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A Simple Path

Author : Mother Teresa
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In A Simple Path, Saint Teresa, senior members of the Missionaries of Charity and volunteers at their homes around the world offer their advice and long experience of how we can practise a fuller love for each other, help those less fortunate than ourselves and find peace in doing so. They discuss such fundamental issues as happiness, fear, compassion, the family and death - all themes of direct relevance to those seeking the deeper meaning of life today. This inspiring work is a unique spiritual guide, for Catholics and non-Catholics alike: full of wisdom and hope, from the one person who gave the greatest example of love in action in our time.

A Simple Path to Sustainability

Author : Fred Andreas
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With unequaled insight, business experts profile 12 outstanding, sustainable, small- to medium-sized enterprises and explain how their green strategies and methods have helped them succeed. * Case histories of small to medium-size enterprises in industries from manufacturing to health care, banking/investing, and recycling detailing their journeys to sustainability and environmental stewardship * A "Lessons Learned" box in each chapter * Sidebars with tips and examples that can be used by any type of business * A reference bibliography at the end of each chapter * A glossary

A Simple Path

Author : Dalai Lama XIV Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho
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The leader of Tibetan Buddhism shares his insights into life and his religion in this colorful gift book designed to introduce Western readers to this warm, spiritual man and the teachings of Buddhism.

A Simple Path to Following Jesus

Author : Rusty George
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New Christians are full of questions. What now? How do I become more like Jesus? Where do I start making changes in my life? What does God want from me? This little book has the answers, based on Micah 6:8 (NIV): "What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Pastor Rusty George explains that Christianity doesn't have to be complicated. In this one verse God has revealed the simple, practical path to following Jesus. This small book is the perfect tool for churches or individuals to give to new Christians.

A Simple Path Mother Teresa a Simple Path

Author : Mother Teresa
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The Simple Path to Wealth

Author : J. Collins
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The author shares his personal techniques, insights and experiences regarding saving money and investing, drawn from his blog posts as well as a series of letters to his teenage daughter, both dealing with money management.

The Simple Path to Getting Everything Done

Author : Patrick Lerouge
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A simple path to getting everything done is naturally having the mind and body work together. Giving you the energy needed to finish and do even more in your business and your life. Doing more does not have to mean you feel worse. This book will walk you how to get more by doing less. Using one step to start the natural process that allows women to feel good in their skin. Allowing them to be confident so being productive comes easily. Bringing your body into the forefront of your life gives you the ability to adapt and still be calm. To do this a daily routine is needed and given inside.

A Simple Path to a Miraculous Life

Author : Debra Cummings
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We come from many different walks of life. Our journeys, beliefs, and attitudes may be vastly different, and there are countless factors that determine how a person views the world. But one thing we all have in common is the desire to improve our lives. No matter what your station in life, you have the need to makes things better, to be successful, to be happy, and to be at peace with your life. In A Simple Path to a Miraculous Life, author Debra Cummings focuses on propelling you forward into a life of your dreams. Forget the small, incremental steps, she talks about huge and transformational change. She shares that it isn’t about meekly writing your goals and sitting idly by, hoping for a miracle. It’s about taking action, stepping into your power, and having the courage to live your dreams. A Simple Path to a Miraculous Life offers information and several methods to help you gain a new perspective. Debra teaches you the steps that led her out of the deep, dark hole of her life and into a life of possibilities, opportunities, and even miracles—a life that’s now filled with happiness, inner comfort, and ease that flows with the natural rhythm of life.

A Simple Path to the Good Life

Author : Olive Gallagher
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A Simple Path to Better Health

Author : Patricia Wheeler
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"Only salvation can be said to cure. Speak to us, Father, that we maybe healed." We are our own healers. Good choices include good food, moderate exercise and spiritual encounters daily. This is a simple booklet that can get you started on the path to better health.

Your Simple Path

Author : Ian Tucker
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Does your life have a purpose? Is there a meaning to your existence? The sole purpose of Your Simple Path is to ask you to consider what is really important to you in your life, what really matters? Starting with a look at the mundane and yet crazy nature of our lives, each chapter is a step towards inner peace and happiness, inviting the reader on to their Simple Path to reconnect them to what really matters.

Choose Love

Author : Margot Schulman
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This is the book for you if you feel stuck in old, unhealthy patterns in your close relationships. It offers simple, practical tools to permanently shift your relationship with your self as well as your loved ones.

Meditations From A Simple Path

Author : L Vardey
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After decades of materialism, secularization and me-too philosophies, it is no surprise to find that more and more people in the West are searching for spiritual ideas to add structure to their lives. This pocket-sized little book distills the very best of Mother Teresa's wisdom that was so apparet in A Simple Path. Of help and comfort not only to catholics but also to non-catholics who are interested in her profound, yet entirely practical views on how to help others as well as ourselves.

Prayer walking

Author : Linus Mundy
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The Simple Path to Health

Author : Kim Le
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An easy to follow introduction to the art of Oriental healing. The author explains the relationship of food and its preparation to balance health in the body, mind and spirit.

A Simple Path Integral Proof of the One dimensional Electron Localization

Author : Luiz C. L. Botelho
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The Best Interface Is No Interface

Author : Golden Krishna
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Our love affair with the digital interface is out of control. We’ve embraced it in the boardroom, the bedroom, and the bathroom. Screens have taken over our lives. Most people spend over eight hours a day staring at a screen, and some “technological innovators” are hoping to grab even more of your eyeball time. You have screens in your pocket, in your car, on your appliances, and maybe even on your face. Average smartphone users check their phones 150 times a day, responding to the addictive buzz of Facebook or emails or Twitter. Are you sick? There’s an app for that! Need to pray? There’s an app for that! Dead? Well, there’s an app for that, too! And most apps are intentionally addictive distractions that end up taking our attention away from things like family, friends, sleep, and oncoming traffic. There’s a better way. In this book, innovator Golden Krishna challenges our world of nagging, screen-based bondage, and shows how we can build a technologically advanced world without digital interfaces. In his insightful, raw, and often hilarious criticism, Golden reveals fascinating ways to think beyond screens using three principles that lead to more meaningful innovation. Whether you’re working in technology, or just wary of a gadget-filled future, you’ll be enlighted and entertained while discovering that the best interface is no interface.

The Simple Path to Union with God

Author :
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Spirituality. How enter union with God through Jesus Christ with Mary.

Natural Running

Author : Danny Abshire
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Natural Running is the middle ground runners have been looking for. By learning to run the barefoot way, while wearing shoes, runners will become more efficient, stronger, and healthier runners. Backed by studies at MIT and Harvard, running form and injury expert Danny Abshire presents the natural running technique, form drills, and an 8-week transition plan that will put runners on the path to faster, more efficient, and healthier running. In Natural Running, Abshire explains how modern running shoes distort the efficient running technique that humans evolved over thousands of years. He reviews the history of running shoes and injuries, making the case for barefoot running but also warning about its dangers. By learning the natural running technique, runners can enjoy both worlds—comfortable feet, knees, and legs and an efficient running form that reduces impact and injuries. Natural Running teaches runners to think about injuries as symptoms of poor running form. Abshire specifies the overuse injuries that are most commonly associated with particular body alignment problems, foot types, and form flaws. Runners will learn how to analyze and identify their own characteristics so they can start down the path to natural running. Abshire explains the natural running technique, describing the posture, arm carriage, cadence, and land-lever-lift foot positioning that mimic the barefoot running style. Using Abshire's 8-week transition plan and a tool kit of strength and form drills, runners will move from heel striking to a midfoot or forefoot strike. Natural Running is the newest way to run and also the oldest. By discovering how they were meant to run, runners will become more efficient, stronger, and healthier runners.

A Simple Path to Convex Analysis and Applications

Author : Boris S. Mordukhovich
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Annotation Convex optimization has an increasing impact on many areas of mathematics, applied sciences, and practical applications. It is now being taught at many universities and being used by researchers of different fields. As convex analysis is the mathematical foundation for convex optimization, having deep knowledge of convex analysis helps students and researchers apply its tools more effectively. The main goal of this book is to provide an easy access to the most fundamental parts of convex analysis and its applications to optimization. Modern techniques of variational analysis are employed to clarify and simplify some basic proofs in convex analysis and build the theory of generalized differentiation for convex functions and sets in finite dimensions. We also present new applications of convex analysis to location problems in connection with many interesting geometric problems such as the Fermat-Torricelli problem, the Heron problem, the Sylvester problem, and their generalizations. Of course, we do not expect to touch every aspect of convex analysis, but the book consists of sufficient material for a first course on this subject. It can also serve as supplemental reading material for a course on convex optimization and applications.