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A Modern Liberation Odyssey

Author : Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche
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The life history of a re-incarnated Tibetan Buddhist lama as he progresses from a humble beginning in a totalitarian society to a state of difficult yet full engagement with the Buddhadharma.


Author : Stavros Boinodiris PHD
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The daughter of a rich Greek family in Constantinople escapes from her dysfunctional family by getting romantically involved with a handsome visiting peasant. This union produced a little boy, Anthony Boyun-egri-oglou. Anthony grew up during troubling times. He saw very little of his father, who left for Constantinople and then Russia, to escape from being drafted in the Turkish army. He grew up in the shadows of the Ottoman Empire as it was going through major revolutions and wars. The First World War (1914-1918) followed, causing shortages and anguish on Cappadocian Greeks and Turks alike. After this war, the disastrous Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922) began. In the ensuing truce, Greece and Turkey agreed to an exchange of populations. The uprooting (1924) of the Boyun-egri-oglou family involved an arduous trip, involving cart, rail and ship transports. These people left almost twelve hundred years of history behind, to seek freedom and self determination in a troubled state, overburdened with refugees. The struggle of the refugees is recounted by Anthony very graphically. In 1940, after several recoveries and disasters, Greece enters into war with Italy, turning Anthony’s hopes for recovery into an impossible dream.

An Odyssey with Animals

Author : Adrian R Morrison
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Draws from the disciplines of philosophy, history, biology, and animal behavior to argue in favor of the humane use of animals in biomedical research and negotiate the divide between research and concern for animals.

Tibetan Buddhism in Diaspora

Author : Ana Cristina O. Lopes
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The imperialist ambitions of China – which invaded Tibet in the late 1940s – have sparked the spectacular spread of Tibetan Buddhism worldwide, and especially in western countries. This work is a study on the malleability of a particular Buddhist tradition; on its adaptability in new contexts. The book analyses the nature of the Tibetan Buddhism in the Diaspora. It examines how the re-signification of Tibetan Buddhist practices and organizational structures in the present refers back to the dismantlement of the Tibetan state headed by the Dalai Lama and the fragmentation of Tibetan Buddhist religious organizations in general. It includes extensive multi-sited fieldwork conducted in the United States, Brazil, Europe, and Asia and a detailed analysis of contemporary documents relating to the global spread of Tibetan Buddhism. The author demonstrates that there is a "de-institutionalized" and "de-territorialized" project of political power and religious organization, which, among several other consequences, engenders the gradual "autonomization" of lamas and lineages inside the religious field of Tibetan Buddhism. Thus, a spectre of these previous institutions continues to exist outside their original contexts, and they are continually activated in ever-new settings. Using a combination of two different academic traditions – namely, the Brazilian anthropological tradition and the American Buddhist studies tradition – it investigates the "process of cultural re-signification" of Tibetan Buddhism in the context of its Diaspora. Thus, it will be a valuable resource to students and scholars of Asian Religion, Asian Studies and Buddhism.

Korea s Twentieth Century Odyssey

Author : Michael E. Robinson
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Michael E. Robinson provides readers with the historical essentials upon which to unravel the complex politics and contemporary crises that exist in the East Asian region.

A Guerrilla Odyssey

Author : Peyman Vahabzadeh
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Emerging in the early 1970s, the Organization of Iranian People’s Fadai Guerrillas (OIPFG) became one of the most important secular leftist political organizations in Iran. Despite their lasting influence and the way in which their efforts helped shape the history of Iran for decades to come, little is known about the group. A Guerrilla Odyssey presents the first comprehensive examination of the rise and fall of the Fadai urban guerrilla movement in Iran. Drawing on exhaustive analyses of the published and unpublished works of the Fadai Guerrillas, as well as of archival material and interviews with activists, the author demonstrates historically and sociologically the conditions that surrounded the debut and demise of the urban guerrilla warfare that defined Iranian political life in the 1970s. Vahabzadeh offers a critique of various aspects of the Fadai’s theories of national liberation in an attempt to reconsider the painful relationship among modernization, secularism, and democracy in contemporary Iran. In addition, the author makes a compelling case explaining why older revolutionary social movements of the 1960s and 1970s have transformed into the new democratic social movements that emerged from the 1980s onward in the form of today’s women’s, student, and youth movements in Iran. A Guerilla Odyssey is a meticulously researched and engrossing narrative that promises to be a major contribution to the field of Iranian history.

The Odyssey Continues

Author : Joseph Baillio
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Ecology Liberation

Author : Leonardo Boff
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Taking cues from science as well as mystical traditions, Boff finds that interrelatedness forms the key to a new paradigm. He critiques common approaches to ecology and discerns in the growing ecological awareness, and in the search for spirituality and meaning, the seeds of an alternative to a world of alienation, inequality and escalating natural destruction.

Fran ois Mitterrand a Political Odyssey

Author : Denis MacShane
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Depicts the life and political career of Francois Mitterrand from his youth to his election as President of France in 1981.

Rosa Montero s Odyssey

Author : Alma Amell
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This book explores the writer's narrative journey into the inner depths of the human being through the study of the most important themes and aspects of her work. Instead of following one determined critical theory, the different subjects are approached from a variety of viewpoints, ranging from Aristotle to Marx, from Cervantes to Ortega y Gasset, and from Horace to Eagleton, according to their applicability. Contents: Note; Preface; About Rosa Montero; Winners and Losers; Love, Desire, Obsession; The Modern Jungle; Beloved Power, Elusive Wisdom; The Agony of Decline; Conquest Through Seduction; Bibliography; Index.

Arkansas Odyssey

Author : Michael B. Dougan
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ARKANSAS ODYSSEY interprets Arkansas history through modernization theory. It covers over three thousand topics, including geology, geographic regions, paleo & modern Indians, French & Spanish exploration, Colonial Arkansas, Territorial Arkansas, statehood, slavery, farm, plantation & hill life, Civil War, religion, women, Reconstruction, architecture, settlements & society, education, New South Era, Populist Era, Progressive Era, 1920s, the 1927 & 1937 Mississippi River Floods, Great Depression, World War II, Post-War, integration, Central High, modernization, culture, literature, music, Equal Rights Amendment, legislature, courts, & cults. This narrative history is rich in detail & examines the problems & promise of Arkansas, including the question of why one of the poorest states has produced some of the richest companies & people in the U. S., as well as the forty-second President of the United States. Rose Publishing Company, Inc., 2723 Foxcroft Road, #208, Little Rock, AR 72227, (501) 227-8104, FAX (501) 224-4442, hardcover, $79.95. Comprehensive history of Arkansas, 36p. index, census data, governors, economic profile, chronology.

Amazon Odyssey

Author : Ti-Grace Atkinson
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Possible Versus Impossible Or Philosopher s Polestar Odyssey

Author : Philip Aristo Van Clespé
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The Odyssey of an American Composer

Author : Otto Luening
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the Odyssey a Modern Sequel

Author : Nikos Kazantzakis
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Peking Review

Author :
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The Anti heroism of Modern Life

Author : Katherine Marie Kuenzli
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Liberation and Its Limits

Author : Jeffrey B. Abramson
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The African American odyssey

Author : Darlene Clark Hine
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For one/two-semester, undergraduate courses in African-American History, African-American Studies, and United States History. Written by leading scholars, The African-American Odyssey is a clear and comprehensive narrative of African-American history, from its African roots to the 21st century. This text places African-American history at the center, and in the context, of American History. Biographical profiles, documents, art, a Living Word CD, and the Companion Website dramatize the narrative and illuminate key personalities, events, and issues that shaped African-American history.

Historical Dictionary of the Gay Liberation Movement

Author : Ronald J. Hunt
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Traces the evolution from the early homosexual rights movement through a century of history and into the contemporary gay and lesbian rights movement. It presents the key organizations and their leaders, the essential issues and the strategies those issues suggest, and the situation in numerous countries.