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A Simple Theory of the Self

Author : David W. Mann
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David W. Mann proposes a new view of the self as defined by the dimensions of reflexivity, bodiness and time. These are fused in feeling into an irreducable kernal of psychic reality emanating from the very centre of the being. Mann suggests that this theory can shape one's understanding of various psychiatric disorders and one's behaviour during a therapy session.

A Simple Theory of Self diffusion Coefficient in Liquids

Author : Horst M. Greb
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A Simple Theory of the Self

Author : David W. Mann, M.D.
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Mann proposes an entirely new perspective on psychodynamics. He begins by revisiting the original concept of theory: a particular point of view. Then he traces the origins of scientific theory to self-experience, ultimately demonstrating that science is the self-portrait of mind. After exploring various theories of psychoanalysis, he proposes a new view of the self as defined by the dimensions of reflexivity, bodiness, and time, which form the kernel of psychic reality. Exploring the normal and pathological states of the self as variations of this model, Mann shows how the theory can restructure one's understanding of the gamut of psychiatric disorders. Illustrated.

Simple Theory of Difficult Meanings

Author : George G Tumanishvili
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This book describes models of how human consciousness works, what memories consist of and how the human self is formed. The Simple Theory of Difficult Meanings gives an understanding of the plausibility of digitalizing a human self and transferring it to another medium in the future.


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Self dynamic Response in a Simple Liquid as Resolved by Vibration transit Theory

Author :
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Simple Theory

Author : Allen Bramhall
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Kant s Theory of the Self

Author : Arthur Melnick
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The self for Kant is something real, and yet is neither appearance nor thing in itself, but rather has some third status. Appearances for Kant arise in space and time where these are respectively forms of outer and inner attending (intuition). Melnick explains the "third status" by identifying the self with intellectual action that does not arise in the progression of attending (and so is not appearance), but accompanies and unifies inner attending. As so accompanying, it progresses with that attending and is therefore temporal--not a thing in itself. According to Melnick, the distinction between the self or the subject and its thoughts is a distinction wholly within intellectual action; only such a non-entitative view of the self is consistent with Kant’s transcendental idealism. As Melnick demonstrates in this volume, this conception of the self clarifies all of Kant’s main discussions of this issue in the Transcendental Deduction and the Paralogisms of Pure Reason.

Simple Theories and Hyperimaginaries

Author : Enrique Casanovas
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In the 1990s Kim and Pillay generalized stability, a major model theoretic idea developed by Shelah twenty-five years earlier, to the study of simple theories. This book is an up-to-date introduction to simple theories and hyperimaginaries, with special attention to Lascar strong types and elimination of hyperimaginary problems. Assuming only knowledge of general model theory, the foundations of forking, stability, and simplicity are presented in full detail. The treatment of the topics is as general as possible, working with stable formulas and types and assuming stability or simplicity of the theory only when necessary. The author offers an introduction to independence relations as well as a full account of canonical bases of types in stable and simple theories. In the last chapters the notions of internality and analyzability are discussed and used to provide a self-contained proof of elimination of hyperimaginaries in supersimple theories.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Theory of Simple Liquids

Author : Jean-Pierre Hansen
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The third edition of Theory of Simple Liquids is an updated, advanced, but self-contained introduction to the principles of liquid-state theory. It presents the modern, molecular theory of the structural, thermodynamic interfacial and dynamical properties of the liquid phase of materials constituted of atoms, small molecules or ions. This book leans on concepts and methods form classical Statistical Mechanics in which theoretical predictions are systematically compared with experimental data and results from numerical simulations. The overall layout of the book is similar to that of the previous two editions however, there are considerable changes in emphasis and several key additions including: •up-to-date presentation of modern theories of liquid-vapour coexistence and criticality •areas of considerable present and future interest such as super-cooled liquids and the glass transition •the area of liquid metals, which has grown into a mature subject area, now presented as part of the chapter ionic liquids •Provides cutting-edge research in the principles of liquid-state theory •Includes frequent comparisons of theoretical predictions with experimental and simulation data •Suitable for researchers and post-graduates in the field of condensed matter science (Physics, Chemistry, Material Science), biophysics as well as those in the oil industry

Self expansion redefining key psychology terms with system theory

Author : Miklos Fodor
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In this volume, I will attempt to provide insight on the theme of connection through three perspectives, namely, system theory, psychology, and practice. These three all revolve around the same concept: what happens, from the perspective of an entity, when that entity connects to another entity? Adaptivity, an aspect that represents an absolute positive value of its own accord from the perspective of the entity, is the key principle, in the light of which I will be examining the effects of the systems’ connections. By using system theory terminology, the first chapter discusses how two systems can connect. Also, some new notions are introduced to help understand how connections impact upon systems. The conclusions accepted in the first chapter will then in the second chapter, be framed in terms of the person, as a system, and its sub-systems, namely, cognitive schemata. The impact of the connections of these cognitive schemata on the human psyche will then be presented in a... More > simplified model.

The Moral of the Story

Author : Nina Rosenstand
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En introduktion til etikken, der benytter eksempler fra bl.a. film og romaner til at illustrere moralske teorier, emner og dilemmaer

Foundations of the Formal Sciences V

Author : Stefan Bold
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Infinity can feature in games in various forms: we can play games of infinite length, with infinitely many players, or allow for infinitely many moves or strategies. Games of infinite length have been thoroughly investigated by mathematicians ard have played a central role in mathematical logic. However, their applications go far beyond mathematics: they feature prominently in theoretical computer science, philosophical "Gedankenxperiments", as limit cases in economical applications, and in many other applications. The conference "Foundations of the Formal Sciences V" focused on games of infinite length, but was very open to include other notions of infinity in games as well. It brought together researchers from the various areas that employ infinitary game techniques to talk about similarities and dissimilarities of the different approaches and develop cross-cultural bridges. This volume contains the fully refereed proceedings of the conference and provides a healthy and interesting mixture of research papers and surveys for a broad audience.

A Formulation of the Simple Theory of Types

Author : Lawrence C. Paulson
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Abstract: "Simple theory is formulated for use with the generic theorem prover Isabelle. This requires explicit type inference rules. There are function, product, and subset types, which may be empty. Descriptions (the n-operator) introduce the Axiom of Choice. Higher-order logic is obtained through reflection between formulae and terms of type bool. Recursive types and functions can be formally constructed. Isabelle proof procedures are described. The logic appears suitable for general mathematics as well as computational problems."

Self suggestion and the New Huna Theory of Mesmerism and Hypnosis

Author : Max Freedom Long
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The Self and Communicative Theory

Author : Gregory Heath
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This title was first published in 2000: This text contributes to the development of communicative theory by advancing a theory of the self-sufficient to support intersubjectivity and meet the conditions required for communicative rationality and communicative reason. The conclusion supports theories advanced by Habermas, Apel and Wittgenstein, evaluated against the background of later works from Immanuel Kant. The origins of communicative theory in the writings of Kant and Charles Sanders Peirce are sketched, followed by an outline of the development of the theory by Apel and Habermas. In this discussion a central issues is identified as the failure of communicative theory to produce an adequate theory of the self as the subject of communicative transactions. It is argued that both Mead and Habermas fail to fully establish intersubjectivity as they retain elements of a Cartesian introspective subjectivity. An alternative approach, developed by Charles Taylor, is then discussed. Finally, it is argued that freedom and imagination, understood in the context of Kant and the late Wittgenstein are the key elements to a self capable of supporting the intersubjectivity required by communicative theory.

Quantum Theory of Paraxial Optical Fields and Two photon Bound states in a Self focusing Kerr Medium

Author : Ivan Howard Deutsch
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The Collected Essays of Francis Ellingwood Abbot 1836 1903 American Philosopher and Free Religionist

Author : Francis Ellingwood Abbot
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This is the second of four volumes presenting all of Francis Ellingwood Abbot's major published articles. Any scholar or library interested in American philosophy, religious thought, and social and intellectual history should find this edition of his essays a useful addition to the collection. Francis E. Abbot was a noted American philosopher and champion of Free Religion. He was a member of C.S. Peirce's Metaphysical Club, the first American philosopher to support Charles Darwin, the founding editor of The Index, a founder of the Free Religious Association, and the founding President of the National Liberal League of America. In addition to over six hundred articles, he was the author of Scientific Theism (1885), The Way Out of Agnosticism, Or The Philosophy of Free Religion (1890), and The Syllogistic Philosophy, or Prolegomena to Science (1906).

Self and Others

Author : N. Gregory Hamilton
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A handbook of this new development in psychoanalysis.