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A News Story

Author : Allan Jefferys
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A News Story tells of the time when TV news switched from being a money-losing public service to a highly successful money machine. Mitch Bellows and Anthony Hadde are news directors who provide a contrast in approach: Bellows is dedicated to truth and integrity-Hadde is motivated by power and greed. Ambition also drives some anchormen to achieve their goals, often at the expense of their core values. Others hold fast to high standards. It is impossible to tell which ones have integrity by watching them on the screen. Only by examining their off-camera behavior can the truth be uncovered. A News Story offers a revealing look behind the microphones and cameras of a TV news operation. The author has drawn on his own experiences while working in that industry, but it is not a roman à clef, even if some of the characters seem to be recognizable. A News Story is a fast-moving page-turner that pulls no punches as it delves into the lives of its characters.

A News Story

Author : George Burlbaugh
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The author is an accidental journalist. He wanted to be a doctor but found that he couldn't handle college science courses and so became an English major with a minor in journalism. It was a great personal failure but was to continue him on an almost pre-determined path. This book is a hybrid. The author spent almost 50 years as a television writer and the book is written in the style of a TV script, without the tape and camera cues. As a result it is a first, a book and a script. It is a blend of the two styles. It can be read and it can be spoken, a new literary approach.

The Social Seminar a News Story

Author : National Institute of Mental Health (U.S.)
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The Effects of a News Story s Causal Structure on Audience Explanations of a News Event

Author : Jamal J. Al-Menayes
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News and the Human Interest Story

Author : Helen MacGill Hughes
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In this account of the growth of newspapers in modern, industrial society, Helen Hughes traces the development of a mass audience through analysis of the origins of the human interest story in the popular ballads of an earlier day. She shows how such commonly found interests as a taste for news of the town, ordinary gossip, and moving or gripping tales with a legendary or mythic quality have reflected the tastes of ordinary folk from the days of illiterate audiences to the present. She explains how these interests ultimately were combined with practical economic and political information to create the substance and demand for a popular press. In describing the rise and fall of newspaper empires, each with their special readership attractions, Dr. Hughes shows how technological innovation and idiosyncratic creativity were used by owners to capture and hold a reading audience. Once this audience developed, it could be fed a variety of messages--beamed at reinforcing and maintaining both general and specific publics--as well as a view of the world consonant with that of the publisher and major advertisers. Hughes offers a persuasive argument for the continuing viability of this method for combined social control, instruction, and amusement captured by the association of news and the human interest story.

Tell Our Story

Author : Julie Reid
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Focusing on three South African communities the authors dismiss the idea that some groups are voiceless, arguing that they are being deliberately ignored by dominant news media The dominant news media are often accused of reflecting an ‘elite bias’, privileging and foregrounding the interests of a small segment of society while ignoring the narratives of the majority. The authors of Tell Our Story investigate this problem and offer a hands-on demonstration of listening journalism and research in practice. In the process they dismiss the idea that some groups are voiceless, arguing that what is often described in such terms is mostly a matter of those groups being deliberately ignored. Focusing their attention on three very different South African communities they delve into the life and struggle narratives of each, exposing the divide between the stories told by the people who actually live in the communities and the way in which those stories have been understood and shaped by the media. The three communities are those living in the Glebelands hostel complex in Durban where over 100 residents have been killed in politically motivated violence in the past few years; the Xolobeni community on the Wild Coast, which has been resisting the building of a new toll road and a dune mining venture; and Thembelihle, a settlement south-west of Johannesburg that has been resisting removal for many years. The book concludes with a set of practical guidelines for journalists on the practice of listening journalism.

The News from Spain

Author : Joan Wickersham
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A San Francisco Chronicle and NPR Best Book of the Year The author of the acclaimed memoir The Suicide Index returns with a virtuosic collection of stories, each a stirring parable of the power of love and the impossibility of understanding it. Spanning centuries and continents, from eighteenth-century Vienna to contemporary America, Joan Wickersham shows, with uncanny exactitude, how we never really know what’s in someone else’s heart—or in our own.

What Time Means in a News Story

Author : Michael Schudson
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The Story Behind the News

Author : Independent Journal
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The True Story of Fake News

Author : Mark Dice
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Is fake news being spread through social media as part of an information war? Are political operatives publishing disinformation to smear the opposition and help their own agendas? Who creates fake news, how does it spread, and can it be stopped? What are the real world effects of fake news stories that go viral? Did it affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election? Or is ‘fake news’ a fake problem, designed to justify tighter control over the mechanisms of sharing information online to drive audiences back to brand name media outlets because their audiences and influence are dwindling? Media analyst Mark Dice takes a close look at the fake news phenomenon and the implications of mega-corporations like Facebook, Google, and Twitter becoming the ultimate gatekeepers and distributors of news and information. You will see the powerful and deceptive methods of manipulation that affect us all, as numerous organizations and political activists cunningly plot to have their stories seen, heard, and believed by as many people as possible. The depths of lies, distortions, and omissions from traditional mainstream media will shock you; and now they’re colluding with the top tech companies trying to maintain their information monopolies. This is The True Story of Fake News.

AP the Story of News

Author : Oliver Gramling
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The News of the World Story

Author : Cyril Bainbridge
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All the News That s Fit to Sell

Author : James Hamilton
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That market forces drive the news is not news. Whether a story appears in print, on television, or on the Internet depends on who is interested, its value to advertisers, the costs of assembling the details, and competitors' products. But in All the News That's Fit to Sell, economist James Hamilton shows just how this happens. Furthermore, many complaints about journalism--media bias, soft news, and pundits as celebrities--arise from the impact of this economic logic on news judgments. This is the first book to develop an economic theory of news, analyze evidence across a wide range of media markets on how incentives affect news content, and offer policy conclusions. Media bias, for instance, was long a staple of the news. Hamilton's analysis of newspapers from 1870 to 1900 reveals how nonpartisan reporting became the norm. A hundred years later, some partisan elements reemerged as, for example, evening news broadcasts tried to retain young female viewers with stories aimed at their (Democratic) political interests. Examination of story selection on the network evening news programs from 1969 to 1998 shows how cable competition, deregulation, and ownership changes encouraged a shift from hard news about politics toward more soft news about entertainers. Hamilton concludes by calling for lower costs of access to government information, a greater role for nonprofits in funding journalism, the development of norms that stress hard news reporting, and the defining of digital and Internet property rights to encourage the flow of news. Ultimately, this book shows that by more fully understanding the economics behind the news, we will be better positioned to ensure that the news serves the public good.

How to Write a News Article

Author : Michael Kronenwetter
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Discusses basic aspects of news journalism, including judging what is newsworthy, gathering information, journalistic ethics and bias, and shaping a story.

Writing and Reporting News

Author : Carole Rich
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This practical text uses a coaching method to introduce students to the basic skills required of a news reporter (covers conceiving, researching, organizing and writing the news story). It emphasizes the fundamentals as well as the emerging issues, such as technology and ethics in journalistic writing. After using this motivational and engaging text your students will be well prepared to write effectively in every news medium.

The Concise Encyclopedia of Communication

Author : Wolfgang Donsbach
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This concise volume presents key concepts and entries from the twelve-volume ICA International Encyclopedia of Communication (2008), condensing leading scholarship into a practical and valuable single volume. Based on the definitive twelve-volume IEC, this new concise edition presents key concepts and the most relevant headwords of communication science in an A-Z format in an up-to-date manner Jointly published with the International Communication Association (ICA), the leading academic association of the discipline in the world Represents the best and most up-to-date international research in this dynamic and interdisciplinary field Contributions come from hundreds of authors who represent excellence in their respective fields An affordable volume available in print or online

The Mass Media and the School Newspaper

Author : DeWitt Carter Reddick
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A journalism textbook concerned primarily with the school newspaper, emphasizing development of reporting and writing skills, production procedures, advertising, and circulation, as well as the role of the mass media in society.

The Use of Mass Media by Extension Workers in Ontario

Author : Clarence Bradley Schneller
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U S News World Report

Author :
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Listener s News Story Preference in the Lansing Michigan Market

Author : Charles Warren Larsen
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