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A Structure of Training Workloads in Race Walking

Author : Mariusz Ozimek
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Present book is targeted at various body of readers - performance athletes, teachers, coaches and researchers. This work engages theoretically and practically significant question which describes and compares workloads structures in race walking of sportsmen being at different stages of development in the light of 4-year-long preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Authors interestingly attempted to follow athletic periodization, in which crucially important training periods were investigated within professional career at the age of junior, u23 and senior as well as, additionally, 4-year Olympic cycle between 2005 and 2008. In concrete and unambiguous way it focuses on volume (km) and intensity (aerobic, aerobic-anaerobic, anaerobic-aerobic resources) of completed training work and its association with the final results achieved by the athlete at 20km distance. Moreover, to analyze race walker preparation and latter effect control, each of the seasons involved in this research was finished with elite level event in given age category, but the target and the most high-ranking competitions were the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.Translation made by-Mrs Sabina Baranowska.

Specific Sports Related Injuries

Author : Sérgio Rocha Piedade
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This book offers a comprehensive and detailed overview of specific sports-related injuries and a valuable guide for decision-making to establish the best strategies to prevent and manage such injuries. As a thorough understanding of each sports modality plays a key role, both in injury prevention and management, a dedicated chapter is devoted to each sports discipline. An international panel of authors examines all most popular individual and team sports – including athletics, swimming, combat sports, cycling, tennis, American football, baseball, basketball, soccer and volleyball, just to mention a few. Three additional chapters present special aspects related to sports injuries: mental health concerns in athletes, radiological assessment and patient reported-outcomes tailored to sports medicine. All chapters share a consistent format, starting with a brief presentation of the sport and its history, and then discussing its dynamics, physical demands on the athlete, common sports-related injuries, biomechanics of injuries, first aid on the field, and injury prevention. This book offers valuable resource to orthopaedists, sports physicians as well as physiotherapists practicing in the field of sports-related injuries.

Sports Didactics in Europe

Author : Brigitta Höger
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During the past decades, the scientific discipline of Sports Didactics has developed in a heterogenous manner across national borders and individual university locations in Europe. Its position and situatedness has been characterised by its relation to and differentiation from Sports Pedagogy and other sub-disciplines within sports and educational sciences. The significance of Sports Didactics remains closely connected to the role of the school subject Physical Education as well as Physical Education Teacher Education at universities and colleges. This collected volume provides an overview of the subject understandings, theory landscapes, research contexts and practice models across 24 European countries along five lines of investigation: national historical developments of Sports Didactics, main trends and tendencies of theoretical differentiation, application fields of research and theory formation, recent research perspectives and possible future developments.

Race to Win

Author : Derek Daly
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The keys to success and the principles of high performance from world-class race car driver, commentator, and entrepreneur Derek Daly.

Netter s Sports Medicine E Book

Author : Christopher Madden
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Edited by past presidents of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, Netter’s Sports Medicine, 2nd Edition, is a superbly illustrated, go-to sports medicine resource for the outpatient office, the training room, on the sideline, and for certification preparation. Designed for quick reference, this interdisciplinary reference by Drs. Christopher Madden, Margot Putukian, Eric McCarty, and Craig Young, is organized by both topic and sport, so you can find what you need quickly. Whether you are a primary care physician managing a common or unique musculoskeletal injury in an ambulatory setting ... an orthopaedic surgeon gaining insight about a medical or psychological problem foreign to the cast or operating room ... an athletic trainer figuring out a diagnosis in the training room ... or a physical therapist pursuing further in-depth sports medicine knowledge, this reference gives you the guidance you need to keep athletes and other active patients at the top of their game. More than 1,000 superb Netter graphics, tables, figures, pictures, diagnostic images, and other medical artwork highlight the easy-to-read, bulleted text. Ideal for the sports clinician, team physician, and any health care professionals who provide care to athletes and active individuals. New chapters on travel considerations for the athlete, EKG interpretation, cardiac disease, diagnostic imaging and ultrasound, injury prevention protocols, equestrian sports and rodeo medicine, mixed martial arts, and many more. Up-to-date coverage of nutritional supplements, eating disorders, sports and pharmacology for chronic conditions and behavioral medicine, and extreme and adventure sports.

Umphred s Neurological Rehabilitation E Book

Author : Rolando T. Lazaro
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UPDATED! Color photos and line drawings clearly demonstrate important concepts and clinical conditions students will encounter in practice. NEW and EXPANDED! Additional case studies illustrate how concepts apply to practice. Updated chapters incorporate the latest advances and the newest information in neurological rehabilitation strategies. NEW and UNIQUE! New chapter on concussion has been added. Separate and expanded chapters on two important topics: Balance and Vestibular.

Soviet Sports Review

Author :
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To the Finish Line

Author : Chrissie Wellington
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Being mentored by Chrissie Wellington would be a dream for any triathlete. In To The Finish Line Chrissie presents her distilled wisdom, hard-won over the course of her extraordinary career, to give all triathletes the chance to learn from the very best. Chrissie writes with emotional honesty, and her warmth and sense of humour also shine through. She speaks frankly about her own experiences - both good and bad - from her career. Such stories will be a source of great inspiration to readers. The book will also be an invaluable practical resource for triathletes. It contains a significant amount of easily-applicable advice on subjects ranging from training tips through to mental strength, transition techniques and nutrition.


Author : John Stanton
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Walking is something most of us do every day – but we should be doing more of it. 63% of Canadians aren't getting the recommended amount of daily exercise, and it's adding up: heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure are all on the rise. But something as simple as taking a few extra steps a day can make a huge difference: moving more leads to more energy, improved sleep quality, and better heart health. And John Stanton knows how to get people moving. As the founder and president of Walking/Running Room, North America's largest chain of special stores for walkers and runners, he has inspired people across the nation to develop healthier lifestyles one step at a time. Walking: A Complete Guide to Walking for Fitness, Health, and Weight Loss is the perfect companion for your own journey to good health. With three program categories to fit every type of activity level, from non-walkers to avid walkers, there is a program in here for you. In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn how to: * Set realistic goals * Design your own training program * Find the level of walking that's right for you * Choose the best shoes and walking wear for your needs * Prevent and treat common injuries * Enhance your walking with optimum nutrition Let John Stanton show you the way to a healthier, happier lifestyle... one step at a time.

Human Factors Methods and Sports Science

Author : Paul Salmon
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During the course of any sporting event, critical cognitive and physical tasks are performed within a dynamic, complex, collaborative system comprising multiple humans and artifacts, under pressurized, complex, and rapidly changing conditions. Highly skilled, well-trained individuals walk a fine line between task success and failure, with only slightly inadequate task execution leading to the latter. Promoting cross-disciplinary interaction between the human factors and sports science disciplines, Human Factors Methods and Sports Science: A Practical Guide provides practical guidance on a range of methods for describing, representing, and evaluating human, team, and system performance in sports domains. Traditionally, the application of human factors and ergonomics methods in sports has focused on the biomechanical, physiological, environmental, and equipment-related aspects of sports performance. However, various human factors methods, applied historically in the complex safety critical domains, are suited to describing and understanding sports performance. This book delineates the similarities in the concepts requiring investigation within sports and the more typical human factors domains. The book’s focus on cognitive and social human factors methods rather than mainly on the application of physiological ergonomics approaches sets it apart from other books in either field. It covers eight categories of human factor methods: data collection, task analysis, cognitive task analysis, human error identification, situation awareness measurement, workload measurement, team performance assessment, and interface evaluation methods. Constructed so that each chapter can be read non-linearly and independently from one another, the book provides an introduction and overview to each Human Factors topic area, and of each method discussed, along with practical guidance on how to apply them. It also includes detailed descriptions of the different methods, example applications, and theoretical rationale. This allows the concepts to be easily found and digested, and the appropriate method to be easily selected and applied.