds herself the target of a killer….

Diamonds to Die For

Author : Jim Schneider
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The husband and wife team of Emil and Leela Pulaski are drawn back into violence and intrigue once again when they are asked to investigate an unsolved murder of a local Coeur d'Alene, Idaho writer. The investigation leads to a diamond fencing operation and a neo-Nazi organization, and eventually to Geneva, Switzerland, where it comes to an unexpected end.

Looks to Die For

Author : Janice Kaplan
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A smart and sassy heroine makes her debut in a stylish new mystery series from the bestselling coauthor of "The Botox Diaries" and "Mine Are Spectacular!" 304 pp.

Cannoli to Die For

Author : Peg Cochran
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The USA Today bestselling author of Unholy Matrimony is back with a new Lucille Mystery! This time Lucille must track down the killer of a diet guru who had a lot more to lose than just a few extra pounds. With her best friend Flo’s wedding approaching, Lucille is desperate to trim down and joins Weigh to Lose, a weight-loss program led by a clipboard-wielding harridan who’s as unattractively thin as she is shrill. When the bossy woman turns up dead with her throat slashed and a tasty-looking cannoli stuffed in her mouth, Lucille figures she got her just desserts. But when the local police come up empty-handed, Lucille sinks her teeth into the mystery and narrows the list of suspects to a husband with a wandering eye, a sexy young Swedish au pair, and a gambler deep in debt to the wrong people. Until one of the suspects becomes the victim of another gruesome murder. Afraid she’s bitten off more than she can chew and worried that she might be next on the killer’s list, Lucille puts her own neck on the line with a wild plan to trap the culprit and tip the scales of justice. “If you want a very funny murder mystery, then this book is for you. I’ve never laughed so hard while reading before.” —Goodreads, on Unholy Matrimony, Book 2 in the USA Today bestselling Lucille Mystery Series

A Duke to Die For

Author : Amelia Grey
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Acclaimed Regency romance from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Amelia Grey Henrietta doesn't want a husband... Miss Henrietta Tweed is convinced that she carries a curse—one that's responsible for killing her previous guardians. So when she's sent to Lucien Trent Blakewell, the fifth Duke of Blakewell and the last man her father trusted to care for her, she knows the only way to save the duke is to persuade him to sign over her inheritance and set her free. Does she? Lucien doesn't believe there's a curse and just wants to get his new ward off his hands by finding her a suitable husband. But as the chemistry between him and Henrietta grows, he is increasingly tempted to fill that role himself. And when suspicious accidents begin to endanger the Duke's life, Henrietta must take drastic measures to save the one man she could love... The Rogues' Dynasty series: A Duke to Die For (Book 1) A Marquis to Marry (Book 2) An Earl to Enchant (Book 3) "Intriguing danger, sharp humor, and plenty of simmering sexual chemistry."—Booklist "Perfectly timed and tuned."—Long and Short of It Reviews "Memorable characters...humor, excitement and great love scenes. I couldn't ask for anything more!"—The Romance Studio "An upbeat plot...sweep[s] readers along at a lively pace in a lusciously spicy romp."—Library Journal

To Die For

Author : Kathy Braidhill
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Impeccably dressed, meticulously neat, Dana Sue Gray spared no expense on herself. Dropping thousands of dollars on a shopping binge or a luxurious day spa was nothing out of the ordinary for Dana--nor for many wealthy women. But Dana wasn't wealthy--she was an unemployed nurse. She was also a serial murderess, who preyed upon elderly women, violently killed them, then used their credit cards to embark on wild, post-murder spending sprees. Women serial killers are rare--there are only 36 documented cases--and those, like Dana Sue Gray, who murder so brutally that veteran police officers are shaken by the bloodiness of the crime scene, are even rarer. In To Die For, an exposé as shocking and fascinating as its subject matter, author Kathy Braidhill explores the stunning story of Dana Sue Gray, one of the most dangerous, deadly, and disturbed women in history.

A Serenade to Die For

Author : Janet Fogg
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On the verge of her long-sought career breakthrough, singer Isbel Vargas has just completed the performance of a lifetime when a kidnapper demands a ransom for her father. Thanks to his car theft and antiquities operation, her father will be arrested if she involves the Acapulco police. Who can she turn to? Isbel's ex-boyfriend, Cane Mullins, is once again south of the border, purportedly tracking down his beloved Camaro, a vintage street rod stolen years before by her father. Cane gets more than he bargains for, though, when he again crosses paths with the exquisite singer. Chased at high speed through the Sierra Madres, the former lovers search for Isbel's father and a priceless sword he has hidden away, the sole surviving Aztec maquahuitl, while sparks fly and passion reignites. But can Isbel trust Cane again...with her heart?

Red Velvet Cupcakes to Die For

Author : Alaine Allister
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A bustling business. A peculiar cat. A dead deliveryman? When a handsome stranger comes to town, life gets exciting. Coffee shop owner Liana Campbell can’t remember the last time she had such a massive crush. Unfortunately, her attempts to get to know Sugarcomb Lake’s newest resident are overshadowed by a mysterious murder. When folks start speculating that Liana may be the killer, she knows she needs to clear her name - and fast. Can Liana save her business and find true love? Or is she doomed to become a crazy cat lady?

To Die for

Author : Richard Cosgrove
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A lifelong horror movie fan, Richard Cosgrove serves up his thoughts on 25 of his favourite genre flicks that are perfect for that most hallowed of rituals, the Saturday Night Fright Flick. Grab a cold beer, order in your favourite pizza and join him as he slices and dices his way through four decades of horror movies, and find out why these films are To Die For.....

To Die for the People

Author : Huey Newton
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Long an iconic figure for radicals, Huey Newton is now being discovered by those interested in the history of America’s social movements. This new release of a classic collection of his writings and speeches traces the development of Newton’s personal and political thinking, as well as the radical changes that took place in the formative years of the Black Panther Party. More than just a historic record, Newton’s prescience and foresight make these documents strikingly pertinent today. Huey Newton was the founder, leader and chief theoretician of the Black Panther Party, and one of America’s most dynamic and important revolutionary philosophers.