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A Smile from Your Pharmacist

Author : Ghayda Alrass
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From the more rewarding aspects to the slightly awkward to the down right laughable and disturbing, author and pharmacist Ghayda Alrass tells all in A Smile from Your Pharmacist. Alrass approaches her memoir as she approaches life, with a little humor and a big welcoming smile. She likes what she does and she does it well. Sheâs a community pharmacist who helps individuals understand their medications and their doctorsâ orders. A terrific guide for pharmacy school students or anyone considering becoming a pharmacist, these stories are insightful, warm, poignant, and surprisingly universal. Nineteen chapters in all, each anecdotal chapter reads as a distinct vignette on what it is like to be a pharmacist and what it is like to work with the general public. In it, readers will laugh out loud, commiserate wholeheartedly, and think about the role pharmacists play in an entirely new light.

Ask Your Pharmacist

Author : Lisa M. Chavis
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With humor and friendliness, leading pharmacist Lisa Chavis has compiled a home health reference that every family must have. Her objective is to provide consumers with easy-to-understand answers to their most frequently asked health-care questions. Ask Your Pharmacist gives readers the inside scoop on which products really work, as well as the best remedies for common ailments, and it cheerfully answers those embarrassing questions you'd rather not ask in person. The book's chapters each deal with a specific area of health: women's, men's, babies', teens' and more. And each entry explains what the problem is, why it occurs, and how it's treated with prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, or herbal remedies. Learn what to do for: ADHD * Allergies * Asthma * Athletic Injuries * Backache * Bad Breath * Bee Stings * BPH * Bunions * Cataracts * Chicken Pox * Cold and Cough * Constipation * Corns/Calluses * Dandruff * Diaper Rash * Diarrhea * Earaches * Excessive Hair * Fever * Fibromyalgia * Gas * Headache * Hives * Insomnia * Migraine * Nausea and Vomiting * Osteoarthritis * Rheumatoid Arthritis * Shingles * Sinusitis * Sore Throats * Sprains and Strains * Tinnitus * Toothache * Varicose Veins...and much, much more! Special appendixes round out the book with information for readers on: How to create a family first-aid kit, what to keep on hand when bringing home a new baby, additional resources to go to for help, and a glossary to help readers make sense of "pharmacy speak."

JP s 20 Simple Rules for The Pharmacist

Author : Jim Plagakis R.Ph.
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The Pharmacy Leadership Field Guide

Author : Michael DeCoske
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You’re not alone. Pharmacists face leadership challenges every day, whether they realize it or not. As you embark on your journey from student to new pharmacist to emerging pharmacy leader, hear from new practitioners and seasoned veterans alike who have been there and can provide invaluable advice along the way. Now, The Pharmacy Leadership Field Guide: Cases and Advice for Everyday Situations, can be your personal “in-print mentor” to introduce you to leadership concepts and situations and broaden your understanding. This Field Guide focuses on leadership in everyday pharmacy practice by employing a case-based approach. While pharmacists receive exceptional didactic clinical training, leadership skills are another crucial skill set necessary for success. Each chapter is written from the perspective of a veteran mentor and a new practitioner, both selected from various practice settings. Led by the editorial team of Drs. Michael DeCoske, Jennifer Tryon, and Sara White, you will hear from 19 contributors offering pearls of leadership wisdom for you to reference when needed and pass along to others. Inside You’ll Find: · Cases ranging from such topics as “Being a ‘little L’ everyday leader”, “The importance of listening”, “Life as a resident”, and “The art of persuasion”.· Profiles of veteran mentors and new leaders, offering pharmacy and leadership career advice · Leadership Pearls for quick tips and Exercises to reinforce each case.· An insightful foreword from MilapC. Nahata, MS, PharmD, Professor and Division Chair, College of Pharmacy, Professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, Ohio State University (OSU)

The Pharmacist

Author : Rachelle Atalla
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'A compulsive, claustrophobic but wonderfully compassionate read, beautifully written and set within a brilliantly realised world. Rachelle Atalla is a major talent and I can't wait to see where her mind goes next' KIRSTIN INNES, AUTHOR OF SCABBY QUEEN 'An unflinching portrayal of what we might all be capable of, Atalla's stunning debut is essential reading for our times' HELEN SEDGWICK 'Atalla's speculative literary thriller debut draws you in with its mounting sense of tension, disquiet and desperation' CULTUREFLY THE BUNKER IS DESIGNED TO KEEP THEM ALL SAFE. In the end, very few people made it to the bunker. Now they wait there for the outside world to heal. Wolfe is one of the lucky ones. She's safe and employed as the bunker's pharmacist, doling out medicine under the watchful eye of their increasingly erratic and paranoid leader. BUT IS IT THE PLACE OF GREATEST DANGER? But when the leader starts to ask things of Wolfe, favours she can hardly say no to, it seems her luck is running out. Forming an unlikely alliance with the young Doctor Stirling, her troubled assistant Levitt, and Canavan - a tattooed giant of a man who's purpose in the bunker is a mystery - Wolfe must navigate the powder keg of life underground where one misstep will light the fuse. The walls that keep her safe also have her trapped. How much more is Wolfe willing to give to stay alive? Beautifully written and utterly gripping, The Pharmacist will be a guaranteed conversation starter when it is published. 'Though set in a speculative future, The Pharmacist is very much a book for our own broken times. Its story grips and never lets go, unflinching in its portrayal of abused power, moral confusion and betrayal, but also fully alive to the redemptive possibilities of compassion, resistance and love. This is a powerful and memorable debut from an exciting new voice' WAYNE PRICE 'A triumph of a book. Character-led but taut and purposeful with action' LIAM MURRAY BELL

The Pharmacist s Mate and 8

Author : Amy Fusselman
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Amy Fusselman's first two books, The Pharmacist's Mate and 8, weave surprising beauty out of diverse strands of personal reflection. Half memoir and half philosophical improvisation, each focuses loosely on a relationship with a man in the author's life: The Pharmacist's Mate with her recently deceased father, and 8 with "my pedophile" (as Fusselman painfully refers to her childhood assailant). Along the way, Fusselman covers sea shanties and artificial insemination, World War II and AC/DC, alternative healers and monster-truck videos. Fusselman's "wholly original epigrammatic style" (Vogue) "makes the world strange again, a place where dying and making life are equally mysterious and miraculous activities" (Time Out New York).

Validation Instruments for Community Pharmacy

Author : Lilian M Azzopardi
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Make pharmacy as effective as possible in your community! In the current era of cost-containment, health care providers, insurance companies, and consumers demand scientifically tested, proven systems for monitoring the standards of services provided by community pharmacists. Validation Instruments for Community Pharmacy: Pharmaceutical Care for the Third Millennium puts such a system in your hands. This system was adopted by the Swiss Pharmaceutical Society and can benefit communities around the world who are considering the implementation of a validation system to gauge and document the performance of their community pharmacists. Validation Instruments for Community Pharmacy offers practical and realistic methods to determine the value of pharmacy services in a community setting, such as: grading the setting of the pharmacy evaluating the equipment and professional services available checking the timeliness of prescription delivery discussing the cautions and instructions given to patients with their prescriptions examining the way the pharmacy responds to patients’symptoms and also features: background information on pharmacy practice an introduction to the scope of pharmacy practice ways to develop and evaluate a quantitative system that demonstrates the impact of the community pharmacist's interventions in patient care This vital book will benefit pharmacists, health care professionals, health care providers, and educators and students in the field of pharmacy through its thorough examination of the development, evaluation, and application of quantitative measurement tools that monitor the standards of services provided by community pharmacists. Validation Instruments for Community Pharmacy: Pharmaceutical Care for the Third Millennium gives you what you need to insure the effectiveness of pharmaceutical services in your area. With case studies and samples of surveys that weigh the effectiveness of community pharmacies, this essential guide will help you implement cost-effective operations and ensure that customers are getting the best possible services.

Romeo and or Juliet

Author : Ryan North
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'Ridiculously fun . . . It is as hilarious and funny and strange as you would imagine . . . fantastic' BookRiot 'Witty, relevant and endlessly entertaining' Culturefly What if Romeo never met Juliet? What if Juliet got really buff instead of moping around the castle all day? What if they teamed up to take over Verona with robot suits? In this New York Times bestselling version of Romeo and Juliet, you get to choose where the story goes. Packed with exciting choices, fun puzzles, secret surprises, terrible puns and more than a billion possible storylines, Romeo and/or Juliet offers a new experience every time you read it. And, as an added bonus, all the different endings feature beautiful and quirky illustrations by some of the best artists working today, including New York Times bestsellers Kate Beaton, Noelle Stevenson, Randall Munroe, and Jon Klassen. Whatever your adventure, you're guaranteed to find lots of romance, epic fight scenes and plenty of questionable decision-making by highly emotional teens. 'Shakespeare with even more sex, cryptography, time travel and alternate endings than the original! Ryan North is the only writer I know who's smart enough and funny enough to pull this off' Lev Grossman, New York Times bestselling author of the Magicians trilogy

Leadership and Management in Pharmacy Practice

Author : MD Karch
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Over the past years, the changing nature of pharmacy practice has caused many to realize that the practice must not only be managed, but also led. Leadership and Management in Pharmacy Practice discusses a variety of leadership and managerial issues facing pharmacists now and in the future. This second edition has been reorganized by placing leader

Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Review Book Only

Author : Lorraine C. Zentz
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