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A Story of Karma

Author : Michael Schauch
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A deeply personal travel memoir that combines alpine adventure, family connections, and spiritual encounters in two very different worlds: a Himalayan village and Vancouver, Canada. In 2012, Michael Schauch and his wife, Chantal, undertook an expedition deep in the Himalaya of northern Nepal, into a remote valley that had been closed off to outsiders for decades. They led a team of artists (a photographer, a musician, and a painter), with the objective of capturing a moment in time through their unique lenses. As a mountaineering fanatic, Michael had a second (and less conspicuous) goal to climb an unknown mountain he had only identified through a photograph. What unfolded in the mountains forced him to question his values and his own identity, and eventually resulted in meeting a little girl, which was the most profound encounter of his life. Little did either know that from that moment they would completely change the trajectory of each other's life. A Story of Karma recounts this journey, and the years that follow as Karma (the little girl), and Michael and Chantal grow their lives together amidst the confusing dichotomies and backdrop of Karma's 17th-century Himalayan village; the impoverished and polluted Kathmandu; and the modern world of Vancouver, Canada.


Author : Paul Carus
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Karma s Revenge Total Box Set A Cozy Mini Mystery Series

Author : Jwyan C. Johnson
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Crime Mystery on Memory Lane Experience Karma’s Revenge: a cozy mini-mystery series with Clue Queen Dedra Kare, fighting on memory lane for truth. Amnesia blends with crime mystery, family drama, and a resilient determination to Remember to Forget. Discover the extra mystery of Dedra’s ways to keep story villains of dysfunction Punished by Silence and at the mercy of her detective skill, clever nature, and counter-manipulation. Story Symbolism, Book Club Questions, Clues & Extras, and a Website Password included. Book 1 Remember to Forget After a celebrity suffers a big crime in a small town, Hollywood pressure sets in for immediate answers. As clues disappear, and detectives suffer the media’s wrath, a surveillance tape reveals a eye-witness to the whole crime. But their teenage native, Dedra Kare, has just one problem: retrograde amnesia. With a medical remedy to unlock it all, detectives suffer the extra mystery as to why her parents are refusing to give consent. What does Dedra not know that she possibly could? And will she ever, as a teenager? Is she somehow involved in the actual crime? And would leaking her potential make Dedra a target for someone else determined to silence her memory for good? With her hidden yearbook, a missing autograph, and her tricky little sister, it’s an unfamiliar race down memory lane with the traffic of mystery. The shortcuts of insistence are offers from sidekicks to pranksters to worse. But as justice becomes impatient, and family demands loyalty, Dedra faces a memorable dilemma: should she move past the past, explore it fully, or ‘remember to forget?’ Book 2 Punished By Silence When a twin girl goes missing, an anonymous request for the Clue Queen herself is granted. But Detective Dedra Kare finds the obstacles of her own past in this case first! She must emotionally outrun her flashbacks as the current investigation turns into a game of Hide-and-Seek but on a legal field of child custody, narcissistic parenting, and a single teddy bear. But with every hidden motive playing too, is Dedra the one who’s IT? Book 3 The Shotgun’s Wedding It’s a very different shotgun wedding as a future in-law is murdered the night before the wedding. And son-in-law is arrested before flying away to the honeymoon destination. The town suspects his bachelor party, which he never attended, was a planned alibi. Gun smoke fills the air with a runaway bride, a clever psychologist, dangerous shenanigans, and another in-law… in law. It’s a cozy mini-mystery rematch with Detective Dedra Kare. Book 4 Amplified Weapon After a mysterious death occurs, Hollywood’s Oscars event is held for ransom by its very own movie star, for a behind-the-scenes battle for the unedited truth of whodunit. It’s a media-sized tug-of-war both for and against a show that ‘might not go on’ this time. Experience a mystery-laced, ‘drumroll please’ chess match of wits with characters like movie director Simon Says, visitor Mr. “Squeaky” Kleen, a mysterious janitor, a frightened make-up artist, and a Most Wanted serial family tree chopper named Timber. Book 5 Karma’s Collection It’s an all-out final battle on memory lane, as Clue Queen pursues the clever serial killer: Karma. With his extra collection of Karma-style pranks, and courtroom twisters, this ‘righteous psychopath’ has criminals escaping to jail by choice! 7 years since her last detective case, with a sidekick of doubt, can Dedra outsmart the pattern of what-goes-around and come-around to her own separate path of redemption? A new marriage, a new divorce, and a present scandal heightens the already high whodunit range: Smart Alec, The Shenanigans, Judge Mintall, Wendal, and even Clue Queen herself.

Exemplary Ethics in Ancient Rome

Author : Rebecca Langlands
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This ground-breaking study conveys the thrill and moral power of the ancient Roman story-world and its ancestral tales of bloody heroism. Its account of 'exemplary ethics' explores how and what Romans learnt from these moral exempla, arguing that they disseminated widely not only core values such as courage and loyalty, but also key ethical debates and controversies which are still relevant for us today. Exemplary ethics encouraged controversial thinking, creative imitation, and a critical perspective on moral issues, and it plays an important role in Western philosophical thought. The model of exemplary ethics developed here is based on a comprehensive survey of Latin literature, and its innovative approach also synthesizes methodologies from disciplines such as contemporary philosophy, educational theory, and cultural memory studies. It offers a new and robust framework for the study of Roman exempla that will also be valuable for the study of moral exempla in other settings.

In Dialogue with the Mah bh rata

Author : Brian Black
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The Mahābhārata has been explored extensively as a work of mythology, epic poetry, and religious literature, but the text’s philosophical dimensions have largely been under-appreciated by Western scholars. This book explores the philosophical implications of the Mahābhārata by paying attention to the centrality of dialogue, both as the text’s prevailing literary expression and its organising structure. Focusing on five sets of dialogues about controversial moral problems in the central story, this book shows that philosophical deliberation is an integral part of the narrative. Black argues that by paying attention to how characters make arguments and how dialogues unfold, we can better appreciate the Mahābhārata’s philosophical significance and its potential contribution to debates in comparative philosophy today. This is a fresh perspective on the Mahābhārata that will be of great interest to any scholar working in religious studies, Indian/South Asian religions, comparative philosophy, and world literature.

Open the Door Let the Breeze In

Author : Paramahamsa Nithyananda
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Scatter Seeds of Kindness

Author : K.A. Bloch
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BookFest Awards First Place Winner for Inspiration, Nature & Love Poetry Literary Titan Gold Book Award Winner Step into an uplifting collection of poetry and rediscover the profound nature of kindness. What readers are saying about Scatter Seeds of Kindness: From award-winning author, K.A. Bloch, Scatter Seeds of Kindness is a thought-provoking collection of poems and short stories that offers a unique perspective on the timeless themes on life, love and connection. Dancing through both light hearted and heavy topics, this book weaves together a tapestry that celebrates the beauty of memories and the passage of time, while also shedding light on the stereotypes lurking within society and the painful impact of bullying. Bursting with personal reflections, stories, and poems that are raw and authentic, deep and tragic, and beautifully uplifting, Scatter Seeds of Kindness will resonate with the hearts and minds of kindred spirits. It echoes with a powerful message, gently encouraging us to embrace kindness in our everyday lives and be more mindful of the struggles of the people around us. Perfect as a memorable introduction into the world of poetry, this collection will take you on a revitalizing journey; one that challenges you to not only be kind to the people around you, but also to yourself. Step into an uplifting collection of poetry and rediscover the profound nature of kindness. *** This collection looks into a variety of subjects-some that are truly bothering us in this day and age, and others that remind us, no matter how difficult something may be, there is a way to have fun and be light hearted simply by reading these words." *** "In a world with so much indifference this book of poetry left me feeling hopeful that if we all remember to be kind to one another the world would be a better place. I love reading her poetry and can relate in so many ways." *** "For those who love poetry, get this immediately. For those who don't tend to read poems...get this immediately [...] This is a book that will bring a smile to your face!"

Karma and Reincarnation

Author : Elizabeth Clare Prophet
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This insightful book helps readers come to grips with the karmic connections from past lives that have helped create the circumstances of their lives today.

Forced Marriage and Honour Killings in Britain

Author : Christina Julios
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This book explores the contemporary phenomenon of forced marriage and 'honour' killings in Britain. Set against a background of increasing 'honour'-based violence within the country's South Asian and Muslim Diasporas, the book traces the development of the 'honour' question over the past two decades. It accordingly witnesses unprecedented changes in public awareness and government policy including ground-breaking 'honour'-specific legislation and the criminalisation of forced marriage. All of which makes Britain an important context for the study of this now indigenous and self-perpetuating social problem. In considering the scale of the challenge and its underlying causes, attention is paid to the intersections of gendered power structures that disadvantage female members of 'honour' cultures as well as feminist theories that seek to explain them. The book features five key case-studies of 'honour' killings and draws from a wide range of narratives including those of 'honour' violence survivors, grassroots service providers and legislators. Such myriad of perspectives reveals the complexity of the 'honour' issue and the deep ideological divisions that characterise it. With the UK's multiculturalist discourse unable to reconcile protecting patriarchal minority cultures with safeguarding gender equality and human rights, the book raises fundamental questions about the country's future direction. Following a long trend of state-sponsored integrationist policies, the government's response to the 'honour' question points decisively in the direction of a post-multicultural British nation.

EC Story of Karma

Author : Mary Ann Woodward
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