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A Scam in the Ashram

Author : Terry Grigg
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A Scam in the Ashram is the second volume in the Terry's Travels series, and all about the Indian subcontinent; India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal, as well as Tibet. From the lamas of Ladakh in the Himalaya to the Sikhs of Amritsar, the Jains of Jodhpur, the Muslims of Mahasthangarh, the Christians of Kerala, the clowning Atsaras of Bhutan and monks and holy men just about everywhere. And from staring up at the highest point on earth to wandering along the seashore on a crowded Sri Lankan beach. The book presents an eclectic mix of sadhus, saints, Sunnis, sinners, spirituality and scams; and tales of bureaucracy, baksheesh and the Buddha. It pulls no punches with plenty of sarcasm and politically incorrect sentiments. Reviewers have commented on my dry humour, fascinating insights, factual narrative, environmental concerns, eye opening and reflective views, raw honesty, substance and research, making my work an intriguing and compelling read from start to finish. This is a sardonic look at humanity and the world with no Pollyanna gloss and may well be the most controversial book you will ever read - certainly the most controversial travel book. Now time to get some Delhi Belly. Enjoy the journey.

I Am Life

Author : Shraddha Soni
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‘You are from India—the land of three hundred and thirty million Gods, and you say you don’t believe in even one of them? I think it’s time to go home, Sid.’ Andrea’s words have been echoing in my head since last night when she poured another round of scotch. I entered God in the Google search bar and of all the places, it directed me to India—a place where I had buried my childhood dream eleven years ago, and moved to New York. I waived God away when I got to New York, and, to be honest, I didn’t need Him either. Until now... Life’s always been a bitch but this time it’s gone too far. I want my money and my company back, and I will find God one way or the other to get my answers. I’ve boarded the flight. Hop on...and yes...carry some scotch along. See you on the other side. Cheers, Sid—Siddharth Khanna

California Court of Appeal 1st Appellate District Records and Briefs

Author : California (State).
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Hidden Agenda

Author : Gil Smith
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Is the pen mightier than the sword? Canadian journalist Hadley Reed thinks so, and his hard-hitting pieces spare no one, regardless of importance. But even Hadley is taken aback when the U.S.A., Canada's mighty neighbor to the south, becomes the subject of the biggest scoop he's ever had. The dangers of confronting such a superpower and exposing its seamier side in international affairs, have consequences beyond anything he can foresee.

The Illustrated Weekly of India

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Frank Charli

Author : Frank Yandolino
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Stories of Remarkable People and Enduring Love in the Time of Woodstock In the 1960s and '70s, Frank Yandolino rode the hippie counterculture movement alongside visionaries like Artie Kornfeld and Michael Lang, and he helped put together the Woodstock Festival of 1969, the era’s emblem of love and peace. From then on (and even before that), Yandolino, a beguiling fast-talker, charmer, and gifted storyteller, took charge of his life according to those ideals, grabbing and embracing all opportunities that were thrown his way. This memoir is an account of his life as a hippie, art director, entrepreneur, manager, and screenwriter (as well as various other hats he wore in the creative industry)—representing musicians like Joe Cocker and Paul Butterfield, art directing at Penthouse magazine, designing “erotic sheets,” writing a screenplay about Marilyn Monroe and her seamstress Lena Pepitone, among other things. With his gung-ho attitude and fortuitous connections, Yandolino befriended Salvador Dali, hung out with Jimi Hendrix, ran with Abbie Hoffman, was kidnapped by a festival security detail in Paris, mixed with models and Penthouse pets, and watched secret Hells Angels initiation ceremonies. Throughout it all, Yandolino’s key message is his “free bird” philosophy of grabbing every chance you can and staying true to one’s artistic individuality. And, in the end, despite his fast life, he was always grounded by his love for his wife, Charli.

Sweet Neem

Author : Mohini Durgampudi
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The groom died in a celebratory gunfire after the wedding. What to do with the big fat Indian wedding feast already prepared for the hundreds of guests?! Sri and Mia have to hit the ground running when they move to India to take over the struggling family business, Restaurant Annapurna. Set in Hyderabad, also known as the City of Pearls, this is a story of three generations coming together in the span of a year across cultural, social and generational divides. The family deals with life and death and grapple with love and loss. They celebrate the many festivals of India, a wedding and their grand reopening. The younger ones are awed by the ancient city with it’s ultra modern trappings while the elders witness the magic and power of digital revolution and social media. They also sample their way through Hyderabadi cuisine, an intoxicating mix of Mughalai, Turkish and Arabic influences on Andhra, Telangana and Marathwada foods; street food at midnight, a mango feast at the Taj, Anglo Indian at an old friend’s, eclectic gastro-pub fare, Indian Chinese, fusion desserts at the latest bakery, cheeseburgers in a tropical tree house…but, what about Annapurna? And why Sweet Neem? Cover Design IPR: Thousand Oaks Restaurant, Pune Concept & Design: Arti Agarwal Illustrator: Aranyalay Chinchpure

Mexican Song of Sunshine

Author : Jason Murk
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Mexican Song of Sunshine is a collection of contemporary short stories set in New Mexico and Thailand. The stories are vignettes from the life of Khalim (a corporate artist who designs paintings for hotel conference rooms) and his partner Virginia (who's relocating from New York City) as they move in and live a life together in rural New Mexico. These vignettes are at times sad, wistful, hysterical, and wysterical. The stories are illustrated with a novel black-and-white binary style of art.


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Rustom and the Last Storyteller of Almora

Author : Gaurav Parab
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Rustom Iraqiwalla, a once-rich, green-eyed Parsi man, is all set to blow his brains out at his best friend’s wedding. Debt-ridden and marked by the mafia, this is the only way he can secure his family’s future and atone for all the rotten choices he has made in his life. This extraordinary situation comes by way of his grandfather Fali’s last Will that states Rustom shall inherit the family fortune if he kills himself in a public place with the former’s eponymous gun. Before he has a chance to shoot himself his best friend Mani convinces him to meet an unlikely saviour in the Himalayan town of Almora – a drugged-out godman belting out strange visions through cryptic stories of love, power and loyalty. Will the last storyteller give Rustom a reason to live, or will his tales push Rustom further into an abyss of unimaginable loss? By turns, dark and humorous, quirky and dead serious, Rustom and the Last Storyteller of Almora is a scintillating debut about a man ready to embrace death to redeem his life. ''

Concise General Knowledge Manual

Author : Edgar Thorpe
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"The Pearson Concise General Knowledge Manual 2011" is accurate, well-researched and examination-oriented. This best seller helps to master the subject of general knowledge for various competitive examinations. The book is based on current trends in general knowledge questions featured in various competitive examinations as well as in examinations conducted by UPSC, SSC, Banking Services, Railway Recruitment Boards, and central and state recruitment bodies. It includes sample practice exercises for each subject area and a comprehensive question bank for practice, in all three media paper-pencil, online and on-mobile (GPRS only) platforms. It boasts of an up-to-date national and international Current Affairs section; the latest updates and downloadable test papers available free on the web companion site."

If You Don t Like the News Go Out and Make Some of Your Own

Author : Wes Nisker
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The author, a radio journalist, looks back on his career and shares his impressions of the sixties, hippies, the anti-war movement, People's Park, Timothy Leary, and Eastern philosophy.

Indian Books in Print

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100 Places Every Woman Should Go

Author : Stephanie Elizondo Griest
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With its breezy reviews and insightful advice, 100 Places Every Woman Should Go encourages women of any age to see the world — in a group, with a friend, or solo — and inspires them to create their own list of dreams. Based on her own explorations of many countries, states, and regions, and on interviews with travelers, award-winning author Stephanie Elizondo Griest highlights 100 special destinations and challenging activities — from diving for pearls in Bahrain to racing a camel, yak, or pony across Mongolia; to dancing with voodoo priestesses in Benin and urban cowboys in Texas; to taking a mud bath in a volcano off the coast of Colombia. Divided into such sections as “Places Where Women Made History,” “Places of Indulgence,” and “Places of Adventure,” this guidebook includes timely contact information, resources, and recommended reading. “Ten Tips For Wandering Women” features safety precautions plus pointers on haggling, packing, and staying parasite-free. Vivid portraits of free spirits like Frida Kahlo (“A tequila-slamming, dirty joke-telling smoker, this famous artist was bisexual and beautiful”) help travelers expand their experience.

BJP Today

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Selections from National Press

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The Forex Edge Uncover the Secret Scams and Tricks to Profit in the World s Largest Financial Market

Author : James Dicks
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Exposing the tricks used by brokers to bilk investors, leading Forex educator James Dicks provides counterstrategies for safety investing and profiting in the world's largest market.

Ethical Choices in Business

Author : R C Sekhar
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Ethical Choices in Business provides a comprehensive and innovative exposition of the concepts and practice of business ethics. Using a pragmatic and humanistic approach that accommodates apparently conflicting ideas, it amalgamates ancient Indian wisdom and tribal lore with contemporary analytical thinking and research. Describing the flexible approach adopted by him as "speaking ethics," R. C. Sekhar avoids truisms that only lull the senses with comforting ideas that merely reinforce what is already known. Beginning with an inventory of ethical values nurtured by civilization, the book goes on to describe the process of ethical decision making, both at the level of the individual and the group. This is followed by a description of the contributions made by different institutions in developing ethical norms and in maintaining an ethical balance. The important functional management areas as well as specialized new topicsùsuch as, whistle-blowing, corruption, environment, and gender issuesùare covered in separate chapters. Replete with cases and real-life examples that reinforce conceptual understanding, Ethical Choices in Business is interspersed with inspiring ideas for affirmative action. Also included are two useful exercises, one on scoring oneself in ethical attitudes and a second on mind-stilling. Ethical Choices in Business will appeal to professionals and academics interested in business ethics, philosophy, management, and human resources.