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Spinoza In English A Bibliography

Author : Wayne Boucher
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Spinoza in English,/i is the first bibliography to document the entire 300-year record of books, monographs, dissertations and articles in English on Benedict Spinoza, as well as all translations of his works into English. Arranged alphabetically by author or editor, and internally cross-referenced in the case of anthologies and 'replies', this bibliography cites its own sources where appropriate and, in many cases, provides details on how to obtain out-of-print titles and unpublished dissertations. Additionally, it restores or corrects a good deal of earlier bibliographic detail and, beginning with titles from the mid-1800s, presents the citations in a uniform style. This second edition adds hundreds of citations, including dozens of titles hitherto overlooked, thus bringing the total to nearly 2700 on the main level (with hundreds of secondary references to later editions and reprints). It also provides an index and, occasionally, an abstract when the author's title inadequately describes the contents. As the only source of its kind, this bibliography is an indispensable reference tool for research libraries and individual scholars concerned with the life and works of Spinoza. Wayne Boucher's introduction is augmented by a preface by Professor Manfred Walther. --the most complete bibliography of works in English on Spinoza --enlarged, corrected and improved from first edition with numbered entries --uniquely comprehensive, current and authoritative --numbered entries and subject/title index for easy reference

A Spinoza Bibliography

Author : Jon Wetlesen
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A Spinoza Bibliography 1940 1970

Author : Jon Wetlesen
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A Spinoza Bibliography

Author : Theo Van der Werf
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Spinoza and the Rise of Historical Criticism of the Bible

Author : Travis L. Frampton
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Frampton reassesses Spinoza's relationship to higher criticism by drawing attention to the emergence of historical-critical investigations of the Bible from among heterodox Protestants during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The Spinoza Bibliography

Author : Adolph S. Oko
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ABHB Annual Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries

Author : Hendrik D.L. Vervliet
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The history of printing, books, and libraries, is confined only to a limited extent within the boundaries of individual countries. There are, indeed, few historical developments which have played a more universal role, in reaction against all kinds of particularism, than type design, printing, book production, publishing, illustration, binding, librarianship, journal ism, and related subjects. Their history should be assessed and studied primarily in an international, not in a local, context. The bibliographical resources, however, which the historian of these sub jects has at his disposal correspond hardly at all to the essentially inter national character of the object of his studies. Since the appearance of the retrospective bibliography of BIG MORE and WYMAN, covering the subject comprehensively up to r88o, the only current bibliography has been the lnternationale Bibliographie des Buck-und Bi bliothekswesens. Covering a representative part of newly published liter ature, it appeared from rgz8, but did not survive the Second World War. More recently, several useful, but limited, bibliographies have appeared.

Studies in Spinoza Critical and Interpretive Essays

Author : S. Paul Kashap
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Author : Baruch Spinoza
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Since their publication in 1982, Samuel Shirley's translations of Spinoza's Ethics and Selected Letters have been commended for their accuracy and readability. Now with the addition of his new translation of Treatise on the Emendation of the Intellect this enlarged edition will be even more useful to students of Spinoza's thought.

Spinoza in English

Author : Wayne I. Boucher
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"Spinoza in English" is the first bibliography to bring together the entire 325-year record of books, monographs, dissertations, and articles in English on Benedict de Spinoza (1632-1677), including translations of his works into English. Well over 2100 citations are presented, bringing this record through early 1991. Arranged alphabetically by author or editor and internally cross-referenced for ease of use, this bibliography also cites its own sources where appropriate and, in many cases, provides guidance on how to obtain unpublished or out-of- print titles. Additionally, it restores or corrects a good deal of earlier bibliographic detail, identifies dozens of publications hitherto overlooked, and, beginning with titles from the mid-1800's, presents the citations in a uniform style.

A Bibliography of Philosophy

Author : William Swan Sonnenschein
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Isis Cumulative Bibliography

Author : Magda Whitrow
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Author : Herman De Dijn
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De Dijn's comprehensive introduction to Spinoza's philosophy is based on two key texts. He first provides an in-depth analysis of Spinoza's Treatise on the Improvement of the Understanding, which De Dijn characterizes as his introduction to philosophy. This notoriously difficult text is here made accessible, even in its details. This analysis is followed by a comprehensive survey of Spinoza's metaphysics as presented in his famous Ethics. De Dijn demonstrates how Spinoza's central philosophical project as introduced in the Treatise-the linkage of knowledge and salvation-is perfectly realized in the Ethics. In this way the unity of Spinoza's thought is shown to consist in his preoccupation with the "ethical" question of salvation. The book also contains introductory chapters on Spinoza's life and work, the original Latin text of the Treatise and its new English translation by Edwin Curley, and an annotated bibliography on the secondary literature.

Eminent Contributors to Psychology A bibliography of secondary references

Author : Robert Irving Watson
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Lists of writing of selected persons (538) who lived between 1600 and 1967. Includes 228 psychologists and 310 persons in other fields who made contributions to psychology. International in scope. First volume devoted to major primary references; second volume contains secondary references. Alphabetical arrangement by authors. Complete entry includes name, dates, nationality, field, eminence rating, and bibliography.

A Bibliography of Philosophical Bibliographies

Author : Herbert Guerry
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This text attempts to list philosophical bibliographies published in all countries since about 1450, when printing was invented, through the year 1974. Nonspecialists and undergraduates will find references to the standard bibliographical aids appropriate to their interests and courses. Advanced scholars are directed to the more specialized and abstruse bibliographies.

Spinoza and the Sciences

Author : Marjorie Grene
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Prefatory Explanation It must be remarked at once that I am 'editor' of this volume only in that I had the honor of presiding at the symposium on Spinoza and the Sciences at which a number of these papers were presented (exceptions are those by Hans Jonas, Richard Popkin, Joe VanZandt and our four European contributors), in that I have given some editorial advice on details of some of the papers, including translations, and finally, in that my name appears on the cover. The choice of speakers, and of addi tional contributors, is entirely due to Robert Cohen and Debra Nails; and nearly all the burden of readying the manuscript for the press has been borne by the latter. In the introduction to another anthology on Spinoza I opened my remarks by quoting a statement of Sir Stuart Hampshire about inter pretations of Spinoza's chief work: All these masks have been fitted on him and each of them does to some extent fit. But they remain masks, not the living face. They do not show the moving tensions and unresolved conflicts in Spinoza's Ethics. (Hampshire, 1973, p. 297) The double theme of 'moving tensions' and 'unresolved conflicts' seems even more appropriate to the present volume. What is Spinoza's rela tion to the sciences? The answers are many, and they criss-cross one another in a number of complicated ways.

Salvation from Despair

Author : E.E. Harris
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My purpose in this book is to re-interpret the philosophy of Spinoza to a new generation. I make no attempt to compete with the historical scholar ship of A. H. Wolfson in tracing back Spinoza's ideas to his Ancient, Hebrew and Mediaeval forerunners, or the meticulous philosophical scrutiny of Harold Joachim, which I could wish to emulate but cannot hope to rival. I have simply relied upon the text of Spinoza's own writings in an effort to grasp and to make intelligible to others the precise meaning of his doctrine, and to decide whether, in spite of numerous apparent and serious internal conflicts, it can be understood as a consistent whole. In so doing I have found it necessary to correct what seem to me t0' be mis conceptions frequently entertained by commentators. Whether or not I am right in my re-interpretation, it will, I hope, contribute something fresh, if not to the knowledge of Spinoza, at least to the discussion of what he really meant to say. The limits within which I am constrained to write prevent me from drawing fully upon the great mass of scholarly writings on Spinoza, his life and times, his works and his philosophical ideas. I can only try to make amends for omissions by listing the most important works in the Spinoza bibliography, for reference by those who would seek to know more about his philosophy. This list I have added as an appendix.

The Substance of Spinoza

Author : Errol E. Harris
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Harris offers his unique interpretation of Spinoza as a dialectical thinker and addresses other commentators' misunderstandings of some of Spinoza's primary principles. The opening chapters discuss Spinoza's metaphysics and epistemology, the problem of relating finite to infinite in his system, the infinity of the attributes of substance, human nature and the body-mind relation, politics, and religion. The latter part of the book addresses Spinoza's influence on later philosophers and their interpretations of his doctrine. In the course of his discussion, Harris stresses Spinoza's holism and its implication both within and beyond Spinoza's own writings.

Causa Sui and the Object of Intuition in Spinoza

Author : Quintin C. Terrenal
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A London Bibliography of the Social Sciences 7th suppl

Author :
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