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Conversations With The Merciful God

Author : Maria Faustina Kowalska
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By Fr. George Kosicki, CSB and Vinny Flynn. Sold in 5-packs. Moving conversations between the Merciful Savior and five kinds of souls: sinful, despairing, suffering, striving and perfect. All taken from the Diary of Saint Faustina.

The Merciful God

Author :
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The Wrath of a Merciful God

Author : Neels Welsh
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This book consists of the following events and what is going to happen soon. With color illustrations. Read of the seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3, along with a short bit of history. Discover the beasts around the throne of God and who they really are. The opening of the seals starts with the first seal up to seventh seal, and it also starts the trumpet judgments, as the seventh trumpet is the start of the vial judgments (Revelation 8:1-5). A short section tells who Satan really is. Learn of the rapture from where it starts, until you become part of the bride (the five wise virgins). The two witnesses of the Lord have certain powers and you will learn what is in their power to do. The book explains who the Antichrist and the false prophet really are. Behold the spiritual restoration of Israel when the Jewish people saw the King of Kings standing on the Mount of Olives. The destruction of Vatican City is followed by the battle of Armageddon. Learn which countries will fight against Israel in that battle. Read of the return of the Lord for His reign as King for one thousand years. The Devil has also been locked away for one thousand years, but when he is released, the final fire from heaven will cleanse the world from all forms of sin. The final judgment comes when the books will be opened and the coming of the New Jerusalem (the wife of the Lamb of God) is restored to Earth.

Myths of a Merciful God

Author : Cynthia Ceilan
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Poignant, riveting, full of rage and beauty, Cynthia Ceilan's new novel, Myths of a Merciful God, takes us on the unforgettable journey of one woman's quest to overcome unspeakable loss. SYNOPSIS: How does one come back from a tragedy as unspeakable as the death of a child? Myths of a Merciful God is the story of Sarah Miranda, a strong, independent, single mother who is brought to her knees by just such an event. Compounding this misfortune are the circumstances surrounding the birth of her little girl, as well as Sarah's own troubled past. Through the literal and figurative journey upon which Sarah embarks in the aftermath of this unimaginable loss, and the people she encounters along the way, Myths of a Merciful God explores the concepts of divine retribution and intervention versus the gaping silence of an indifferent universe, moral turpitude versus the virtue of well-kept secrets, and whether the absence of religion in a person's life helps, hinders, or makes no difference in one's ability to find a way back toward wholeness.

The Merciful God of Prophecy

Author : Tim LaHaye
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LaHaye explores prophecy from biblical times to the future. Through perceptive study of Scripture and the attentive use of examples from The Book of Daniel to Revelations, the author reveals God's great plan for eternity.

A More Merciful God

Author : Scott McAliley
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Author : Cardinal Walter Kasper
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"This book has done me so much good." —Pope Francis From one the leading intellects in the church today—one whom Pope Francis has described as a "superb theologian"—comes perhaps his most important book yet. Available for the first time in English, Cardinal Kasper looks to capture the essence of the gospel message. Compassionate, bold, and brilliant, Cardinal Kasper has written a book which will be studied for generations.

The Merciful Humility of God

Author : Jane Williams
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St Augustine's insight was that it is only the merciful humility of God that could penetrate our armoured pride. As we follow this book through Lent and through the Biblical narrative what begins to emerge is that God's merciful humility is the source of life. The chapters of Jane Williams's book include: 'Humble Beginnings'; 'How to win friends and influence nobody'; 'Reigning from a tree' and 'Risen and ascended into humility'. Her reflective Lent book will be a trusted guide for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of God's humility during this religious period.

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

Author : Tim Parise
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The Iranian Supreme Court has sentenced two teenagers to death. Their crime? Being involved in a three-year long homosexual relationship. Every gay rights organization in the Western Hemisphere has cried foul - and left it at that. Protest, they claim, is an adequate response to violence. But Major Matthew Martin, an instructor at the Marine Corps University, disagrees with their lack of action, and he’s feeling bored at the moment, having been relieved of his duties after giving a controversial speech at a local high school. The Major pulls together a few other disenchanted Marines and activists for a little side venture of his own: staging a private invasion of Iran and stopping the execution by rescuing the prisoners. His connections with military contractors in Afghanistan appear to make the project feasible at first, but word leaks out, and the Iranians relocate the teens while mobilizing their army to bar his escape route. Four gay Marines face off against fifty thousand troops for the possession of two boys who have become more than just ordinary convicts. On the opposite side of the Persian Gulf, the government of Bahrain has been stepping up its efforts to suppress pro-democracy activists, left over from the Arab Spring, who are becoming increasingly strident in their demands for reform. When Asim, a computer science student, is nearly arrested for sedition, he runs for his life and ends up in the company of an underground organization of hackers aiming to bring the state down by more oblique means. The underground is headed up by an unlikely leader, an imam who asserts that there can be no such thing as an Islamic state. Reasoning from the Quran, he argues that all existing states are nothing more than idols, a position that places his group at immediate and lethal odds with the Bahraini government. Back in Washington, Republican congressman Mark Randall is meeting with one of his Democratic colleagues, freshman representative Michael Elliott. Apparently Randall isn’t far enough back in the closet to have kept Elliott’s husband, a magazine editor, from discovering his recent affair with a party operative. Elliott agrees not to publish the information just yet - as long as Randall casts the final vote necessary to make the Equal Marriage Act law. And while Randall searches for a way out of his predicament, and the Bahraini government is rocked by one disclosure after another, Major Martin disappears into the heart of Iran, leaving nothing behind except a trail of argument and debate over the merits of his actions.


Author : Taylor Sandlin
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We Have Found Mercy

Author : Christoph Schonborn
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Looks at God's merciful love, focusing on God's mercy found in the Scriptures, the life of Christ, the sacraments, and the works of the Church.

The Attributes of God Volume 1

Author : A. W. Tozer
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The most important question For A. W. Tozer, no question is more important than, "What is God like?" The desire to know God consumed his entire life and ministry. That's why those who read him come to know God more intimately. Originally preached as sermons at Southside Alliance Church in Chicago, this first volume of The Attributes of God examines ten attributes of God. It also includes a study guide for an in-depth look at each attribute: Infinite Immense Good Just Merciful Gracious Omnipresent Immanent Holy Perfect Steeped in Scripture and filled with the Spirit, Tozer preached with striking clarity and power. The sense of his sermons comes through on every page, bringing the Word of God to bear upon you. "If a sermon can be compared to light, then A.W. Tozer released a laser beam from the pulpit, a beam that penetrated the heart." — Warren Wiersbe, former pastor of The Moody Church

The Prodigal Prophet

Author : Timothy Keller
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An angry prophet. A feared and loathsome enemy. A devastating storm. And the surprising message of a merciful God to his people. The story of Jonah is one of the most well-known parables in the Bible. It is also the most misunderstood. Many people, even those who are nonreligious, are familiar with Jonah: A rebellious prophet who defies God and is swallowed by a whale. But there's much more to Jonah's story than most of us realize. In The Prodigal Prophet, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller reveals the hidden depths within the book of Jonah. Keller makes the case that Jonah was one of the worst prophets in the entire Bible. And yet there are unmistakably clear connections between Jonah, the prodigal son, and Jesus. Jesus in fact saw himself in Jonah. How could one of the most defiant and disobedient prophets in the Bible be compared to Jesus? Jonah's journey also doesn't end when he is freed from the belly of the fish. There is an entire second half to his story--but it is left unresolved within the text of the Bible. Why does the book of Jonah end on what is essentially a cliffhanger? In these pages, Timothy Keller provides an answer to the extraordinary conclusion of this biblical parable--and shares the powerful Christian message at the heart of Jonah's story.

The Tension Between God as Righteous Judge and as Merciful in Early Judaism

Author : Barry D. Smith
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In recent years, the scholarly consensus has emerged that early Judaism should no longer be classified as a religion of legalistic works on righteousness, but rather defined primarily by God's covenant with Israel. In this work, it is argued, instead, that there is actually a tension in early Judaism between God as righteous judge and as merciful. As E. Sjöberg maintained in his Gott und Sünder im palästinischen Judentum, in the sources used for a reconstruction of early Judaism, there are two mutually exclusive ways in which God is said to relate to human beings. First, God as righteous judge deals with human beings as they deserve. They are assumed to be morally free and responsible, and God judges and recompenses them in history and eschatologically. Not only are the wicked punished for their sins, but the righteous are also rewarded for their obedience. And second, God as merciful does not deal with human beings as they deserve. Rather, he removes the guilt resulting from disobedience to the Law, sometimes on the simple condition of repentance. This means that a person can escape the consequences of disobedience. The understanding of God in the sources vacillates between God as righteous judge and God as merciful, without coming down definitively on one side to the exclusion of the other.

A complete Body of practical Divinity being a new improvement of the Assembly s Catechism To which are prefix d some memoirs of the Author s life with his solemn form of covenanting with God With a preface by J Smith

Author : Thomas DOOLITTLE
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Anthropomorphic Depictions of God

Author : Zulfiqar Ali Shah
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This monumental study examines issues of anthropomorphism in the three Abrahamic Faiths, as viewed through the texts of the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Qur’an. Throughout history Christianity and Judaism have tried to make sense of God. While juxtaposing the Islamic position against this, the author addresses the Judeo-Christian worldview and how each has chosen to framework its encounter with God, to what extent this has been the result of actual scripture and to what extent the product of theological debate, or church decrees of later centuries and absorption of Hellenistic philosophy. Shah also examines Islam’s heavily anti-anthropomorphic stance and Islamic theological discourse on Tawhid as well as the Ninety-Nine Names of God and what these have meant in relation to Muslim understanding of God and His attributes. Describing how these became the touchstone of Muslim discourse with Judaism and Christianity he critiques theological statements and perspectives that came to dilute if not counter strict monotheism. As secularism debates whether God is dead, the issue of anthropomorphism has become of immense importance. The quest for God, especially in this day and age, is partly one of intellectual longing. To Shah, anthropomorphic concepts and corporeal depictions of the Divine are perhaps among the leading factors of modern atheism. As such he ultimately draws the conclusion that the postmodern longing for God will not be quenched by pre-modern anthropomorphic and corporeal concepts of the Divine which have simply brought God down to this cosmos, with a precise historical function and a specified location, reducing the intellectual and spiritual force of what God is and represents, causing the soul to detract from a sense of the sacred and thereby belief in Him.

God Can t Sleep

Author : Palmer Chinchen
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In this follow-up to his acclaimed debut, True Religion, Palmer Chinchen helps believers develop a God-centered response to suffering. As Christians, we often act as if the right beliefs and behavior will allow us to avoid the darkness of pain. Yet everyone is touched by loneliness, heartbreak, and losing loved ones. And when pain happens, it can seem as if God is asleep, indifferent to our struggles. In God Can’t Sleep, Chinchen tackles challenging questions: Where is God when life hurts? How long will I stay in darkness? When the world is so full of bad people, why do I have to suffer? Readers will be encouraged to embrace a Savior who is always awake, and inspire them to carry His light to a hurting world.

The Scandalous God

Author : Vítor Westhelle
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* A rich and detailed examination of the historical and theological dimensions of the Cross

The Supremacy of God s Mercy

Author : Prophet Jacob Nana Essandoh
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Born and raised in Ghana but currently residing in the USA, Prophet Jacob Nana Essandoh also known as 'THE FIRE PROPHET' grew up in a Muslim home but later converted to Christianity and gave his life to JESUS CHRIST. Ever since then, his life has been filled with great blessings of God. He is the founder, president and senior pastor of Gloryland Evangelist Ministries and Fire Gate Chapel International. He also runs a prophetic FGCI prayer line with an outreach of over 1000 people across the globe. He has been in the ministry for over 18 years as a sound teacher, prophet and deliverance minister; a powerful and anointed man of God, who preaches, motivates and inspires. 'The Supremacy of God's Mercy' talks about a caring, loving and merciful God who is always there for us at all times. This book will greatly enrich and mentor you spiritually according to God's standards. Through this book you will begin to understand God's mercy and His noble character, which is portrayed as loving, caring and always merciful during the storms of life. Today is the day, and now is the time to experience God's mercy andunderstand God's love. Take this opportunity and purchase a copy of 'The Supremacy of God's Mercy', a book that will forever change your life. The FGCI prayer line: Telephone 209-647-1600 / Access Code: 875881# Tuesday's and Thursday's 2pm. Wednesday's andFriday's 9pm.

The Grief of God

Author : Ellen M. Ross
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Graphic portrayals of the suffering Jesus Christ pervade late medieval English art, literature, drama, and theology. These images have been interpreted as signs of a new emphasis on the humanity of Jesus. To others they indicate a fascination with a terrifying God of vengeance and a morbid obsession with death. In The Grief of God, however, Ellen Ross offers a different understanding of the purpose of this imagery and its meaning to the people of the time. Analyzing a wide range of textual and pictorial evidence, the author finds that the bleeding flesh of the wounded Savior manifests divine presence; in the intensified corporeality of the suffering Jesus whose flesh not only condemns, but also nurtures, heals, and feeds, believers meet a trinitarian God of mercy. Ross explores the rhetoric of transformation common to English medieval artistic, literary, and devotional sources. The extravagant depictions of pain and anguish, the author shows, constitute an urgent appeal to respond to Jesus' expression of love. She also explains how the inscribing of Christ's pain on the bodies of believers at times erased the boundaries between human and divine so that holy persons, and in particular, holy women, participated in the transformative power of Christ. In analyzing the dialects of mercy and justice; the construction of sacred space and time; sacraments and ritual celebration, social action, and divine judgment; and the dynamics of women's public religious authority, this study of religion and culture explores the meaning of the late medieval Christian affirmation that God bled and wept and suffered on the cross to draw persons to Godself. This interdisciplinary study of sermon literature, manuscript illuminations and church wall paintings, drama, hagiographic narratives, and spiritual treaties illuminates the religious sensibilities, practices, and beliefs that constellate around the late medieval fascination with the bleeding body of the suffering Jesus Christ.