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Contemporary Trotskyism

Author : John Kelly
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Almost 80 years after Leon Trotsky founded the Fourth International, there are now Trotskyist organizations in 57 countries, including most of Western Europe and Latin America. Yet no Trotskyist group has ever led a revolution or built an enduring mass, political party. Contemporary Trotskyism looks in detail at the influence, resilience and weaknesses of the British Trotskyist movement, from the 1970s to the present day. The book argues that to understand and explain the development, resilience and influence of Trotskyist groups, we need to analyse them as bodies that comprise elements of three types of organization: the political party, the sect and the social movement. It is the properties of these three facets of organization and the interplay between them that gives rise to the most characteristic features of the Trotskyist movement: frenetic activity, rampant divisions, inter-organizational hostility, authoritarian and charismatic leadership, high membership turnover and ideological rigidity. Trotskyist groups have been involved in a wide range of important social movements including trade unions, student unions, anti-war, anti-racist and anti-fascist groups. While their energy and activity in civil society have had some success, their influence has never been reflected in votes or seats at elections even after the financial crisis. Drawing on extensive archival research, as well as interviews with many of the leading protagonists and activists within the Trotskyist milieu, this is essential reading for students, activists and researchers with an interest in the far left, social movements and contemporary British political history.

The No nonsense Guide to World History

Author : Chris Brazier
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This guide integrates concisely the conventional narratives of history with the stories of the continents and communities of Asia, Africa and Latin America.


Author : Geoff Swain
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"Geoffrey Swain uses previously unexplored archival material to provide a full account of Trotsky's years in power. He examines the origin and meaning of the theory of permanent revolution and critiques Trotsky's misconceived analysis of post-revolutionary society. He goes on to assess Trotsky's claims as organiser of the October Revolution, and analyses in detail Trotsky's role in founding the Red Army. Swain also shows how Trotsky's ideas on military organisation became the basis for his vision of a future socialist society and at the same time sowed the seeds for his post-war disagreements with Lenin. The study includes an examination of Trotsky's tense relationships with both Lenin and Stalin, concluding that his continued adherence to the idea of permanent revolution meant he fatally misunderstood the nature of the struggles taking place around him."--BOOK JACKET.

The Rough Guide to St Petersburg

Author : Dan Richardson
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Make the most of your time with The Rough Guide to St Petersburg, the ultimate guide to this beautiful city. The full-colour section introduces St Petersburg’s highlights, from world-class ballet and opera at the Mariinskiy Theatre to the gilded mosaics of the Church of the Saviour on the Blood. The guide takes a detailed look at Russian history, literature and cultural life with expert background on everything from the superlative art collection of the Hermitage and the city’s spectacular Imperial palaces to snowmobiling in Karelia. There are plenty of practical tips and information on all the best accommodation, transportation and restaurants and lively reviews of hundreds of shops, bars and clubs. Discover every corner of St. Petersburg with the clearest maps of any guide.

A Student s Guide to A2 Drama and Theatre Studies for the Edexcel Specification

Author : Nigel Williams
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Blockbuster Entertainment Guide to Movies and Videos 1998

Author : Dell Publishing
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The leading expert on video sales and rentals presents the ultimate video sourcebook--the most complete and comprehensive one on the market, with over 22,500 entries of every film available on video in an easy-to-use A-Z format, cross-indexed by title, director, celebrity and film category, including a special section listing films suitable for children.

Blockbuster Video Guide to Movies and Videos 1996

Author : Blockbuster Entertainment Corporation
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With over 300 new entries added since the 1995 edition, this ultimate video guidebook for all video viewers gives a clear plot summary of each film, an MPAA rating, and extensive indices. From new releases to classics, foreign films to children's viewing, this reference contains over 20,000 entries of films available on video.


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Research Guide to European Historical Biography 1450 present Phi Z Appendices 10 14 Index

Author : James A. Moncure
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Blockbuster Video Guide to Movies and Videos 1995

Author : Blockbuster Entertainment
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The respected expert in video sales and rentals offers an extensive reference guide of every film available on video--from new releases, classics and golden oldies to made-for-TV and foreign films. More than 20,000 entries, cross-indexed by title, director, celebrity, category, and more.