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A Pumpkin for a Princess

Author : Vicki Addesso Dodd
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A walkway lined with pink painted pumpkins tied with pink bows is the first thing this special baby girl sees while being carried into her new home. With loving faces to greet her, this little princess settles in for a long winter only to discover in Spring a familiar and wonderful surprise. A Pumpkin for a Princess!

The Pumpkin Princess

Author : Jamie McAfee
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Format : PDF, ePub
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"The Pumpkin Princess" takes you on a Halloween adventure lead by her little brother. Imagination takes over when celebrating this Holiday! Trick or Treats are welcome! (Ages 4-8)

Princess Pumpkin Patch

Author : Andi Cann
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"Why are pumpkins round? Did you know they used to be square? Princess Sassinia Pumpkin Patch is in charge of all the pumpkin harvests in the Butterfly Kingdom. But she wonders if there is more to life than just harvesting pumpkins. She goes searching for an answer and finds a beautiful one. Read along with Sassi, the Pumpkin Princess, as she finds her truth while you discover why pumpkins are now round"--Back cover.

Pumpkin Princess

Author : Hobby Life Notebooks
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This lined notebook makes a funny fall gift for pumpkin girls. 6x9 inches 110 pages Lined White paper Matte-finished cover

The Princess and the Pumpkin

Author : Maggie Duff
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An old granny succeeds where others have failed in curing an ailing princess.

Palace Pets A Party for Pumpkin A Princess Adventure Story

Author : Disney Books
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Read along with Disney! One day while Pumpkin, Cinderella's puppy, was prancing and pirouetting around the garden, she ran into Gus, Jaq, and Bibbidy. They were decorating the garden for a party! Pumpkin wanted to help but Jaq was worried...he wanted everything to go perfectly. Follow along with word-for-word narration to find out if Pumpkin and her friends can plan the perfect party before Cinderella and the other guests arrive!

The Pumpkin Fairy Princess

Author : Ansumana Morning
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Join Preslean on her first Halloween as she realizes what it takes to be the best pumpkin fairy possible.

Princess Ponies 10 The Pumpkin Ghost

Author : Chloe Ryder
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Enter a land of magical ponies in this chapter book series that features illustrations throughout and comes with a collectible charm! The enchanted island of Chevalia, where ponies rule, has finally had its magic restored, thanks to human Pippa and pony Princess Stardust. Her task complete, Pippa returned to our world . . . but her friends in Chevalia are never far away. It's Halloween, and Pippa can't wait to go trick-or-treating. But before the festivities get underway, Cloud appears to tell Pippa that, back in Chevalia, a mysterious pumpkin-headed ghost is haunting Stableside Castle! Pippa joins forces with her best friend, Princess Stardust, to figure out if the fabled pumpkin ghost is real . . . or if someone is up to a little bit of Halloween mischief! Can they get to the bottom of this spooky mystery? Pippa's adventures in magical Chevalia continue, brought to life with delightful illustrations--and the book includes a special collectible charm. Collect all of the books in the Princess Ponies series: A Magical Friend A Dream Come True The Special Secret A Unicorn Adventure! An Amazing Rescue Best Friends Forever! A Special Surprise A Singing Star The Lucky Horseshoe

The Adventures of Princess Stella

Author : Joseph McKinney
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Stella a playful little girl, loves to do things with her dad, a soldier. Her adventures take her through all kinds of activities and experiences through which she learns and grows.

Princess on Parade

Author : Carolyn Keene
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Bess is dying to be the Pumpkin Princess in the fall parade. But only one girl can wear the crown and the beautiful gown. And the winner is Brenda Carlton, Princess Snooty Nose! But now the gown is gone, and Nancy’s helping that stuck-up Brenda find it. Bess may never speak to Nancy again! Does being the best detective in the world mean Nancy has to lose her best friend in the world?

Just Your Average Princess

Author : Kristina Springer
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Jamie Edwards has loved everything about growing up on a pumpkin patch, but ever since her cousin Milan Woods arrived, things have really stunk. Jamie can't imagine it was easy for Milan to leave her life back in Los Angeles and move to Average, Illinois, population one thousand. But it's kind of hard to feel sorry for her since (a) Milan's drop-dead gorgeous; (b) she's the daughter of two of Hollywood's hottest film stars; (c) she's captured the attention of everyone in town, including Danny, Jamie's crush since forever; and (d) she's about to steal the title of Pumpkin Princess right out from underneath Jamie!

Princess Primrose and Pumpkin the Pig

Author : Nicol Woodley
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A charming tale of a lonely princess who finds an unexpected friend in unusual circumstances, told through poetry and illustrations. The story proves that true friends come in all shapes and sizes and are often not who we would expect to make friends with.

The Halloween Princess

Author : Jonothon Steimle
File Size : 88.19 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Lava Lantern is not an ordinary girl. Far from it, in fact. She is the princess of Hallow Hollow, a land where monsters of Halloween live. Even her father is a monster with a pumpkin for a head. However, she is considered "too pretty" to the creatures there. In fact, she is practically human, except for her magical powers. So, she is sent to Hamilton Elementary, a public school outside of Hallow Hollow. There's just one problem: Hamilton Elementary doesn't close its doors on Halloween. How's she going to handle this?

Lives of the Princesses of Wales Augusta of Saxe Gotha Cont d Caroline of Brunswick

Author : Barbara Clay Finch
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Princess Pumpkin the Pocket Alpaca

Author : Michael James
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Princess Pumpkin the Pocket Alpaca was inspired by the real-life story of a tiny alpaca born way too small to survive. She is an impish little alpaca who is loves by her family of humans and dogs. Independent and brave, she ventures out of her castle in search of friendship with the other, bigger alpacas around the farm. Join Princess the Pocket Alpaca as she learns to make friends and discovers that there is nothing wrong with being a little different.

An Egyptian Princess

Author : Georg Ebers
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Format : PDF, ePub
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The Ice Princess

Author : Camilla Läckberg
File Size : 81.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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“A top-notch thriller, one of the best of the genre” (Minneapolis Star Tribune) from international crime-writing sensation Camilla Läckberg tells the story of brutal murders in a small Swedish fishing village, and the shattering, decades-old secrets that precipitated them. In this electrifying tale of suspense from an international crime-writing sensation, a grisly death exposes the dark heart of a Scandinavian seaside village. Erica Falck returns to her tiny, remote hometown of Fjällbacka, Sweden, after her parents’ deaths only to encounter another tragedy: the suicide of her childhood best friend, Alex. It’s Erica herself who finds Alex’s body—suspended in a bathtub of frozen water, her wrists slashed. Erica is bewildered: Why would a beautiful woman who had it all take her own life? Teaming up with police detective Patrik Hedström, Erica begins to uncover shocking events from Alex’s childhood. As one horrifying fact after another comes to light, Erica and Patrik’s curiosity gives way to obsession—and their flirtation grows into uncontrollable attraction. But it’s not long before one thing becomes very clear: a deadly secret is at stake, and there’s someone out there who will do anything—even commit murder—to protect it. Fans of Scandinavian greats Stieg Larsson and Henning Mankell will devour Camilla Läckberg’s penetrating portrait of human nature at its darkest.

Princess Crafts

Author : Elizabeth Ingrid Hauser
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Smart little princesses will continue to clamor for these sparkly, frilly, and marvelous projects-and now this authentically "crafty" hit is popularly priced to please their royal parents too. Every young princess will want to make these projects, and she can. The crafts (in girl-appealing pink, purple, and glitter) are simple, so she'll need little help creating sparkly costumes, dazzling accessories, ornate gifts, and sublime snacks fit for royalty. Princesses with a classic style will want to place oodles of netting and tulle over a floor-length dress; put lace, ruffles, ribbons, and gems on the bodice; and turn a headband into a dazzling tiara with beads and sequins. They'll travel like royalty on a bicycle decorated with ribbons, plastic garlands, fabric flowers, butterflies, shimmery paper or tape, and more. Sleeping Beauties will enjoy sweet slumber on their Heaven Scent Pillow, and write their thoughts in a Secret Wish Journal adorned with glow-in-the-dark stickers and glitter. And there's ornamentation for the royal bedroom, homemade makeup for the fairest in the land-even some dragon candy for the royal brother.

The Princess and the Puppy

Author : written by Jewels Rogers
File Size : 71.5 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book is about a princess who gets a puppy for her birthday. The puppy ends up saving her life. Jewels Rogers was nineteen years old when she was hit by a drunk driver. She was in a coma for four months,and when she woke up, she was a quadriplegic with a traumatic brain injury. The part of her brain that controls speech was severely damaged, and the only parts of her body that she can move are her right arm and fingers. Her intelligence was not aff ected at all.She requires constant care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.She enjoys her new-found talent of creating stories for children to enjoy. She dictates her stories to her mom, who then types them, gets them illustrated, and has them published.Jewels believes this is what God had planned for her life all along. She is a Mormon with very strong Christi an beliefs. She thanks God every day for saving her life and for giving her life a purpose. Jewels and her mom live in Florida with a long-haired Chihuahua named Chico, a rabbit that Jewels named “Roger”, a blue parakeet that Jewels named “Bluebell” and all the dolphin memorabilia they could fi t into her bedroom. You can keep up with Jewels and all her latest books at her website,

Pop Princess

Author : Rachel Cohn
File Size : 32.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From the coauthor of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist comes “a slick and enjoyably glitzy read” (BCCB) that captures the struggles and glories of an ordinary teenage girl’s climb to celebrity. When fifteen-year-old Wonder Blake is plucked from her job at the Dairy Queen and given the chance to become a teen idol, it seems like a dream come true—even if it wasn’t her dream, but her older sister Lucky’s. Lucky was on her way to becoming a pop star when she died, and Wonder and her family are still trying to recover from their loss. Offered a recording contract, Wonder jumps at the chance to escape from a dead-end town, her fractured family, and worst of all, high school. Suddenly she has it all: a hot new look, a chart-busting hit single, a tour opening up for superstar Kayla. But stardom isn’t all glamour—it’s also lots of work. And maybe what Wonder really wants is as simple as a guy who likes her for herself. As Wonder rises through the pop-princess star-making machine, she also learns that there’s a price for fame—and that maybe being an ordinary teenage girl isn’t so bad after all.