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A Reference Guide for English Studies

Author : Michael J. Marcuse
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This ambitious undertaking is designed to acquaint students, teachers, and researchers with reference sources in any branch of English studies, which Marcuse defines as "all those subjects and lines of critical and scholarly inquiry presently pursued by members of university departments of English language and literature.'' Within each of 24 major sections, Marcuse lists and annotates bibliographies, guides, reviews of research, encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals, and reference histories. The annotations and various indexes are models of clarity and usefulness, and cross references are liberally supplied where appropriate. Although cost-conscious librarians will probably consider the several other excellent literary bibliographies in print, such as James L. Harner's Literary Research Guide (Modern Language Assn. of America, 1989), larger academic libraries will want Marcuse's volume.-- Jack Bales, Mary Washington Coll. Lib., Fredericksburg, Va. -Library Journal.

Indian Doctoral Dissertations in English Studies

Author : K. Naseem
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Indian Research In English Studies Has A Long And Rich Tradition But, Unfortunately, It Has Failed To Make Any Notable Impact On The Academic World. This Is Largely Due To The Fact That Most Of The Indian Doctoral Dissertations In English Studies Lie Buried In University Libraries And Are Inaccessible To Aspiring Researchers. No Attempt Has Been Made So Far To Establish Any Link Or Co-Ordination Between Research Activities Of Different Universities/Institutes. This Has Resulted In A Total Neglect Of Earlier Research And Unnecessary Duplication.The Present Volume Is Designed To End This Unhappy Situation By Providing A Complete And Authentic Account Of Research Carried Out In Indian Universities Not Only In British, American, Commonwealth And Indian English Literature But Also In Comparative Studies, Translation Studies, Language, Linguistics And Elt. Entries On The Above Mentioned Are Arranged Subject-Wise In Chronological Sequence And Are Followed By A Separate Section On Individual Authors In Alphabetical Order. Thus It Provides A Consolidated View Of Indian Research In English And Serves As An Invaluable Reference Manual. It Is A Step Towards Orientation And Systematisation Of Indian Research In English Studies And Will Help To Make Research A Well-Informed, Well-Planned And Meaningful Exercise.

Literary Research and Postcolonial Literatures in English

Author : H. Faye Christenberry
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Postcolonial literatures can be defined as the body of creative work written by authors whose lands were formerly colonized. This book is a research guide to postcolonial literatures in English, specifically from former British colonies in Africa, the Caribbean, and South Asia. While this volume focuses exclusively on Anglophone literatures, it does not address those from Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand as they have already been covered in previous volumes in the series.

On Compiling an Annotated Bibliography

Author : James L. Harner
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James Harner's popular pamphlet, first published in 1985, has been revised and updated in the light of advances in computer technology and the availability of humanities databases. Harner offers useful information on planning research, organizing an annotated bibliography, compiling entries, using a computer to prepare the manuscript, and editing. While the booklet focuses on the preparation of a comprehensive bibliography on a single literary author, the procedures and techniques are easily adapted to selective or subject bibliographies and to other periods and disciplines.

Literary Research and British Postmodernism

Author : Bridgit McCafferty
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Literary Research and British Postmodernism is a guide for researchers of postwar British literature that defines best practices for scholars conducting research in this period. Individual chapters connect the complex relationships between print and multimedia, technological advancements, and the influence of critical theory that converge in postwar British literature.

Literary Research and the Victorian and Edwardian Ages 1830 1910

Author : Melissa S. Van Vuuren
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This volume discusses traditional and new resources for researching British literature of the Victorian and Edwardian ages and the ways in which those resources can be used in conjunction with one another.

Literary Research and the British Renaissance and Early Modern Period

Author : Jennifer Bowers
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This guide provides the best practices and reference resources, both print and electronic, that can be used in conducting research on literature of the British Renaissance and Early Modern Period. This volume seeks to address specific research characteristics integral to studying the period, including a more inclusive canon and the predominance of Shakespeare.

Literary Research and Canadian Literature

Author : Gabriella Reznowski
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This guide addresses the tools and best practices for selecting and evaluating print and electronic sources related to the extensive and varied literature of Canada. Beginning with an overview of the strategies needed to conduct online research, individual chapters examine general literary reference materials; relevant online library catalogs, including national and union library catalogs; scholarly journals; archival collections; microform and digital collections; periodicals, literary magazines, newspapers, and reviews; and Web and electronic resources. Special topics discussed include 'little magazines,' scholarly gateways, and cultural resources. The guide culminates in a chapter that illustrates the application of the strategies explored to solve a research problem. The strategies discussed within the guide are applicable to both canonical and lesser-known authors, therefore making this work relevant to anyone interested in researching Canadian literature.

Literary Research and Irish Literature

Author : Greg J. Matthews
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Literary Research and Irish Literature: Strategies & Sources explores primary and secondary research resources relevant to the study of Irish literary authors, works, genres, and history. Sources covered include general literary research guides; union library catalogs; print and online bibliographies; manuscripts and archives; microfilm and digitization projects; scholarly journals; periodicals, newspapers, and reviews; and electronic and Web resources. To ease comparison and evaluation of references, each chapter addresses how to choose and utilize research methods and tools to yield the most relevant information. This guide also examines the strengths and weaknesses of core and specialized electronic and print research tools and standard search techniques and_when appropriate_covers the historical and cultural contexts and usability issues of unique reference sources. This volume, number 5 in the series, raises trenchant issues in Irish literary scholarship, such as the problem of defining what Irish literature is; gaps in criticism and secondary literature devoted to Irish literature; neglected areas of scholarly inquiry, including Irish literature by women and lesser-known writers; and the rewards of interdisciplinary research. It concludes with a brief consideration of a scenario illustrating how a scholar might use strategies and sources covered in the text to solve a research problem.

Literary Research and the Anglo Saxon and Medieval Eras

Author : Dustin Booher
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Literary Research and the Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Eras: Strategies and Sources is a guide to scholarly research in the field of medieval English literature covering the period 450 CE to 1500 CE. Graduate students and scholars researching this period face many challenges: working in two distinct literary traditions, comprehending multiple languages (Old English, Middle English, Latin, Anglo-Norman, and French), knowing the manuscript tradition for a particular title and the research methodologies for discovering and locating primary sources in the print and digital realms, and the awareness of the overlap and assimilation of literary themes with religious, historical, cultural, and political perspectives. The volume presents the best practices for building a foundation of sound scholarship practices in the field of medieval English literature. This volume explores primary and secondary resources, including general literary research guides; types of library catalogs; print and online bibliographies and indexes; scholarly journals and series; manuscripts, archives, and digital collections; genres; tools for understanding Old and Middle English such as dictionaries, lexicons, thesauri, glosses, etymologies, palaeographies, and text mining tools; and Web resources. The final chapter researches the shifting reputation of the poet, Thomas Hoccleve. Given the interdisciplinary nature of medieval studies, an appendix of additional readings in art, history, music, philosophy, religion, science, social sciences, and theater is provided.