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Bibliography of the History of Medicine

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Current Catalog

Author : National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
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First multi-year cumulation covers six years: 1965-70.

National Library of Medicine Current Catalog

Author : National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
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A short history of breast cancer

Author : D. de Moulin
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The Third Breast Cancer Working Conference of the Breast Cancer Cooperative Group of the European Organization for Research on Treatment of Cancer, to be held in Amsterdam on April 27-29, 1983, was the principle motive for writing this book. It was feh that a short review of the main pathogenetic conceptions and therapeutic principles which have presented themselves with regard to mammary cancer in the Course of Western history , might help to draw a more complete picture of where we stand today. It is not easy to decide which ideas, although discarded, deserve yet to be remembered and which authors from the past may be considered to be truly representative of the scientific climate of their age. Twenty centuries have produced quite a lot of ideas and the number of medical authors who advanced, or rejected, or modified, or revived them, is really uncountable. So the historian has to make a selec tion and choices are perforce subjective and open to criticism. In writing this book I tried to consult original sources in the original language as much as possible. These sources were not always strictly medical since I aimed at placing the problem of malignant breast disease - which might serve as a paradigm of cancer in general - in a somewhat wider context. For the history of medicine is not only a history of ideas, but also that of people, of institutions, of society.

Life with Breast Cancer Timing Medical Intervention

Author : Sotiria Theoharis
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This dissertation studies breast cancer care historically and ethnographically to address four questions: (1) how breast care structures and normalizes the actions of medical scientists, care providers, and women, (2) how medical scientists make breast cancer facts, (3) how medical paradigms habituate in institutions, bolster professionals, and lived through the women affected by the disease, (4) what are the emerging parameters for women's participation.

Diagnosis and Management of Breast Cancer

Author : Marc E. Lippman
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Cancer of the Breast

Author : William L. Donegan
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Very readable, comprehensive and up-to-date throughout... A well written, well documented, comprehensive text of breast cancer care (Annals of Surgery, review of previous edition). This trusted resource offers in-depth coverage of all aspects of breast cancer, from epidemiology and pathology through surgical and non-surgical management to psychological and legal issues. The meticulously updated and revised 5th Edition provides cutting-edge information on genetics, screening, mammography and sonography, lymphatic mapping and sentinel node biopsy, in situ carcinoma and early invasive carcinoma, biologic response modifiers, reconstruction, and much more! - Keeps readers current with state-of-the-art information on diagnosis...genetic aspects of breast cancer and oncogenies...gross and microscopic anatomy...surgical management of cardiothoracic metastases...pain and orthopedic management...and many other vital topics. - Helps practitioners provide well-balanced care with coverage of the psychological and social impacts of breast cancer...the benefits of nutrition and exercise...cancer prevention......much more. - Covers special problems such as multiple primary cancers and breast cancer with pregnancy. - Offers valuable advice on legal issues in breast cancer management, one of the leading reasons for malpractice cases. - Presents over 310 illustrations that make every detail clear. - Delivers 10 brand-new chapters, including Stage IV Carcinomas (Ch. 27), Lymphatic Mapping and Sentinel Node Biopsy (Ch. 25), Genetic Basis for Emergence & Progression of Breast Cancer (Ch. 10), Molecular Biology of Breast Cancer (Ch. 11), Cellular Kinetics of Breast Cancer (Ch. 19), In situ Carcinoma of the Breast (Ch. 23), and many other timely subjects. - Addresses topics of emerging importance such as benign breast disorders, microscopic anatomy, oncogenes, cancer prevention, cardiothoracic problems, orthopedic problems, legal issues, pain control, and community resources for the patient with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Risk and the Politics of Prevention

Author : Jennifer Ruth Fosket
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Predicting Chemotherapy Resistance in Breast Cancer Patients Using Radiofluorinated Analogues of Chemotherapy Agents in Conjuction with Positron Emission Tomography

Author : Amanda Lovell Kesner
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Textbook of Breast Disease

Author : John H. Isaacs
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Comprehensive coverage of all the various diagnostic modalities (mammography, biopsy, cytology, diagnostic surgery, etc); all forms of management (radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, breast reconstruction); and the issues of emergencies associated with metastatic cancer.


Author : Professor of Cell Biology Mel Greaves
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Cancer is everywhere. Around one in three of us will at some time in our lives have an unwelcome diagnosis of cancer; every day 1500 Americans and vastly more non-Americans die of the disease. For Western societies relishing health, wealth, and longevity, its continued prominence is one of thegreatest challenges to our scientists. And the illness we call cancer is extraordinarily diverse in its causation, symptoms, likelihood of effective treatment - in some sense, every patient's cancer is unique, and that is part of the problem. In this important new book, Mel Greaves explains why theold paradigms of infectious diseases or genetic disorders have proved fruitless when trying to account for the complex and elusive puzzle that is cancer. Rather, he claims that looking at cancer in its evolutionary context, we can begin to answer some of the big questions in cancer that concern usall. Drawing on both ancient and more modern evolutionary legacies, he shows how human development has changed the rules of evolutionary games, trapping us in a nature-nurture mismatch. Compelling examples, from the King of Naples intestinal tumour in the 15th Century, through the epidemic ofscrotal skin cancer in 18th century chimney sweeps, to the current surge of cases of prostate cancer illustrate his thesis. And finally, he looks at the implications for research, prevention, and treatment of cancer that an evolutionary perspective provides. Drawing on all the most recentresearch, this is the first book to put cancer in its evolutionary framework. At a time when Darwinian perspectives on everything from language acquisition to economics are gaining ground, medicine seems to have much to gain from the insights provided by evolutionary biology. Written in anexceptionally lucid and entertaining style, this book will be of broad interest to all those who wish to understand the big C, the biggest killer of them all.

A Step by step Guide to Dealing with Your Breast Cancer

Author : Rebecca Y. Robinson
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The new edition provides current information on breast cancer genes, the most recent statistics, advances in surgical techniques, and follow up drug therapies.

Breast Cancer

Author : Daniel F. Roses
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This practical book is designed to provide all members of the health care team with a comprehensive understanding of breast disease. A unique question and answer format explores every topic from molecular biology through diagnosis, therapy, and rehabilitation. Chapter subheadings take the form of questions, with the text directed at answering these critical questions. Questions take the form of chapter subheadings, with the text directed at answering these critical questions. Contributing authors developed their questions with the needs of colleagues, patients, and family members in mind to help enhance communication among the entire clinical team. Coverage includes oncogenesis diagnosis (including molecular diagnostic techniques), pathology, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and more. An abundance of tables and illustrations provides statistical support and clarify important content.

Breast Diseases

Author : Jay R. Harris
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Raw Material

Author : Erin Katherine O'Connor
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The Female Body

Author : Catherine Park
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The Iron Pen

Author : Julia Epstein
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Immunohistochemical Evaluation of Human P53 Tumor Suppressor Protein Content in Ductal Carcinoma in Situ DCIS of the Breast

Author : Mehri Aliasgharpour
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Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences

Author : Pakistan Academy of Sciences
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American Book Publishing Record

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