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A Realist Account of Stress PTSD and Resilience

Author : Frank Tortorello
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This book rejects traditional, dominant—typically reductive and anti-realist—explanations of stress, PTSD, and resilience. Frank Tortorello presents the United States Marine Corps’ doctrinal explanation of stress, PTSD, and resilience as a case in point using new realist theoretical resources from Rom Harré and Charles R. Varela. The author systematically exposes the scientific and ethical failures of traditional explanations in accounting for the actions of stressed and resilient Marines on and off the battlefield. The power of new realist explanations emerges in application to the same ethnographic data, thereby supporting the author’s call to replace traditional explanations with those grounded in new realism.

Models of Mental Health

Author : Gavin Davidson
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This key text book presents a critical overview of the main theoretical perspectives relevant to mental health practice and argues that no one theory provides a comprehensive framework for practice. By examining traditional models of mental health, as well as new, it challenges some of the accepted views in the field and illustrates the importance of recognising the contribution, strengths and limitations of the range of different ideas. Part of Palgrave's Foundations of Mental Health Practice series, this is indispensable reading for any one studying or working in mental health, whether as a nurse or social worker.

Post Traumatic Survival

Author : Gwynyth Overland
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Some refugees who survive wars recover and thrive; others do not. This study sets out to discover what successful survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime found instrumental for both their survival and their mental health. The aim is to contribute to the understanding of resilience, here understood as the ability to recover from misfortune or change, in order to contribute to the psychosocial rehabilitation of survivors of war crimes and other traumatic events – to discover how war-refugees may be best assisted in processes of recovery and normalisation. The resilience found here was based largely on informants’ cultural and religious resources. Psychosocial guidelines for accessing clients’ backgrounds are available, but health and social workers often fail to access the cultural explanatory models used by survivors in building personal and group resilience. Proposals from the project are incorporated in a cultural resilience interview scheme for the use of health and social workers wishing to conduct resilience work with war survivors.

Psychologies of Ageing

Author : Elizabeth Peel
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This book brings together a diversity of perspectives on the psychology of ageing. Exploring theoretical, conceptual, empirical and practical viewpoints on the topic, the authors offer insight into a range of contemporary issues. Dedicated chapters discuss themes within social and critical psychology such as ageing identities, sexuality and empathy in palliative care. The second part of the book analyses cognitive and biological aspects of ageing, including stress and health in ageing, dementia and lifestyle, and resilience in frailty in old age. The authors conclude by offering perspectives on community and political psychology, examining home and community supports for older people. Written in an accessible style suitable for students as well as researchers in psychology and the social sciences interested in ageing, this book showcases key theoretical, empirical, and practical issues in later life.

Sensational Deviance

Author : Heidi Logan
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Sensational Deviance: Disability in Nineteenth-Century Sensation Fiction investigates the representation of disability in fictional works by the leading Victorian sensation novelists Wilkie Collins and Mary Elizabeth Braddon, exploring how disability acts as a major element in the shaping of the sensation novel genre and how various sensation novels respond to traditional viewpoints of disability and to new developments in physiological and psychiatric knowledge. The depictions of disabled characters in sensation fiction frequently deviate strongly from typical depictions of disability in mainstream Victorian literature, undermining its stigmatized positioning as tragic deficit, severe limitation, or pathology. Close readings of nine individual novels situate their investigations of physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities against the period’s disability discourses and interest in senses, perception, stimuli, the nervous system, and the hereditability of impairments. The importance of moral insanity and degeneration theory within sensation fiction connect the genre with criminal anthropology, suggesting the genre’s further significance in the light of the later emergence of eugenics, psychoanalysis, and genetics.

Analyzing Talk in the Social Sciences

Author : Katherine Bischoping
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Talk is one of the main resources available to qualitative researchers. It offers rich, meaningful data that can provide real insights and new perspectives. But once you have the data how do you select an appropriate means of analysis? How do you ensure that the approach you adopt is the best for your project and your data? The book will help you choose strategies for qualitative analysis that best suit your research. It walks you through key decisions, provides actionable game plans and highlights the advantages and challenges of the main approaches. It is packed full of real examples designed to showcase the different tools you might use to meet your own objectives. Each section of the book focuses on one popular strategy for analyzing talk-based data: Narrative Analysis Conversation Analysis Discourse Analysis Taken together these sections will help you to fine-tune the link between your primary research question and your methods; to ensure that your theoretical stance fits with your methods; and to reason through your analysis in a way that will be recognizable to the intellectual communities of narrative, conversation, or discourse analysts. This book is both starting point and map for any social scientist looking to strategically and purposefully analyse talk data.

Developmental Psychology From Infancy to Development

Author : Fiona White
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Developmental Psychology: From infancy to adulthood, 3rd edition, continues to bring together a balanced focus on Australian and international research contributions in developmental psychology. Students and lecturers alike will find this text addresses the issues of lifespan development in a rigorous and challenging way using a thematic rather than chronological approach. International and national research on graduate attributes consistently identifies critical thinking as one of the most important skills for psychology students. The inclusion of Critical Thinking for Group Discussion at the end of each chapter is designed to encourage students in the development of this key skill. These questions help students develop the ability to engage in discussions on truth and validity and evaluate the relative importance of ideas and data. Students learn by doing, and this is encouraged through interactive features such as Stop and Review, Research Focus Boxes, and Practical Exercises which engage them in group discussion and challenge them to delve into complex and cross-domain analysis of lifespan development. Concept maps at the start of each chapter provide students with a visual snapshot of the chapter content.

Contemporary Trauma Narratives

Author : Jean-Michel Ganteau
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This book provides a comprehensive compilation of essays on the relationship between formal experimentation and ethics in a number of generically hybrid or "liminal" narratives dealing with individual and collective traumas, running the spectrum from the testimonial novel and the fictional autobiography to the fake memoir, written by a variety of famous, more neglected contemporary British, Irish, US, Canadian, and German writers. Building on the psychological insights and theorizing of the fathers of trauma studies (Janet, Freud, Ferenczi) and of contemporary trauma critics and theorists, the articles examine the narrative strategies, structural experimentations and hybridizations of forms, paying special attention to the way in which the texts fight the unrepresentability of trauma by performing rather than representing it. The ethicality or unethicality involved in this endeavor is assessed from the combined perspectives of the non-foundational, non-cognitive, discursive ethics of alterity inspired by Emmanuel Levinas, and the ethics of vulnerability. This approach makes Contemporary Trauma Narratives an excellent resource for scholars of contemporary literature, trauma studies and literary theory.

Healing the Wounds of Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe

Author : Dumisani Ngwenya
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This book is based on a participatory action research project carried out with a group of former Zimbabwe People's revolutionary Army (ZPRA) which was the armed wing of the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) which was led by the late Joshua Nkomo. ZPRA was the primary target of Gukurahundi, a pogrom by the Mugabe government which left an estimated 20 000 civilians dead and countless others tortured in the early 1980s in Matebeleland, Zimbabwe. It has been almost 30 years since the violence ended, but there has never been an official healing and reconciliation programme or truth commission into the atrocities. The government chose the path of amnesia by granting a blanket amnesty to all involved. The regime has enforced a culture of silence over the event through repression and intimidation. The book is a culmination of a two year journey, by the group and the author, of an exploration of group-based self-healing approaches to the pain caused by the violence of Gukurahundi.

Flexible Applications of Cognitive Processing Therapy

Author : Tara E. Galovski
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Flexible Applications of Cognitive Processing Therapy: Evidence-Based Treatment Methods provides a detailed roadmap on how to apply therapy to a wide-range of complex patients. Starting with an exploration of the development of CPT, the book then segues into a practical discussion on flexible adaptations of therapy. Dissemination and implementation of CPT is covered next, and the book concludes with directions for future research. It provides clinical guidance on treating PTSD with patients who express high levels of anger, shame, guilt, and other forms of emotionality, while also providing insight on research on the effectiveness of CPT on other comorbid disorders. The book also reviews the outcomes of clinical trials of CPT inside and outside the United States, including examining modifications and outcomes in a diverse array of patient populations. Traces the history and development of cognitive processing therapy (CPT) Outlines empirically-supported modifications to CPT Looks at international applications of CPT in diverse patient populations Discusses common challenges to therapy outcome and how to overcome them