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A New Reality

Author : A. J. Aaron
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Meet A.J. Aaron, the plant manager of a Fortune 500 manufacturing plant. He is a 40 year old businessman educated in one of the most logically-driven professions - Mechanical Engineering, but has an opening to many unexplained energies and experiences that challenge his every belief. With the help of several strangers, A.J. changes his life and his outlook on everything he believes true. One stranger is healed of Multiple Sclerosis as a result of her paranormal connectedness to A.J. Others teach him the power of intention and how to tap into the energy of the universe. He learns how the principles of Quantum Physics may explain this new reality, thus reaffirms his sanity, and helps him realize how much more there is to life than previously gleaned from his narrow point of view. A.J. Aaron shares his story with millions of readers to help them see what is true and right. Read this with an open mind and know that you are part of a vast universe that is welcoming you with open arms.

A New Reality

Author : Jonas Salk
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A New Reality: Human Evolution for a Sustainable Future provides a startling, fresh new message of understanding, perspective and hope for today’s tense, rapid-fire, kaleidoscopically changing world. A New Reality: Human Evolution for a Sustainable Future provides a startling, fresh new message of understanding, perspective and hope for today’s tense, rapid-fire, kaleidoscopically changing world. Drawn from the writings of visionary scientist Jonas Salk, who developed the polio vaccine, extended and developed by his son Jonathan, the message of the book explodes from the past and sheds light on tensions that besiege us and the currents of discord that are raging as these words are written. More importantly, it indicates a way forward out of our current situation. Written by a world-famous doctor and folk hero, based on population data, rich in visual imagery, elegantly designed, and clearly written, A New Reality is unique in the marketplace. Readable in one or two sittings, it is accessible to the general reader while at the same time being of essential value to policy makers and academics. Its brevity and simplicity of design belie the importance and sophistication of its message. “We are at a point in the course of human social evolution when the demands of survival converge with the higher ideals of humankind and the well-being and flourishing of human society. It is up to us to see that we navigate this transition, adapting to and emerging in a new reality.” —A New Reality Our country is divided and polarized. Terrorism is a major threat throughout much of the world. Mass migrations are causing national and international tension. Population growth continues to increase, especially in the developing regions of the world. Controversy rages as to the use of fossil fuels versus the development of alternative forms of energy. Disagreement continues about climate change. Opposing currents of opinion collide as to how much we should help other areas in the world and how much to help ourselves. Basic values are in conflict. More than 40 years ago, Jonas Salk understood that we are at a unique moment in the history of the human species. After centuries of increase, population growth has begun to slow and is trending toward equilibrium. This change is accompanied by an equally significant change in human values—a shift from those based on unlimited availability of resources, unremitting growth, excess, independence, competition and short-term thinking to those based on limits, equilibrium, balance, interdependence, cooperation and long-term thinking. This momentous transition is the source of far-reaching tension and conflict. The way through this difficult era is to understand its basis and to focus on new values that will be of the greatest benefit to humankind. There is an urgency, however, and failure to adapt will result in disaster both for humanity and for the planet as a whole. A New Reality delivers a message of both caution and hope. Readers across the social and political spectrum will find it a reasoned and balanced counterpoint to current social and political trends. Its elegant design and long-range perspective will appeal to general readers, policy makers, millennials, baby boomers, teachers, and students, filling a need in the marketplace for a work of positivity and wisdom in otherwise bleak times.

The Future of Companies in the Face of a New Reality

Author : Griselda Dávila-Aragón
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This book analyzes the changes brought on to economic and business activities in Latin America due to the new scenarios, environments and social dynamics the world is facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, at both micro- and macroeconomic levels. Recent changes to working environments has brought discussions on work-life balance to the forefront, and creating support mechanisms to attract and retain the next generation of workers has become a primary focus for talent managers. At an industry level, there are expectations that once the crisis passes, there will be massive capital inflows toward ESG investments in emerging markets driving the transformation of companies. Consequently, ESG business models will have a cascading effect in the whole supply chain (upstream, midstream and downstream) and will generate greater value for all stakeholders. At the same time, technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, have gradually been adopted by companies leading the charge in ESG business models. The financial sector has taken the lead in these two technologies, but the challenge generated by the COVID-19 pandemic forced other sectors to innovate rapidly in order to remain afloat. Using empirical and theoretical frameworks, the contributors in this book identify the most attractive alternatives to benefit consumers in an adverse environment like the one the world is facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which while posing a significant challenge for most industries, has also created new opportunities for innovation and ingenuity, analyzing case studies from the coffee and medical tourism sectors in particular.

Julius Caesar s Bellum Civile and the Composition of a New Reality

Author : Ayelet Peer
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In his Commentarii de Bello Civili Julius Caesar sought to re-invent his image and appear before his present and future readers in a way which he could control and at times manipulate. Offering a new interpretation of the Bellum Civile this book reveals the intricate literary world that Caesar creates using sophisticated techniques such as a studied choice of vocabulary, rearrangement of events, use of indirect speech, and more. Each of the three books of the work is examined independently to set out the gradual transformation of Caesar's literary persona, in step with his ascent in the 'real' world. By analysing the work from Caesar's viewpoint the author argues that by adroit presentation and manipulation of historical circumstances Caesar creates in his narrative a different reality, one in which his conduct is justified. The question of the res publica is also a key point of the volume, as it is in the Bellum Civile, and the author argues that Caesar purposely does not present himself as a Republican, contrary to commonly held views. Employing detailed philological analyses of Caesar's three books on the Civil War, this work significantly advances our understanding of Caesar as author and politician.

Big Bang You re Dead Its Time for a New Reality

Author : Craig Roberts
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Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? What is God? Who is Satan? What are Heaven and Hell? These are all questions that we've asked oursleves at one time or another. Traditional religions have satisfactorily answered what they could based on the timeframes that they were written. Today, technology is advancing to the point where many people are abandoning faith altogether. Scientists have concluded that the universe orginated with a Big-Bang. Time and Space are nothing more than a curiosity described by mathematical equations. What if there was an alternative view? What if that alternative view combined what we know about science and what we know about God and sought to find an ultimate truth. What if that ultimate truth had more to do with the harmonics and resonance of music than the cold hard mathematics of current science. Do you think that you're ready? Perhaps life really does have meaning. We've come so far. Where do we go from here?

Voices Visions and a New Reality

Author : J. Ann Duncan
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This book introduces to a larger audience the work of a group of Mexican writers whose work reflects the stimulus of the “boom” of the 1960s, especially in the experimental nueva novella. Duncan views the work of six writers in the context of more well known writers of the period (Ruflo, Fuentes, and Del Paso), and concludes with a chapter on other recent innovators in Mexican literature. Despite their diversity, these texts share many common features, and unlike social realism, the works are not openly political, but at the same time they question assumptions about reality itself-and the relation of fiction to truth.

A Simplicity Revolution Finding Happiness in the New Reality

Author : Sue Schell
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Optimism had been a mainstay since the post-World War II days. Few of us expected the economic slowdown would be more than a pause. A SIMPLICITY REVOLUTION: FINDING HAPPINESS IN THE NEW REALITY is a commentary on America’s Boom and Bust decade and the “Corporatocracy,” that caused it. The book is divided into chapters full of practical advice to assist readers on their personal lifestyle journeys. We now can see that America’s desire to supersize everything was unsustainable. What economists refer to as America’s “New Normal,” Author Sue Schell calls our “New Reality.” She writes, “After millions of people lost their jobs and some ultimately their homes, we had heightened anxiety over the possibility that America’s best days may be behind us? Would our American Dream survive for future generations? What was to become of the vanishing middle class? Anthropology Professor Dr. Robert Launay, of Northwestern University, penned the forward to the book. He writes, “The challenges we are facing are new, and so the solutions and values we forge to meet them must also be new. Here, Sue Schell has hit the nail on the head.” A Simple life is not about frugality. It is about living an authentic life that lets you live the life that you dream of living. A life that is rooted not in the stuff you own, but in your relationships with family and friends. This may very well prove to be the silver lining we find in this Great Recession. By M.W. Carlson (U.S.) -Feeling lost and disillusioned after the financial crash and never-ending recession? Maybe you lost your job, or are working at a job you hate? You're not alone. This book helped me sort things out and clarify what's most important for long-term happiness. According to this author, there are four "guideposts" to a simpler life: (1) protect our environment; (2) always be financially responsible; (3) use thoughtful consumption; and (4) community involvement. This all makes perfect sense, you say, yet it does need reinforcement, which author Schell does effectively with her own life stories. You get the feeling she is a person with compassion for others, something we need more of these days. No matter what stage of life you're in, you will benefit from reading this book. It may give you some new ideas about how to approach life, how to get more satisfaction from your life, or it may reinforce what you're already doing. Either way, GET THIS BOOK AND READ IT - you'll feel more hopeful, thoughtful and even peaceful after reading it. It's funny too! You'll enjoy the related quotes from famous historical figures (Thoreau, da Vinci, Confucius, to name a few). After all, simplicity isn't new, but we need to be reminded during these difficult times. By the way, my 80-something-year-old mom read this and liked it too.

New Mind New Reality

Author : Gregory P Brown MD
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Managing to the New Regulatory Reality

Author : Gregory P. Wilson
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How to manage and profit from the new financial regulatory reality Now, more than ever, navigating the new financial regulations is paramount for the survival of many large institutions. Managing to the New Regulatory Reality: Doing Business Under the Dodd-Frank Act provides the most important, need-to-know lessons for private sector management, boards of directors, policymakers, and even regulators, shedding light on the movement from crisis to panic, regulatory reform to winning under continuing financial regulatory uncertainty. Reviews the causes of 2008's financial crisis, and assesses its impact on multiple stakeholders Describes and analyzes the impact of the immediate U.S. and G20 policy and regulatory reactions on financial institutions that the crisis response triggered Explains the legislative policies, and examines how institutions and the financial services industry can make these new policies and regulations work for them All financial institutions, but especially large companies, will have to aggressively manage to the new regulatory reality. Managing to the New Regulatory Reality is the must-have survival guide to sustaining profitability despite all the new red tape.

Ressourcement Theology

Author : Patricia Kelly
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Ressourcement Theology: A Sourcebook offers a collection of texts previously unavailable in English from leading Dominicans and Jesuits, who initiated a movement for renewal that contributed to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. In the last decade, theologians have undertaken a serious reappraisal of the contribution of Ressourcement theology to 20th century theology in the Catholic tradition and beyond. This 'return to Ressourcement' has resulted in many of the principal texts being translated into English and (re-)issued, ensuring their accessibility to scholars across the globe. Despite this, many of the earliest documents relating to the history of Ressourcement theology are unavailable to most English-speaking scholars, as they are largely journal articles and book chapters published in French. Patricia Kelly has selected the most significant texts that so far have been unavailable in English, including the controversial piece by Jean-Marie LeBlond ('The Analogy of Truth') that was condemned in the 1950s by the Vatican, as well as the response to Labourdette's attack on LeBlond, penned anonymously by a group of Jesuits. All of these documents will help students and scholars to engage deeply with the history of the Ressourcement movement and its relevance for the developments of the Catholic tradition.