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A Murder to Die For

Author : Stevyn Colgan
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When hordes of people descend on the picturesque village of Nasely for the annual celebration of its most famous resident, murder mystery writer Agnes Crabbe, events take a dark turn as the festival opens with a shocking death. Each year the residents are outnumbered by crowds dressed as Crabbe's best-known character, the lady detective Millicent Cutter. The weekend is never a mild-mannered affair as fan club rivalries bubble below the surface, but tensions reach new heights when a second Crabbe devotee is found murdered. Though the police are quick to arrive on the scene, the facts are tricky to ascertain as the witnesses, suspects and victim are all dressed as Miss Cutter. And they all want to solve that crime too...

A Reunion to Die for

Author : Lauren Carr
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In A Reunion to Die For, author Lauren Carr continues to follow Joshua Thornton while he brings justice to the small West Virginia town of his youth that he returned to with his five children after the death of his wife. Chester is a quaint, but far from quiet, town. Here, everyone knows everyone and nearly everyone has a secret. Some are dying, while others are killing to keep their secrets undercover. As a naïve teenager, Joshua Thornton had no reason to question the authorities who had concluded that his dear friend Tricia Wheeler, after breaking up with her boyfriend, had committed suicide. However, 21 years later, as Hancock County's Prosecuting Attorney, Joshua is forced to examine the closed case when former schoolmate and current adversary, Gail Reynolds, returns to town to pen an investigative book on Tricia's “murder”. Joshua reluctantly agrees that the pieces of Tricia's suicide don't add up, and an investigation is warranted. When Grace Henderson, another seemingly innocent teenage girl, is murdered by a close gun shot to the chest, it is impossible for Joshua to ignore the similarities the girls and their deaths share. Surely the murders of two teenage cheerleaders 21 years apart couldn't be any more than coincidental… could they? As the investigations into the two deaths unfold, Joshua finds more questions than answers, more enemies than friends, and more victims than clues. Thornton must use every ounce of his integrity, ingenuity, and tight circle of close friends while he scrambles to solve the two murders that has nearly everyone around him becoming either suspect or victim… including himself!

Books to Die For

Author : John Connolly
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An anthology featuring the world's greatest mystery authors writing about theworld's greatest mystery novels.

Recipes To Die For A Victoria Square Cookbook

Author : Lorraine Bartlett
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Katie Bonner and the rest of the locals from Victoria Square invite you into their kitchens to share tantalizing recipes and intimate stories about food, family, and life. So tie on your apron and sharpen your knives, because Recipes To Die For is chock full of culinary treasures such as Andy Rust's Cinnamon Rolls, Vance Ingram’s Barbecued Ribs, and Sweet Sue’s Toffee Squares. And you don't want to miss Aunt Lizzie’s Cream Scones. They're to die for!

Free to Die for Their Country

Author : Eric L. Muller
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One of the Washington Post's Top Nonfiction Titles of 2001 In the spring of 1942, the federal government forced West Coast Japanese Americans into detainment camps on suspicion of disloyalty. Two years later, the government demanded even more, drafting them into the same military that had been guarding them as subversives. Most of these Americans complied, but Free to Die for Their Country is the first book to tell the powerful story of those who refused. Based on years of research and personal interviews, Eric L. Muller re-creates the emotions and events that followed the arrival of those draft notices, revealing a dark and complex chapter of America's history.

Ideas to Die For

Author : Giles Gunn
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Cosmopolitanism and Its Discontents seeks to address the kinds of challenges that cosmopolitan perspectives and practices face in a world organized increasingly in relation to a proliferating series of global absolutisms – religious, political, social, and economic. While these challenges are often used to support the claim that cosmopolitanism is impotent to resist such totalizing ideologies because it is either a Western conceit or a globalist fiction, Gunn argues that cosmopolitanism is neither. Situating his discussion in an emphatically global context, Gunn shows how cosmopolitanism has been effective in resisting such essentialisms and authoritarianisms precisely because it is more pragmatic than prescriptive, more self-critical than self-interested and finds several of its foremost recent expressions in the work of an Indian philosopher, a Palestinian writer, and South African story-tellers. This kind of cosmopolitanism offers a genuine ethical alternative to the politics of dogmatism and extremism because it is grounded on a new delineation of the human and opens toward a new, indeed, an "other," humanism.

A Christmas to Die For

Author :
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Escaped convict Steve Adams abducted his five-year-old daughter, Melanie, three months ago. His ex-wife, April Adams, is determined to rescue her little girl, but unknown to her, Adams is hiding out somewhere in San Francisco and determined to kill her to keep their daughter. In desperation, April hires Harrison/Wolffe Investigations. Tina Wolffe and Brandon Harrison take on the case to reunite this mother and her kidnapped daughter for Christmas. Tina and Brandon follow their sharply honed instincts with a determined tenacity to track down this dangerous felon and rescue their client's captive daughter. Trying to avoid any danger to little Melanie and to her mother, the PIs wait for the peaceful Christmas morning in hopes of catching Steve Adams off guard. Sensing the trap, Adams plans his own murderous Christmas surprise party for April, Tina, and Brandon…with murder as their final Christmas reward.

A Diet to Die For

Author : Joan Hess
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Claire Malloy believes there is just one thing better than chocolate...and it's not jumping around in an aerobics class. Nonetheless, she gets roped into accompanying a chubby heiress named Maribeth to Faberville, Arkansas's hottest new fitness centre. Personally, Claire thinks the best way for Maribeth to lose 160 unnecessary pounds would be to dump her abusive husband. But while Claire's teenage daughter Caron unsuccessfully tries every fad diet she can find (as long as it doesn't mean cutting out pizza), Claire has to admit Maribeth's commitment to diet, workouts, and supplements is working...until things go horribly wrong. Besides becoming moonstruck over the big-muscled fitness instructor, Maribeth is acting loony outside the gym as well. And when she ends up "accidentally" dead, Claire starts to exercise her instincts for crime . . . and hunt for a killer.

Diamonds to Die For

Author : Jim Schneider
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The unsolved murder of a local Coeur d'Alene writer draws the husband and wife team of Emil and Leela Pulaski back into violence and intrigue once again. The local sheriff's office investigated the murder and could not establish a motive for the crime. Emil and Leela are also baffled and decide to bring their associate, Lt. Dan Jablonski, a retired Spokane police officer, on the case. An innocuous receipt from a local jeweler found among the dead writer's effects leads the team to a plane crash from the 1940's near Missoula, Montana, and a very valuable cache of diamonds that are being fed to the Hayden Lake neo-Nazis by the murderer a few at a time to be fenced. As the investigation threatens to end their lucrative bonanza, the Hayden Lake group starts to push back, first with intimidation, then a bomb planted in Leela's car, and finally a deadly attack on the Pulaski home which leaves Leela badly wounded and the attackers dead.

To Die For

Author : Cecilia Elizabeth O'Leary
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July Fourth, "The Star-Spangled Banner," Memorial Day, and the pledge of allegiance are typically thought of as timeless and consensual representations of a national, American culture. In fact, as Cecilia O'Leary shows, most trappings of the nation's icons were modern inventions that were deeply and bitterly contested. While the Civil War determined the survival of the Union, what it meant to be a loyal American remained an open question as the struggle to make a nation moved off of the battlefields and into cultural and political terrain. Drawing upon a wide variety of original sources, O'Leary's interdisciplinary study explores the conflict over what events and icons would be inscribed into national memory, what traditions would be invented to establish continuity with a "suitable past," who would be exemplified as national heroes, and whether ethnic, regional, and other identities could coexist with loyalty to the nation. This book traces the origins, development, and consolidation of patriotic cultures in the United States from the latter half of the nineteenth century up to World War I, a period in which the country emerged as a modern nation-state. Until patriotism became a government-dominated affair in the twentieth century, culture wars raged throughout civil society over who had the authority to speak for the nation: Black Americans, women's organizations, workers, immigrants, and activists all spoke out and deeply influenced America's public life. Not until World War I, when the government joined forces with right-wing organizations and vigilante groups, did a racially exclusive, culturally conformist, militaristic patriotism finally triumph, albeit temporarily, over more progressive, egalitarian visions. As O'Leary suggests, the paradox of American patriotism remains with us. Are nationalism and democratic forms of citizenship compatible? What binds a nation so divided by regions, languages, ethnicity, racism, gender, and class? The most thought-provoking question of this complex book is, Who gets to claim the American flag and determine the meanings of the republic for which it stands?