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Modern Classic Cocktails

Author : Robert Simonson
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60+ recipes culled from today's modern classics with entertaining backstories from the cocktail revival of the past thirty years, by a two-time James Beard Award–nominated author and New York Times cocktail and spirits writer. One of the greatest dividends of the revival in cocktail culture that began in the 1990s has been the relentless innovation. More new cocktails—and good ones—have been invented in the past thirty years than during any period since the first golden age of cocktails, which lasted from roughly the 1870s until the arrival of Prohibition in 1920 and included the birth of the Martini, Manhattan, Daiquiri, and Tom Collins. Just as that first bar-world zenith produced a half-century of classic recipes before Prohibition, the eruption of talent over the past three decades has handily delivered its share of drinks that have found favor with arbiters on both sides of the bar. Among them are the Espresso Martini, White Negroni, Death Flip, Old Cuban, Paper Plane, Siesta, and many more, all included here along with each drink's recipe origin story. What elevates a modern cocktail into the echelon of a modern classic? A host of reasons, all delineated by Simonson in these pages. But, above all, a modern classic cocktail must be popular. People have to order it, not just during its initial heyday, but for years afterward. Tommy’s Margarita, invented in the 1990s, is still beloved, and the Porn Star Martini is the most popular cocktail in the United Kingdom, twenty years after its creation. This book includes more than sixty easy-to-make drinks that all earned their stripes as modern classics years ago. Sprinkled among them are also a handful of critics' choices, potential classics that have the goods to become popular go-to cocktails in the future.

Making a Modern Classic

Author : David Bruce Brownlee
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Architecture, art, art history and city politics come together in this lively account of the evolution of the building that houses the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Archival photographs and excellent new color photos are coupled with the text to document this historic structure.The story starts with the decades of planning and construction preceding the its 1928 opening. Closure is reached with renovations and reinstallation projects of the 1990s.

Indie Fonts 2 Ed

Author :
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The Making of the Modern Canon

Author : Jan Gorak
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This book is part of a series which moves the canon debate of the 1980s forward into a new multidisciplinary and cross-cultural phase by investigating problems of canon formation across the whole humanistic field. Some volumes explore the linguistic, political or anthropological dimensions of canonicity. Others examine the historical canons of individual disciplines. The important contribution to the canon debate is remarkable in examining the actual process of canon formation from three unusual and complementary angles. The first two chapters discuss historical attitudes to canons from antiquity onwards, showing the religious, aesthetic, cultural and political interests which have shaped our modern critical canons. Each of the four succeeding chapters examines an exemplary modern defendant, interpreter, or critic of canons: Ernst Gombrich, Northrop Frye, Frank Kermode, and Edward Said. A final chapter considers the origins and rationale of the contemporary debate, emphasizing the disciplinary and aesthetic problems we must confront if our cultural institutions are to meet the changing needs of the next century.

Encyclopedia of Modern Classic Music

Author :
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John McAndrew s Modernist Vision

Author : Mardges Bacon
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John McAndrew's Modernist Vision tells the compelling story of the architect, scholar, and curator John McAndrew, who played a key role in redefining modernism in the United States from the 1930s onward. The designer of the Vassar College Art Library—arguably the first modern interior on a college campus—and the curator of architecture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York from 1937 to 1941, McAndrew was instrumental in creating a distinct and innovative aesthetic that bridged the European modernist lineage and American regional vernacular. Providing a fascinating glimpse into McAndrew's life, his associations with important architects and artists, and the historical context that shaped his work, this book is a thoroughly researched testament to a man who left a powerful mark on the evolution of American architecture.

Mr Jones Rules for the Modern Man

Author : Dylan Jones
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A witty, stylish and indispensable guide to being a modern man. It is tough being a man in the twenty-first century. First there are the big dilemmas, like how to get a pay rise and how to suck up to your boss. Then there are the minor irritations: how do you beat jet-lag, and how do you stop your trousers sliding off their hangers? And finally there are all those things you ought to know, but don't: how to jump-start a car, how to buy lingerie, how to stop smoking, how to tie a Windsor Knot, how to behave at a lap-dancing club ... the list is endless. Fear not. In Mr Jones Rules, the highly respected editor of GQ magazine, draws on his wealth of experience to give the final answer to these questions and more. It will be the must-have present for every husband, boyfriend and son this Christmas.

A Modern Arabic Biography of Mu ammad

Author : Antonie Wessels
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Discusses the causes and possible results of fifteen major riots that have occurred in the United States from the Stamp Act Riots of 1765 to the Columbia University Riots of 1968.

Continental Philosophy and Modern Theology

Author : David Brown
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About the Contributor(s): David William Brown FBA is an Anglican priest and theologian who currently serves as Professor of Theology, Aesthetics and Culture in the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts and as Wardlaw Professor at St Mary's College, University of St Andrews.

Modern Classics in Entrepreneurship Studies

Author : Banu Ozkazanc-Pan
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The purpose of this book is to identify and analyze modern classics in entrepreneurship research with the goal of highlighting cutting-edge themes in the work of various scholars that are pushing the boundaries of the field, post 2000. As the entrepreneurship field matures, it is important to identify the novel contributions that will help shape the next decades of scholarship, by providing scholars with the concepts, frameworks, and approaches needed to help develop the new theories and practices of entrepreneurship. By focusing on emerging key contributions, this book takes a stance that sets it apart from other similar works by scholars that have focused only on existing themes rather than those that will characterize the relationship between entrepreneurship and new technological advances, growing inequalities, gender, diversity and inclusion, and socio-political shifts in the landscape of entrepreneurial ecosystems, allowing for critical and new conversations on entrepreneurship to take shape. This book will provide discussion on emergent themes and approaches that will continue to build the future of entrepreneurship as an exciting and rigorous academic discipline.